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Summary: Be it through the eyes of the entrepreneur, film-maker, architect, or scientist, this interview-style show draws upon the knowledge and varying perspectives of its participants to paint a picture of what it means to be innovative in Canada today.

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 Madog in Motion, Episode 23: Stuart Hamilton – A True Canadian Icon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:47

( Hamilton is an award winning Canadian pianist, operatic vocal coach, radio broadcaster, artistic director and producer, best known as longtime quiz master for CBC Radio’s “Saturday Afternoon at the Opera”. Stuart was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1985, and was the recipient of a Toronto Arts Award in 1989; he is considered to be a true Canadian icon and pioneer in his field. Stuart Hamilton also has a new book coming out, which is due to be published in September of this year. The title: “Opening  Windows-Confessions of a Canadian Vocal Coach”. You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 22: Canadian Composers Take Centre Stage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:01

( Canadian Music Centre exists to stimulate the awareness, appreciation and performance of Canadian new music by making the music of its Associate Composers available through the Centre's collection, information resources, and production and distribution services. The Canadian Music Centre today has grown to be Canada's only organization mandated to house and actively promote and disseminate the music of Canada's composers within Canada and internationally. With over 700 established Canadian composers to date, CMC makes the music of these composers accessible through an array of programs. At its core, the CMC houses a public lending library and archive totalling over 20,000 music scores and recordings which continue to expand as composers deposit new works. CMC accepts new Associate Composers bi-annually through a juried process upon which they may deposit their works to CMC archives. The Centre remains committed to reaching an ever-greater audience, placing Canadian composers' music front and centre in the minds of Canadians and music lovers around the world. For more information on CMC, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 21: AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:08

( Steven Hobé is joined in-studio by John Maxwell, Director of Programs and Services for ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto), for this special edition of Madog in Motion. This programme covers a broad spectrum of topics related to HIV/AIDS, including how perception of this disease has shifted over the decades; where those who are recently diagnosed can seek help; as well as touching upon the controversial proposition by current Mayor Rob Ford to cut all city grants, including those to HIV/AIDS community funding. Since 1983 the AIDS Committee of Toronto, or ACT as it’s known, has developed programs and services that respond to the changing needs of the communities it serves. ACT provides support services that empower men, women and youth living with HIV to achieve self-determination, informed decision-making, independence, and overall well-being. For more information on ACT, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 20: A Leader in Ontario’s Sustainable Energy Movement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:33

( Episode 20 of “Madog in Motion”, Steven chats with Executive Director, Kristopher Stevens from the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association ( The OSEA acts as the leading voice, advisor and facilitator for the renewable energy sector in Ontario, as well as providing an unparalleled network to promote and enable the growth of community and commercial sustainable energy in the province. OSEA ( advocates sustainable energy practices, policy, regulations and programs that benefit communities. OSEA ( members, friends and supporters recognize that climate change, the crumbling of Ontario's industrial base, the pressure of the global economic crisis, rising prices due to energy security challenges, the negative health impacts of dirty coal and the urgent need to replace a decaying infrastructure and generation requires real investment and an opportunity to create a better energy systems. OSEA ( has developed numerous resources and hosted hundreds of workshops and webinars to help local communities. In 2010 they formally launched the Community Power Services Group (CPSG) to help communities evaluate their resources, plan roadmaps to use their energy more efficiently and to build the capacity necessary to develop and operate sustainable energy projects. For more information on OSEA, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 19: (DoUC) Department of Unusual Certainties | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:15

( of Unusual Certainties ( is a Toronto-based research and design collective working at the interstices of urban design, planning, public art, spatial research and mapping. DoUC operate under the mandate of expanding our conception of what urban design is and what it can achieve. The Department’s work is informed by one guiding philosophy – that the city is the physical manifestation of a long sequence of unusual certainties, each one simultaneously more unusual and yet more certain than its predecessor. The Department publishes, lectures, teaches, and exhibits often. DoUC ( is also currently the Innovator in Residence at the Design Exchange ( – Canada’s National Design Museum. For more information on DoUC, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 18: The Design Exchange (DX) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:55

( is joined by President & CEO, Samantha S. Sannella of the Design Exchange ( The discussion is lively and informative, ranging from the rich history of the DX, current Canadian design trends, to the innovative programmes that the Design Exchange runs in order to promote collaboration and creativity. The Design Exchange (DX) is Canada's design centre and museum with a mission to promote the value of design.  It is an internationally recognized non-profit educational organization committed to promoting greater awareness of design, as well as the indispensable role it plays in fostering economic growth and cultural vitality. The DX focuses on building bridges by improving communication between various design disciplines, educators, businesses and the general public through programmes, exhibits, lectures, and workshops. For more information on the Design Exchange, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 17: Pathways to the Podium | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:11

( Pathways to the Podium Research Project is being conducted by a team of sport scientists from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia; York University, Toronto; and the Australian Institute of Sport. The project aims to gain a detailed understanding of the pathways that elite athletes follow on their way towards attaining peak performance. Episode 17 marks the second programme in a series featuring the notion of athletic excellence and innovation. Steven Hobé is joined in-studio by Melissa Hopwood, one of the lead researchers on this project. Melissa explains not only the process itself but how the information obtained will be used to provide recommendations relating to the conditions of sport participation and practice that are optimal for the development of sport expertise. For more information on this research project, click HERE ( You can also subscribe to this podcast through iTunes, as well as subscribing to our mailing list to receive notifications on new posted episodes online.

 Madog in Motion, Episode 16: Our Canadian Athletes & the Pursuit of Excellence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:08

( Toronto is the first facility of its kind in North America to use a “5-Site Integrity” approach to treating bodily pain. Their mission being to build better athletes through innovation, passion and execution. Utilizing cutting edge video technology, a motion analysis program examines how the body moves during basic movements. From there begins an analysis to address movement dysfunction. Dr Thomas Lam, President of FITS Toronto, discusses the 5-Site Integrity process and how this has helped some of the top athletes in Canada improve their performance. To learn more about FITS Toronto, CLICK HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 15: Diabetes iPhone App – A Revolution in Consumer Healthcare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:36

( Joseph Cafazzo is lead researcher at the Centre for Global e-Health Innovation at Toronto’s University Health Network. He has recently launched a medical pilot of a new iPhone application designed to help children and teens with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition. Unlike most diabetes applications, this one connects wirelessly to the patient’s blood sugar monitor; after they prick their finger and use their glucometer, this information is then sent directly to their iPhone, which stores the data and tracks it over time. As Director, Dr Cafazzo leads applied research in the areas of extending the use medical technology from the hospital to the home and use of human factors methods for the design and evaluation of medical technology.  His recent work has been in the area of empowering patients and providers with technology that facilitates self-care. For more information on the Centre for Global e-Health Innovation, click HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 14: “Steam Whistle Brewing”, A Canadian beer with World-Class Results | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:00

( Greg Taylor is one of the founding members of Steam Whistle Brewing, a company that focuses on making one beer, “A Premium Pilsner that Canadians can be proud of”. Greg, along with Cam Heaps, leads the creative collaboration Steam Whistle is known for, resulting in the brewery’s many original marketing propositions. Greg’s touch at human relations has helped to form the company’s unique culture and to lead their winning sales team. This truly innovative brewing company prides itself on producing world-class results, requiring focus and dedication. For that reason they developed a distinctive recipe for a single brand, based on Europe's renowned brewing standards. Steam Whistle has also taken a very environmentally conscious approach to beer-making, which all begins with the signature green beer bottle itself. Tune in to a great interview with Greg Taylor and learn more about this fascinating Canadian company: its humble beginnings, growth and innovative approach to beer-making. Please also check out Steam Whistle’s website, which has some great information on the beer-making process, its company philosophy and love for all things environmental, CLICK HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 13: A Champion in the Evolution of Canadian Health Care | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:51

( and alternative health care is currently one of the fastest growing fields in Canada’s quest to create an integrated and well-rounded approach to patient treatment and care. The Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada is one of this country’s first and only national registered charitable organizations dedicated to funding research, as well as public and health professional education in complementary and alternative health care – their vision being to “champion the evolution of health care in Canada”. Keren Brown, founding Executive Director, joins Steven for an in depth look at this area of expertise, and how complementary and alternative health care approaches currently fit within the scope of what’s considered as more “mainstream” or typical forms of health care. For more information on the Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada, click HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 12: DIY Attitude meets Culinary Cuisine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:04

( celebrate this holiday season, we invited Howard Dubrovsky to chat about all things culinary. Howard is considered to be one of Canada’s leading chefs and culinary artists, having been featured on numerous shows including Entertainment Tonight Canada, MTV Canada, Food Network Specials, Cityline, Much Music, and The Gill Deacon Show (CBC). Howard has a spark of youthful vitality and a true passion for his art; and certainly he has all the gastronomic chops you’d expect from a top culinary artist. But it is his modernist ethos and edgy, DIY attitude that separates him from the rest of the pack. Amongst his many creative endeavours, this past April, Howard opened a new restaurant in Toronto’s fashionable College Street West district, called: L.A.B., an acronym for “Living And Breathing” – a 28-seat restaurant that serves approachable molecular gastronomy with a vegetarian bent. For more information on the L.A.B. restaurant, click HERE ( Howard also has his own website you can check out, click HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 11: Innovative Science & the Path to a Cure | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:41

( Episode Eleven of “Madog in Motion” we were privileged to have Professor Igor Stagljar visit our studios – a scientist in the field of functional genomics and proteomics. He is currently part of an innovative team of lead scientists at the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto. His research encompasses the study of how proteins interact in human cells, in order to understand how impaired protein-protein interactions lead to numerous human diseases such as cancer, schizophrenia, cystic fibrosis, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. As Igor explains, “My lab developed a unique and internationally known test that can monitor interactions between membrane proteins, the so-called membrane yeast two-hybrid system (MYTH). The system has great potential in proteomics research. For example, MYTH provides an opportunity for therapeutic development by identifying novel drug targets for the diagnosis and treatment of many human diseases.” The Donnelly Centre is a centre that gathers scientists from numerous fields of biomedical research. This interdisciplinary environment makes it unique not only in Canada, but also in the world research context and enables scientists to broaden collaborations. To learn more about the research being done at the Donnelly Centre, click HERE ( Professor Igor Stagljar also has his own website, which is fun and informative, click HERE (

 Madog in Motion, Episode 10: “Why you?” in 7 words or less | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:21

( this episode of “Madog in Motion (”, Steven had the opportunity to chat with two leaders in the strategic planning field, Ken Aber and Ian Chamandy – co-founders of Blueprint ( This show will certainly be of interest to non-profits, corporate organizations and individuals alike, as Ian and Ken brush away the clutter of this sometimes convoluted but necessary process, and explain their sensible blueprint approach to business architecture. As they succinctly state on their website, “Blueprinting was created out of our shared passion for planning and our shared frustration with the traditional method…We decided when we started Blueprint that we had to throw out the old method and recreate planning from scratch.  Our starting point for creating Blueprinting was our belief that if you can’t describe what you are selling in seven words or less, you are losing sales.” For more information on Blueprint, please visit: (


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