FREE Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and Coaching MP3 downloads by Joseph Clough - Hay House Author - Joseph Clough - Hypnotherapist, Coach and Speaker show

FREE Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and Coaching MP3 downloads by Joseph Clough - Hay House Author - Joseph Clough - Hypnotherapist, Coach and Speaker

Summary: Free Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and Self Development Podcast. Joseph Clough will teach you to master your life and have no excuses. This is only for genuine people who are committed to living a life of passion and success. It’s time to crush it, hit it hard, take control and live life with freedom for the perfect mind/body health. Joseph will give you free tips, knowledge, wisdom,, information and processes to change your life no matter what problem or obstacle you may have through his Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/NLP/Coaching videos and mp3s in Health/Relationships/Career/Money Joseph Clough is one of the UK's youngest and most experienced hypnotists, author and speaker on self development. Aged just 29, Joseph was coaching clients at 18 and has built up businesses, changed thousands of lives through his self development audios and hypnosis/hypnotherapy programmes and seminars around the world. Having overcome chronic shyness and blushing himself, he is a force to be reckoned with n the self development world and is a Hay House Author. Since then, Joseph has developed his own transformational techniques and his down to earth, effective approach caught the attention of the national press. Joseph was recently featured on a primetime ITV1 show and is regularly featured in both local and national media. Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/Coaching/Psychology/NLP all free!


 Deep Peace & Confidence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:11

Get Deep Peace and Inner Confidence in this empowering yet contenting hypnosis/hypnotherapy session. Love my work? Please review and share it. Lots of love, JC

 How To Be Free Of Fear | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:09:57

Let me show you my thoughts on how you can be free of anxiety and fear and get the confidence you deserve, and you do deserve it. Are you ready to make things happen and embrace life? ​

 Assumption Of Your Desires | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:09:38

Let me explain to you in this video and podcast one of my favourite quotes ​by Neville Goddard who was way a head of his time. ​Are you ready to achieve your desires? ​

 Small Steps Create Big Leaps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:09:25

In this video (also on my podcast) I share with you my thoughts on creating progression and success, but do not be fooled, it comes from the small steps. Let me explain why below.

 Beliefs - I Am | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown
 Remember Who You Are | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:56

Are you ready to remember? Allow this 7 minutes audio to give you some truths about the power of you. Now is your time to shine, to be who you desire, to know it and become it. Its all within you.

 De-Stress Hypnosis Session | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:02

Free De-Stress Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy MP3 download by Joseph Clough. I have just recorded a new podcast that is a great hypnosis session to let go of stress, to be comfortable and require all the energy, learnings and resources to be the real you. Be sure to download 'Free Hypnosis' on the App for more audio. Please share away, the more listens I get the more I record! With love, Joseph

 Wholeness Hypnosis Session | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:51

This is my FREE hypnosis/hypnotherapy gift to you. Its all about becoming more conscious, connected, whole and developing confidence, self worth and self esteem and acquiring empowering resources such as safety, secruity and a whole lot more. Remember – pass this on to people by ‘liking’ this blog post with a comment, and sharing it with your contacts the more who realise their potential the better we all are and its all FREE And if you would purchase the book, you'd make my day :) With love, Joseph

 Be Courageous Hypnosis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:10

Be Courageous Hypnosis Free MP3 download Yes, you will love this Hypnotherapy mp3 download. This was subject was requested Catherine (sign up to facebook/josephsfanpage for your request to be made by me) This Hypnotherapy sesssion will tapping into to the infinate resources of you, so you can have the desired beliefs systems for success, the amazing resources for passion, drive and taking inspired and massive action and the behaviours to match them for the courageous you! Your friend Joseph Clough

 The Power Of Now Hypnosis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:54

I have a great free hypnosis hypnotherapy mp3 download for you. This is really special. Would you like to live in the now and live fully present in the moment? Find inner peace and contentment? Increase you happiness in your health, relationships and career? To let go of the past, release worry, fear and anxiety? Well if so, this is for you! Firstly I breakdown the specific reasons WHY it’s so important to live in the now and HOW you can actively implement it into your life simply, I also go into WHAT living in the moment is and what happens IF you utilise the power of now. Secondly we then go straight into the hypnosis hypnotherapy, getting your unconscious mind to help you live in the now. If you do anything today, listen to this! It’s all free. With love, Joseph

 Manifest Your Goals Hypnosis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:06

Thats right, download my 20 miniute Manifest Your Goals Hypnosis Hypnotherapy MP3 download as a gift from me. You will be able to tap into powerful mind sets, acquire profound feelings of drive and attraction, and install transformational new behaviours and habits to achieve your success. Rememeber its free, so be nice to others and pass it on and on, together we can become more happier, content and successful each day at a time. Your friend Joseph P.S Also get sign up to my Podcast here or sign up via RSS on the top left of the page to stay up to date and get the gifts first.

 Deep Relaxation Hypnosis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:17:10

Hey you wonderful people I’m back from a refreshing weeks holiday. I decided to take my wonderful mum on holiday and we had an awesome time. Its was great spending quality time with my mum on a one to one level. It was also great just either reading, thinking, brainstorming or sleeping on a sun bed on the beach with a beer!! ANYWAY enough about me, let’s talk about you and my gift. I decided to do a unique free hypnosis hypnotherapy mp3 track for you as a pre-reaching one thousand ‘likes’ on my facebook fanpage. Why a pre one thousand gift you may be thinking? Simply why not  In this free hypnosis track you will be guided my me, but twice, two voices....urrrr.....sounds strange right?! You will be hearing two of my voices and at at times at the same time (which in the hypnosis world we call a double induction). The hypnosis track will also be based relaxation, de-stress, letting go of anxiety, worry and any troubles from here we take a voyage into calmness, wholeness and completeness then strolling onto acquiring resources and new ways to help you on a day to day basis. It’s a gift from me to you. But the best way to receive this gift is to share it with friends, family and contacts invite people by going to my facebook page and underneath my profile picture it says suggest page. That means you share the comfort, the order, the ease with others which can be the greatest gift that could help someone who really needs it. Let me know what you think! Your friend Joseph

 Get Focused Hypnosis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:36

In the FRE hypnosis mp3 download you will get: Focused, motivated, clearer thinking, inspired, take action on your goals and reap the rewards of the power of focus. So here it is! Remember – Order my first ever book my first booking coming out with Hay House ‘Be Your Potential’ you can take a look at it on Amazon, it will transform your life and has lots o free coaching and hypnosis MP3s With love, Joseph

 2012 Round Up – 2013 Plans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:46

As the year 2012 closes upon us, I always make time to reflect on my achievements, learn from the things which may not of worked out (yet) and realign myself to new outcomes for 2013. I always suggest doing the same, remember I said learn from the things that didn’t work out, learning’s will help us grow, be safer and evolve as a person. We might not of done everything right or how we wanted to be, but that doesn’t matter and we shouldn’t dwell on such things, on the contrary we should reflect upon them in a learning mindset. ‘What can I learn from this, that once learnt will allow me to be more, do more and love more?’ So each year I do this, I do it privately and do not share such things, but more and more in recent years I have always been open about many things, I am human, I make mistakes, I have challenges and I am always learning. And this year I would like to invite you (should you desire) to take a look at my learning’s, achievements and goals for 2013. It might give you an idea of what you can do, maybe, just maybe inspire you, take what you will and remember all my achievements that I have made are not to impress, I have no need for that, I love myself enough to just be at peace of who I am and the effort I put in, so see it as an example of how you may take 2013. So lets begin. My Achievements and learning’s of 2012: Book: I managed to get my very first book deal and get my book published with Hay House, I am very proud of this having got almost zero qualifications and a D grade at GCSE level at school and dropped out of college. It was hard work, I had to be inventive as my writing is not so good, so I verbally recorded it and then transcribed it (there is always a way to do something). It has been reviewed very well on Amazon with over fifty 5 star reviews. Learning: Despite our past, despite what we may have been labeled with, there is always a way, it might not be easy, but that’s just a challenge to overcome. Podcast: Just this month I reached 1,000,000 total downloads, now over 100,000 downloads a month, that blows my mind, with over 50 hours of free self-development and hypnosis audios. I started out with just wanting to get my thoughts out of my mind and it just grow organically where at least 80% of my time is dedicated to my free work. I joke that ‘what if I had £1 for each download?’ But really I love sharing and I would not swap £1,000,000 if it meant people would not got help. And the feedback blows my mind; it makes my year more than any of my achievements to date. Learning: I have received some negative feedback from ‘those in the industry’ for doing this, and even my family have questioned and disagreed with this, that I should be charging and making money from this quality audio. But the learning is, do what you love, go big picture, it will come through if you take action upon your desires, and remain true to your values despite what others may say or try to persuade you on the contrary Confidence: Took time out and recorded my free 11 lesson (over 8 hours in length) confidence programme available on my iPhone and Android Apps, podcast and website. The feedback has been awesome, from people who were close to the edge and now living with love for life again – cannot beat that. Learning: I’m always searching for more ways of helping, thinking and creating. Think outside the box, consider ‘what else can I do?, how can I pay it forward? Share and contribute to the world?’ We can help so many if we just Pay It Forward and do things for the love of helping others. Time: This by far has been my joint sticking point for a long time (second one to follow). Achieving the above, has meant that I have neglected my time, I’m happy to say that I work harder than 99% of people I know, its meant the longest days, working sometimes this year 20-30 days straight having a weekend or day off (well not a full day or weekend off, but almost) and then doing it again.

 What If Money Was No Issue? FREE MP3 download | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:24

Hey Guys, I have a really interesting free mp3 download from you, but PLEASE read this page beforehand. On Facebook and Twitter I asked the question: What would you do if money was no object? Really think about that for a moment and comment with your answer? I got over many replies and 90% of them were around the following: 'I would pay of my debt' 'Help my friends and family money wise' 'Invest in Charities' I loved the answers, but it wasn't the answers I was looking for, so maybe I asked it in the wrong way, so I went back to facebook and twitter an hour later and asked this: I'll rephrase my question re Money - if money was no issue, all your outgoings and bills were covered, with that freedom - what would you do in life? I thought to myself, this will get a different range of answers, but nope, the same answers came in. This is not the fault of people who replied, but more the general mindset we can get taught to buy into and it becomes our expectation. So I decided to record this audio to really make things clear and to think out side of the norm, out the box and to get you where you need to be. I'll also note that within the answers I had, many came up with the above examples of 'fund charity, pay for childrens tutuion, go on holidays, help family with money, pay off debt' many followed it with 'but I cant because of 'x' or 'y'. Now, once you have listened to this podcast, the following might become clearer, and also know, I am a kind and empathetic guy and do not know everything about everyones situation, so I'm not saying overnight results will happen (life's a journey, I know mine has been) and on the same note I will not buy into peoples stories, reasons and even excuses as to why they cannot go for their goal and make it a reality. One example, and this just a great example and I want to reach out to them should they read this. They said this: 'I would first got to Japan and try to find me a wife. And then I would start a family. But being an Unemployed, Disabled Veteran who can work because of my service connected disability. It doesn't seem like that's going to happen. between pain, no money to travel or do much of anything else and being shy when it come to meeting women to date or marry. It really doesn't look good for this happening for me...' Now I can completely understand this situation have worked with many people in similar siutations over the years, so I get them. But on the same note, I want to share my thoughts to move from the 'doesnt look good for this happening' into 'how can I make this happen?' mindset. Being unemployable - I think there is always something someone can do, even for the most disabled people, even if it was true, it can also so be a superb opportunties to do something by yourself, start up a business, even an online one that gives you passion, ask for help from those around you if you need help, read, research, go online and immerse yourself with information. Back in the day, having had no money to pay people I had to learn HTML coding from scratch, it was hard, took time, but it was worth it as it allowed me to get my message out with only expense being my time, and if you are unemployavle, all you have is time. Imagine too, say it was a online business about a hobbie you love, giving advice and support out, you will do it out of love because its fun, and a online business could get this man to Japan in a few months to a few years and work remotely out there online. As for the shyness, doing the above will build strenght in character and also listen to my free 11 Confidence Course, its free and the only cost is time to really apply it. So I brought this example up, as it such a common one that many people face and we can become enslaved by our situations as to why we are stuck, but over the years, I have worked hard to learn that when people share me their no way out problems,


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