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Summary: Punk, Ska, Indie and Everything Else in Between! Come and find your new favorite band here. On the show I interview bands, play new music and classic tracks, review albums and books, keep you up to date on the latest punk rock headlines. Enjoy.


 Episode #33: Small Brown Bike Interview and Contest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4072

Welcome to the latest episode of podcast. Small Brown Bike has reunited and they are here on Rocket Fuel! On this episode I chat with Mike Reed from the band about their reunion, their new 7" Composite, Volume 1, and more. Also, find out how you can win awesome Small Brown Bike prizes courtesy of No Idea Records. Also on this episode I play new music from Dead To Me, Noise By Number and Torture The Artist, review the new album Lost Art by Cloak/Dagger, and much more. Check it out. Playlist for episode #33: Dead To Me "Modern Muse" Captain, We're Sinking "It's A Trap" Legitimate Business "S.O.S." Noise By Numbers "Waiting For The Train" Torture The Artist "Razorblade" House Boat "My Life Hurts" Cloak/Dagger "Dead Idols" The Hex Dispensers "I've Got My Doppelganger On" Small Brown Bike "A Declaration of Sorts" Small Brown Bike "When We Run" Lost Hands Found Fingers "Stay Sharp" Jay Kutchma of Red Collar "Jinx Removing (Jawbreaker Cover)" **Rules for the Rocket Fuel/No Idea Records Contest. Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel Podcast email ( by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, November 29th. You must be 18 or older to enter and the winner will be chosen at random the correct entries received. No purchase neccessary to enter.**

 Episode #31: Paper + Plastick Contest, Interview with The Failure's Union, Tons of New Music and a Review of Heartsounds | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3851

Welcome to the latest installment of Rocket Fuel. On this special episode, find out how you can win awesome vinyl records from Paper + Plastick. We've also got a TON of new music from Polar Bear Club, Banner Pilot, Teenage Bottlerocket, Frank Turner and much more. I talk with Tony from the Failure's Union and review the debut record Until We Surrender by Heartsounds. Enjoy. Playlist for Episode #31: Teenage Bottlerocket "They Came From The Shadows" Rehasher "Turn Around" The Bomb "Spaceman" Banner Pilot "Skeleton Key" Polar Bear Club "Light of Local Eyes" Moneen "Great Escape" Heartsounds "Until We Surrender" Used Kids "Midwest Midsummer" The Failure's Union "Classic Car Wreck" The Failure's Union "The Fall Man" Arliss Nancy "The Empty Below" Frank Turner "The Road" Cheap Girls "Ft. Lauderdale" Check out all of of Paper + Plastick's awesome releases at **Rules for the Rocket Fuel/Paper + Plastick Contest. Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel Podcast email ( by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 14th. You must be 18 or older to enter and the winner will be chosen at random from the correct trivia question answers. No purchase neccessary to enter.**

 Episode #30: Red Collar Interview, Premiere of Two New Songs from Anchor Arms and Review of Taker Easy by the Takers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4976

Welcome to a special edition of Rocket Fuel! On this episode I interview Jay from Red Collar, premiere two brand new songs from Anchor Arms, review the debut album by the Takers and much more. I've got new music from Pinhead Gunpowder, American Steel, Cobra Skulls and more. Enjoy! Playlist for Episode #30: The Gateway District "Bad Idea" Goodbye Etc. "My Body is a Battleground" The New Lows "The Can" Pinhead Gunpowder "Anniversary Song" Red Collar "Rust Belt Heart" Higher Giant "See You Later, Chopstick" Chase Long Beach "Joe vs. The Cricket" The Takers "St. John's Son" Cobra Skulls "Rebel Fate" Red Collar "Used Guitars" Anchor Arms "High Noon" Anchor Arms "The Body System" American Steel "Finally Alone"

 Episode #29: Thermals Interview, Dasha Review and Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective Contest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4216

The Rocket Fuel podcast is back with a special episode. I interview Hutch from the awesome band The Thermals, review the new record Damned If We Do by Dasha and for the first time ever, you can win lots of great prizes from our friends of Suburban Home Records/Vinyl Collecive. What can you win? 2 Runners up will win a Suburban Home shotungator 1 First Prize Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate that can be used on either the Suburban Home or Vinyl Collective Web Stores and the GRAND PRIZE winner will receive all of Suburban Home's recent releases including CDs from Jon Snodgrass, Austin Lucas, Drag The River, Mike Hale, Yesterdays Ring, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and The Takers. The GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a cool Suburban Home T-shirt and shotgunator as well. To find out how you can win, be sure to listen to this episode for details. On this episode, I have new music from The Riverdales, Big D & The Kids Table, The AKAs, and much more. Enjoy and good luck on the Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective Contest! Playlist for Episode #29: The Riverdales "Rocketship X-M" Transit "Stay Home" Restorations "Of Trees" The A.K.A's "Get It Together" Have Nots "Frozen Heart" Big D & The Kids Table "Describing The Sky" Dasha "Little Ghosts" Golden City "Diamond Suits" The Thermals "When I Died" The Thermals "Now We Can See" The Only Sons "Long Time Coming" Scott H. Biram "I Feel So Good" Mike Hale "Lives Like Mine"

 Episode #28: Interview with The Swellers, Review of Eager To Please by The Leftovers and Much More! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3831

Welcome to a brand new episode of Rocket Fuel. On the this episode I talk with Jonathan from The Swellers about their recent signing to Fueled By Ramen, their upcoming releases and much more. I also review the album Eager To Please by The Leftovers and play new music from Shook Ones, The Aggrolites, Dear Landlord and many more. Enjoy. Playlist for Episode #28: Shook Ones "Silverfish" Dear Landlord "Landlocked" This Is A Standoff "Everything We Take" The Aggrolites "The Sufferer" Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause "Another Rainy Day" Red City Radio "Dead Friends Don't Pay Debts" The Leftovers "Untouchable" The Bananas "Radio Action" The Swellers "Bottles" The Swellers "This is My Everest" Everyone Everywhere "Everyhow Everythere" The Lonely Forest "Borders and Towns" Like...Alaska "Crash Out"

 Episode #27: Less Than Jake Interview, Review of Anchor Down's New EP and Much More! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4887

Don't call it a comeback! Rocket Fuel has returned with a new episode featuring an interview with Vinnie from Less Than Jake, my review of Anchor Down's EP Steel To Dust and new music from Westbound Train, North Lincoln, Mike Herrera's Tumbledown and much more. Enjoy! Playlist for Episode #27: North Lincoln "Bridge Jumpers" Make Do And Mend "Winter Wasteland" Red Collar "Rust Belt Heart" The Pillowfights "Buzz Buzz" Westbound Train "Ain't Gonna Be Easy" The Evening Rig "The Hilltop Pines" Anchor Down "El Radio" Protagonist "Charge (The Chronicle)" Less Than Jake "Does The Lion City Still Roar?" Less Than Jake "Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore" We Are The Union "Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic" Lipona "Hawks & Doves" Mike Herrera's Tumbledown "Homeward Bound" Be sure to check out Vinnie's label Paper + Plastick at

 Episode #26: Austin Lucas Interview, Review of Merit's Arson is for Lovers Album and Much More! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4322

After a two-month hiatus, Rocket Fuel is back and on the attack. On this brand new episode I interview Austin Lucas, review Merit's new record called Arson is for Lovers and play new music from New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Superdrag and much more. Enjoy. Playlist for Episode # 26: New Found Glory "Dont Let Her Pull You Down" Chinese Telephones "Better Than the Next" Fireworks "Detroit" Superdrag "Ready to Go" Stereotyperider "Dive In" Gatorface "Crash/Grab" Merit "Cut and Run" Coffee Project "Start" Austin Lucas "Precious Little Heart" Austin Lucas "Somebody Loves You" The Besties "The Gothenburg Handshake" The Wonder Years "An Elegy for Baby Blue"

 Episode #25: AMP Magazine Interview, Review of O Pioneers!!! album Neon Creeps & Much More | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4777

What's up and welcome to a new episode of Rocket Fuel. On this episode I play new music from Two Tongues, Ben Nichols and The Shaking Hands, classic tracks from Jawbreaker and Superdrag and much more. I interview Brett Mathews, publisher and editor of AMP magazine ande review the new record Neon Creeps by O Pioneers!!! Enjoy. Playlist for Episode #25: Two Tongues "Dead Lizard" The Guts "Love Love Love" Superdrag "The Staggering Genius" Ben Nichols "Tobin" Glossary "Little Caney" Slingshot Dakota "Ohio" O Pioneers!!! "The Architect of Disney World" Smoke or Fire "The Patty Hearst Syndrome" The Ghostwood "Exited" Jawbreaker "Chesterfield King" The Shaking Hands "A New Reason to Rise" Torche "Grenades"

 Episode #24: How Dare You Interview, The Marked Men Review and Much More | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4300

Welcome to Rocket Fuel, where we play punk, ska, indie and everything else in between. On this episode I play brand new tracks from Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves and Let Me Run, classic tunes from Social Distortion, Mustard Plug, Discount and much more. I review the new record Ghosts by The Marked Men and talk with singer and guitarist Justin Goldman of the Orlando, FL punk band How Dare You. Enjoy. Playlist for Episode #24: Let Me Run "The Count of Monte Fisto" The Bronx "Knifeman" Discount "City Bleach" Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves "Reason In My Rhyme" The Failure's Union "Give Way" Team Stray "Dying Young" The Marked Men "Ghosts" Mustard Plug "Beer (Song)" How Dare You "Cases and Carriers" How Dare You "My Last Stop on the T" The Color Wheels "Green Means Go" Social Distortion "Story of My Life (Live)"

 Episode 23: Top 25 Albums of 2008, Part 2 (1-12) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2989

It has been a long time coming, but here it is: my top 12 albums of 2008. On this episode I count down and play tracks from all of my favorites. Nothing but the cream of the crop from this year here! Check it out. Playist and Top 25 albums of 2008 (#1-12): #12-Smoking Popes "If You Don't Care" from Stay Down #11-The Hold Steady "Sequestered in Memphis" from Stay Positive #10-The Night Marchers "In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)" from See You In Magic #9-How Dare You "Beacon St." from Comfort Road #8-Teenage Bottlerocket "In The Basement" from Warning Device #7-Anchor Arms "Girl And A Glacier" from Cold Blooded #6-The Gaslight Anthem "The '59 Sound" from The '59 Sound #5-Jr. Juggernaut "Another Two Weeks" from Ghost Poison #4-Cheap Girls "Parking Lot" from Find Me A Drink Home #3-Less Than Jake "Does The Lion City Still Roar?" from GNV FLA #2-Able Baker Fox "Stuttering" from Voices and my Album of the Year for 2008: #1-Polar Bear Club "Another Night At The Rock" from Sometimes Things Just Disappear

 Episode #22: Top 25 Albums of 2008, Part I (13-25) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2991

Happy New Year from Rocket Fuel! On this episode I count down and play tracks from my top 25 albums from 2008. Today, I focus on numbers 13-25 on my list. I also share my list of Honorable Mentions that didn't make it onto the list. 2008 was a great year for music and create this list was rather difficult. I hope you enjoy it. Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Hot Water Music-Til the Wheels Fall Off The Copyrights-Learn the Hard Way Serious Geniuses-you Can Steal the Riffs, But you Can't Steal the Talent Lemuria-Get Better Tigers Jaw-S/T Millencolin Machine 15 Living With Lions-Make Your Mark Broadway Calls-S/T Off With Their Heads-From the Bottom The Ergs-Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend Shot Baker-Take Control The Color Wheels-S/T Drag The River-You Can't Live This Way Lipona-Atlas In The Red-Volume 1 Statues-Terminal Bedroom Static Radio NJ-An Evening of Bad Decisions Playlist & Top 25 Albums of 2008 (#13-25) #25 Bayside "Boy" from their Shudder album #24 Flogging Molly "A Requiem for a Dying Song" from Float #23 Good Luck "Pajammin" from Into Lake Griffy #22 Scream Hello "You Have Good Taste" from Everything Is Always Still Happening #21 Banner Pilot "Barker" from Resignation Day #20 Liquid Limbs "As Long As I Live" from Orchid #19 Speaker Speaker "Radio Days" from Call It Off #18 The Loved Ones "The Bridge" from Build & Burn #17 Rocket From The Crypt "Dynamite" from All Systems Go 3 #16 Arkells "O, The Boss is Coming!" from Jackson Square #15 Only Thunder "Computers Says No" from Lower Bounds #14 Former Cell Mates "Party Tricks" from Who's Dead and What's To Pay? #13 LaGrecia "My Lightning" from On Parallels

 Episode #21: Interview with Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records, Review of How Dare You and much more! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4278

Happy Holidays from Rocket Fuel! On this episode I have new music from Joey Cape and Useless I.D., as well as classic tracks from Green Day, Allister and Dance Hall Crashers. I interview Virgil Dickerson, founder of Suburban Home Records and Vinyl Collective, and I also review the debut album Comfort Road, by the Orlando, FL punk quartet How Dare You. Check it out or get some coal in your stocking! Playlist for Episode #21: Useless I.D. "Isolate Me" Allister "Somewhere on Fullerton" Full of Fancy "Sounds Like a Plan" Bob Mould "Stupid Now" Cutman "The Itch" The Hex Dispensers "Forest Ray Colson" Green Day "At the Library" Joey Cape "The Ramones are Dead" The Gamits "Curious Vanessa Black" The Steinways "Missed the Boat" Dance Hall Crashers "North Pole" To learn more about Suburban Home Records and Vinyl Collective, go to their websites at and, respectively.

 Episode #20: The Casting Out Interview, Only Thunder Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3913

Happy Belated Thanksgiving from Rocket Fuel! On this new episode of the show I play new music from Ben Nichols (Lucero), Monikers and the Serious Geniuses as well as classic tracks from Gunmoll and Dynamite Boy. I also review the debut album from Colorado rockers Only Thunder and talk with Nathan Gray (ex-boysetsfire) of the new band, The Casting Out. Enjoy. Playlist for Episode #20: Monikers "Mine" The Ergs "Every Romance Language" Dynamite Boy "No Way Out" The Serius Geniuses "Marc Attack" The Dopamines "Molly" Gunmoll "Free & Tied" Only Thunder "Tapestries, Candles, Zima?" Jawbox "Tracking" The Casting Out "Don't Forget To Breathe" The Casting Out "These Alterations" Cobra Skulls "Use Your Cobra Skulls" Ben Nichols "Delia's Gone"

 Episode #18: The Fest 7 Part II | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3985

The Fest 7 is just around the corner and on this episode I give you the perfect playlist to get you pumped for three days of punk rock in Gainesville. I play new music from the Measure (SA) and Look Mexico and great tunes from Ann Beretta, The Swellers and Less Than Jake. I also interview James Austin from the Gainesville band Anchor Arms. Check it out. Playlist for Episode #18: The Swellers "Bottles" The Scaries "Disappointed" Good Luck "How to Live Here" The Measure (SA) "The Moment That You Said Yes" Tin Armor "Thin Skin" Look Mexico "You're Not Afraid Of The Dark Are You?" Able Baker Fox "Stuttering" Chillerton "Let's Get Reckless!" Polar Bear Club "Hollow Place" Anchor Arms "Black Water" In The Red "Dear Pride" Ann Beretta "Bully Me Now" Less Than Jake "Gainesville Rock City" TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FEST 7, VISIT

 Episode #17: The Fest 7 Special Edition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4711

On this special episode of the show I feature music from bands that are playing the Fest 7 this Halloween weekend in Gainesville, FL. I play new music from the Riot Before and Liquid Limbs as well as tunes from Bouncing Souls, Drag the River and Leatherface. I also interview Tony from No Idea Records, who is the founder and mastermind behind the Fest. This episode makes for the perfect soundtrack on your drive to Gainesville. Enjoy! To learn more about the visit and purhcase tickets, visit Playlist for Episode # 17: The Methadones "Mess We Make" The Arrivals "I'm Sorry for Saying I'm Sorry" Former Cell Mates "Party Tricks" The Riot Before "We Are Wild Stallions" Nothington "Going Home" Drag the River "Brookfield" Cheap Girls "A Lesser Rate" The Sidekicks "Necktie" Chinese Telephones "Waiting for You" Liquid Limbs "As Long as I Live" A Wilhelm Scream "Anchor End" Leatherface "Springtime" Bouncing Souls "Kids & Heroes" ***Correction*** On this episode I state that the awesome band Cheap Girls is from New York when they are in fact from Michigan. My bad.


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