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Summary: Im Just Saying – Every Monday night from 7pm to 8pm eastern, Lon and Joanna Blais bring their interesting and corky point of views to the table as they discuss married like, current event and give life advice, the Blais’ cover it all. Viewers submit questions of call in to ask Lon and Joanna for advice.

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 I’m Just Saying Ep. 91 – Lon’s Therapy Hour 7-2-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:32

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon opens up about his family and the bizarre relationship he has with his siblings.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 90 – Word Values 6-18-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:44

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon and Joanna bring up the new show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. This brings on a discussion about gypsy culture. Are they screwed up? Andrew expands the discussion to piercings, and religion. What age is appropriate for a girl to get a belly ring? Andrew talks about words that would be considered taboo today. Should he be saying these words? Joanna talks about a town in New York she refers to as Jew town. Is that appropriate? Lon explains his hatred for the words boobs and boobies. What's he got against boobies? Lon, Joanna, and Andrew also discuss Rodney King's death.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 89 – Manhattan Banned 5-14-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:27

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon thinks Andrew died when he didn't show up to his favorite watering hole over the weekend. Lon also talks about his preparation for his Aids LifeCycle ride. Is he excited yet? Lon gets a phone number from a lesbian. What was Joanna's reaction? Lon and Andrew discuss how crazy New York is. Was Staten Island really where people dumped their sick? They also talk about the upcoming 2012 Olympics. Are there any real sports in the Olympics?

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 88 – It Was History 4-30-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:58

This week on I'm Just Saying: Andrew discovers he has a gluten allergy. Is he going to be OK? The new World Trade Center tower becomes New York's tallest building. Andrew and Lon discuss confusing street names in New York. Lon talks about where he and Joanna would like to retire. Andrew asks Lon if he's excited for the NBA play offs. Does Lon even care? Andrew and Lon discuss how some people are totally oblivious to current events and history. Should we be taught about Vietnam in school? This leads to Andrew and Lon discussing how wars are covered in school. What was World War I originally called?

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 87 – Bread of Life 4-9-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:47

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon starts out talking about what he did for Easter. This leads to him and Andrew into a discussion on religion including Catholicism, Paganism, and aliens. Lon and Andrew also discuss old crazy medical practices. Is the food we're eating too altered? Andrew and Lon discuss how unhealthy bread is today.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 86 – A Good Walk Wasted 3-26-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:15

This week on I'm Just Saying. IJS returns from a near 4 week hiatus. Lon updates us on his fitness boot camp. Is he working too much? He also talks about using LivingSocial. Lon talks about prepping for his annual AIDS Life Cycle charity bike ride. Lon and Andrew discuss class reunions. Do we even need class reunions these days? Lon explains Joanna's recent migraine issues and passion for traveling. How long can Andrew and Lon stand to be on vacation before going stir crazy? Andrew and Lon discuss their dislike of golf. Why don't they like to play golf?

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 85 – Foghorn 2-27-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:23

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon explains how he had to act for a Japanese show he was cast in. Andrew and Lon discuss the Oscars. Was Billy Crystal's Sammy Davis Jr. joke racist? Lon and Andrew also discuss Stacy Keibler, and Chris Rock. Lon complains about people that have to always be right. Is it a personality flaw? Andrew talks about not being able to remember things from 8th grade as well as he used to. Is he just getting old? Andrew also talks about some of the rumors about Lon when he was a teacher. And Andrew and Lon discuss anger issues. Is it bad to hold onto anger?

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 84 – I Will Almost Always Love You 2-13-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:50

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon and Joanna discuss how horrible they thought the movie Tree Of Life is. Why didn't they like it? Lon and Joanna also discuss A Better Life. Lon, Joanna, and Andrew all discuss Whitney Houston's death. Was Bobby Brown to blame for getting Whitney addicted to cocaine? Joanna rants about people that think Whitney never did any wrong. What do Lon and Joanna do for Valentines Day? Lon gives a history lesson on how the day came to be. Is it acceptable to use coupons at a restaurant during a date? Andrew explains why he dislikes Valentines Day.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 83 – Generation Jones 2-6-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:11

This week on I'm Just Saying: Andrew asks Lon if he watched the Super Bowl. Lon says he didn't. What did Lon watch instead? Andrew talks about watching the Super Bowl online this year. Lon explains why he doesn't really feel old. At what age do you feel like an adult? Lon talks about being part of the Jones generation. What the heck is the Jones generation? Lon and Andrew discuss hoarding. Is Andrew a hoarder that can never throw anything away? Lon and Andrew also have a lengthy discussion on the difference between generations. Is Andrew's generation a Peter Pan generation? Lon talks about what people were like in his generation.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 82 – Super Fans 1-23-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:53

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon, Joanna, and Andrew discuss school field trips. Lon being a former teacher, reveals how much fun it is chaperoning a field trip. Are kids really that bad? Andrew explains what he would do with kids 12-16 years old. Lon and Andrew swap stories about an ex-girlfriend that denied knowing them years later. Joanna and Andrew debate the origin of the word agita. Who was right? Lon, Joanna, and Andrew discuss the Giants vs 49ers football game. Why doesn't Joanna care? Lon complains about crazy super fans. Is there any sport Lon is a fan of? Lon and Joanna also talk about Playboy versus Penthouse. Andrew of course has to chime in.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 81 – Lon And Joanna Know Stuff 1-16-12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:51

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon and Joanna share what they did for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Is New Year's Eve in Times Square overrated? Andrew complains about the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Joanna strongly disagrees with Andrew. Lon and Joanna also share their experience seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Is New York City mainly for tourists? Joanna complains Fifth Avenue was too crowded. Lon talks about a study that asked people what they would like to unlearn, if anything. And Lon explains a bizarre dream he had about a couple he and Joanna are friends with.

 I’m Just Saying Ep. 80 – Was That In The Book 12-26-11 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:33

This week on I'm Just Saying: Lon, Joanna, and Andrew debrief how their Christmas went this year. Andrew for the first time in years went to the movies. What movie did he go see? Lon, Andrew, and Joanna discuss the SAT exam. Is there a way to cheat? Andrew explains how kids cheat in school these days. Andrew and Lon talk about how technology has changed in schools over the years. Joanna and Andrew have a big debate over whether cellphones in school should be allowed. Lon, Joanna, and Andrew talk about how learning in school doesn't work for everybody. Is it necessary to learn everything, or is it better to focus on a specific subject? And the guys give their New Years resolutions for 2012.


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