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InGeneral - Comedy Radio Show.

Summary: InGeneral is one of the latest comedy Podasts to hit the airwaves. Presented for your comedy dining pleasure. We start with an entree of live stand up from comedy legends worldwide, garnished with more of the latest stories form the 'Newsdesk'. Our main course will tickle the tastebuds as 'Negative Man' graces us with his presence, topped with a generous serving of 'classic comedy' segments. Feature comedy tracks make your dining experience a pleasure. Desert consists of a delectable comedy gig guide & CD/DVD releases available, and we put a helathy dose of sketches on the side. To finish, we give you an after dinner treat with your coffee in the form of top tunes from some of the best musical acts in the world...Enjoy your meal.


 InGeneralSE03E40 Around The World Special | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1978

*****Language Warning***** Greetings Loyal Listeners! Welcome to our 'InGeneral - Around The World' Special. As you know, we're all about the specials these days, however, this one requires a notice of clarification = We.Were.SMASHED! And I don't mean, we just had 'a few' drinks, I mean we were dead set shitfaced. Soooo, apologies in advance for the drunken ramblings! But we did manage to fit in the words MANUAL PENILE STIMULATION. Fascinating no? Enjoy! And thanks for being a part of our little corner of shenanigans. Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 39 DVD Skeet Shooter Special For Download | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1778

****** Language Warning***** Hey All! Yet another special for you to audibly devour, this time squarely taking aim at some of the more questionable efforts in TV and Cinema. This special could've gone for hours, luckily myself, Alex C and Todd couldn't be stuffed quite frankly as we were pretty smashed. Jokes. But enjoy anyway "InGeneral's Shitful Efforts in TV & Cinema"! Cheers, Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 38 (Porn Xmas) For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2454

*****Language Warning***** Aaaaaaaaalllriggght!! We have come together for a special presentation for you dear loyal listener. We have Vulcan mind melded our 'Something Blue' special (dumped the something borrowed) and chucked on the Christmas special as well! Hence the creation of "It's a porny porny Xmas" featuring pron reviews and childhood Christmas memories. What a combo, purity and pure filth! Enjoy, and from all of us here on the team MERRY XMAS! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 37 (Something Old, Something New Special) For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2439

***Language Warning*** Welcooommme baaaaaaaack! Hey listeners! As promised we are back for the first episode of our 3 special series. For those who need updating we have moved away from new episodes every 2 weeks and put a concentrated effort into specials. After all, you don't need our questionable behaviour and ill-informed talk pounding your ear drums every fortnight... Sooo, we have 3 episodes heading your way, this first one "Something Old, Something New" is a beautifully crafted mixed platter of sketches for you, old and new, mostly new of course. Next episode will be "Something Borrowed, Something Blue", a mixture of stand up and get this, a porn movie review! FINALLY! Then to cap it all off, our "Xmas Special" as always. Oh, btw- the language in this one is not edited, I repeat, blue talk is all over this episode. We've come to realise our audience know what they're in for :) Enjoy! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 36 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1155

Hey again loyal listeners! It's our first official 'InGeneral on Location'! This one is our little election special. We're amazingly (still) in the midst of deciding who the crap is gonna lead this big brown nation of ours, so we've gone through the parliament archives to see wat kind of parties can take us into te future and beyond, plus a few random bits and pieces... Enjoy! Wally.

 Ingeneral Episode 35 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1232

Well well well! Hello again! J.B.'s final (for now) episode this time. However, as usual we have celeb news, gossip and everything you need to know to keep you up to date with 'Around the World'.... Well, the useless inbetween shite anyway :) Negman drops in for a chat amongst the mentalness as well. Enjoy! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 34 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1230

Howdy Y'all! Anger anger anger! It's all about the rage first up as we discuss the finer points of inconsiderate people in public, we've got near misses in vehicles and some tactics you may appreciate. We go 'Around The World' again, throw in some really.... really poor Heather Mills jokes and we unveil the new event brought to you by InGeneral Promotions. Enjoy! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 33 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1302

Hey All! Sorry for the delay, a few slight technical difficulties but we're all good to go! Inside this awesome to the max episode - Negman returns triumphantly once more, we launch our new dried meat franchise, we've got angry weather men and earth quake causing boobies! What more could one possibly ask for? It's the best darn comedy podcast show on this big fat web of ours! Enjoy! Cheers, Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 32 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1636

Howdy Y'all! Apologies for last episode, but you were warned :) Soooooo, anyhoo, tonnes of the usual stuff this episode, J.B. brings some more funny commercials for us, we go 'Around the World' and Alex C (amongst other things) has an identity crisis and let's us know about the benefits of his latest insurance sca..... project. Enjoy! Cheers, Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 31 (Disturbcast & X92 Mash-Up) For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2459

Hey loyal listeners! My goodness, I have to state from the outset this episode is probably not one for the kids, not that any episode if InGeneral should ever be exposed to minors, yet, something about this episode set the tone for a story from Alex C that even I had to edit severely, seriously, you just gotta check it out to see what I mean. PLUS PLUS PLUS! I've popped a bit of a bonus on the end of this episode for you, us blokes at InGeneral work on this awesome net station called X92. I believe that it will be back up and running shortly with it's new and improved net stationy goodness. Sooo, we got our music geek hats on again and are bringing you this exclusive X92 'Re-Hash Re-Mash'. A collection of mash-ups that we've re-worked to our devious liking along with our own extra creations... Enjoy and have a Happy Easter! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 30 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1698

Hohhh Hohhh! We're into the dirty thirties! Although I think we were there quite a while ago. Negative Man return for our 30th, We chat Oscars (sigh) and Alex C exacts REVENGE!! SWEE SWEET REVENGE!! Not to mention around the world and various shenanigans as usual... Enjoy, Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 29 For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2278

Greetings peeps! We steady the ship for season 3 with this official episode '2'. We shoot the breeze on Olympics, Tiger (sigh) Woods, and various antics from around the worls, funnily enough in a segment titled 'Around the World'. Not to mention having a right royal whinge at the retail sector and dicuss the chances of us still having our 'mojo'. Anyhoo, it's all here in episode 29! (Well, not really, but.... metaphorically). Enjoy! Wally.

 InGeneral Episode 28 (90's Special) For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2325

We're back for 2010 you radical dudes and dudettes! We've busted out the ripped jeans, hypercolour T-Shirts and Reebok Pumps to bring you our bloody awesome to the max 90's Special! We've got fond memories of VHS, make our way through the underbelly of 90's music talent and at some point someone mentions Woodstock '99. Not to mention all sorts of embarrassing things you tried to forget, yet weirdly, you quietly think they still rock. Oh, and I sneak a cheeky one out that gets detected despite my best efforts to keep it quiet... Enjoy! Wally.

 InGeneral Christmas Special For Download! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1690

Yule tide greetings or whatever! Welcome to the IGXS! (InGeneral Xmas Spesh) We're all about the big fella in the red suit and the beardo in the loin cloth this year as we tlak shitty gifts, violent family celebrations, what the hell is egg nog anyway and Negative man dons the beret and gives us a sensational Christmas gift with his far out beatnik bongo, it is f**king awesome to say the least! I think you'll agree he has made a triumphant return to the InGeneral airwaves. A very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all!! Cheers! Wally, J.B & Alex C.


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