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Summary: Mentor, minister, philosopher, spiritual guide... Roy Masters was America’s first radio counselor and is the author of more than 16 acclaimed books on health, stress, parenting, religion, and success. For nearly half a century Roy Masters has been an institution on radio, and his "Advice Line" radio program is currently broadcast nationwide on 130 radio stations and available via the Internet. Visit to learn more.````

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 Tips for Panic Attacks Part 2: Overcoming Panic Attacks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clip from episode: K5307) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: This is Part 2 in a podcast series on "Tips for Panic Attacks." Part 1 can be found at Is it possible to avoid fear and anxiety through a proper state of mind? Can anyone cure panic attacks by overcoming the root cause? Nearly everyone in there lives have survived times of intense fear or anxiety. Panic attacks are a specific type of anxiety that can be brought about by repressing stress and anger. Before calling the Advice Line radio show, Derrick was suffering from panic attacks, ADHD, and a tobacco addiction. Having such a traumatic past, it is highly unlikely he would have overcome these obstacles without proper advice. Previously filled with confusion and fear, Derrick can now live his life with confidence and a perfect attitude. Overcoming panic attacks is more simple than you think. Listen to this podcast! Quotes regarding panic and anxiety from Roy Masters’ books: Be still…then relax. Effort, guilt, and panic will depart from you. - How to Conquer Negative Emotions Panic is a fear of the truth; it symbolizes your rejection of Reality. And no matter which way you go, or how hard you run, you must eventually accept some reality, whether you like it or not. - Beyond the Known Don’t panic. You must learn to be aware at all times. You may awaken occasionally from sleep, feeling pressure. Meditate at these times and rest again. Never allow material pursuits to overshadow or become more important than your inner attentiveness to reality. - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 Tips for Panic Attacks Part 1: Preventing Panic Attacks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clips from episodes: K5304 and K5306) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Are anxiety and panic attacks ruining your life? Wonder what causes panic attacks, and what you can do to prevent them? In the United States alone, there are an estimated 40 million people who suffer from anxiety disorders. While many claim to cure panic attacks through medication, hypnotherapy, and other complex treatments, most end up merely covering up your symptoms. To completely overcome anxiety, one must deal with the root causes of anxiety, as well as treating symptoms. In this free podcast episode, Derrick is discussing how his panic disorder destroyed a fulfilling career in firefighting. “Panic attacks have taken my life away from me,” Derrick explains. Roy Masters, a radio counselor who has worked in the field of anxiety management for over fifty years, shows Derrick how simple the solution to panic attacks truly is. If you are looking for simple yet private way to control panic attacks once and for all, you MUST listen to this podcast! To find out what happens to Derrick after Roy walks him through the Be Still & Know technique, be sure to hear “Tips for Panic Attacks Part 2.” It will be available soon at Quotes regarding panic and anxiety from Roy Masters’ books: “In close places, or in crowds, panic can develop because movement is limited and there is no way of escape when our reaction to the presence of so many people increases our uneasiness. Animals that are cornered will panic. Timid creatures who normally run may become vicious under these conditions, as the feeling-to-run changes into the feeling-to-fight... After a while, the very presence of people can cause discomfort, irritation and even panic.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well “You are probably not aware of the role hypnosis is playing in your own life, but take a good look at your reactions under stress, or in anticipation of a danger or pressure that is bigger than you are. Watch what happens the next time you know you must stand up to your boss or your child's teacher. The very thought of it causes your heart to race and throws you into a panic. There you are, back in your hypnotic state. The mere expectation of danger triggers a hypnotic condition that duplicates your response to the actual stress.” - Beyond the Known “The hypnotic state of mind takes a stronger grip on you with each succeeding stress because of the panic you feel as you struggle in vain to find answers on the mental level. As a result, you learn to lose awareness at the first sighting of stress, and to start fumbling around in your imagination for ways of feeling superior and 'above it all,' ways that exist only in your head. You know, but you really don't know, so you think you know, and that's all that matters to you.” - Beyond the Known LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 OCD Help Part 2: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Self Help | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clip from episode: K4535) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Can people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder cure themselves of their behavior? In this free podcast, radio counselor Roy Masters explores the possibility of overcoming all the effects of OCD. This is Part 2 in a podcast series on "OCD Help." Part 1 can be found at Chris has been dealing with OCD for over 10 years. Roy explains that obsessive compulsive behavior and thoughts are usually preceded by depression and guilt. OCD, in effect, is a form of psychological projection. While some people project their guilt onto other people, those suffering from OCD project guilt onto an idea that can then be obsessed over. By getting resentfully tied up with this idea or repetitive action, the obsessive compulsive mind is distracted away from the pain that guilt causes their conscience. Would you like to discover true self help, and be free of your obsessive compulsive thoughts for good? Listen to this podcast! Quotes regarding obsessive compulsive behavior from Roy Masters’ books: “Even when you believe in the worst that is about to befall you-and you do so compulsively-you cannot make yourself disbelieve it. After all, you have become a creature who relies on proof, not faith, and all you can see is proof staring you in the face. Thanks to your misguided faith, you can believe only as the result of being deceived, so that even when you believe positively that all will be well, it's a lie, and you know it, but you have to cling to it.” - Beyond the Known “Whenever you think through a problem in the conventional, subjective way—by trying to analyze it and figure out a solution—that thinking process acts in the same way as did the temptation that caused your problem, first by upsetting you and then by conditioning you to be wrong. By thinking about your problems, you tighten their hold over you; you become a part of the very problem you are trying to solve. Unless you yearn to know what is right and to be objective, thinking becomes an escape that triggers irrational and compulsive behavior and a morbid feeling of hopelessness. The belief that thinking about your problems can solve them is the underlying principle behind many forms of compulsion. Only when you realize the truth about your problems, not when you think about them, will these compulsions be eliminated. All you ever accomplish by taking thought is to stir yourself up needlessly; you achieve nothing positive.” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions “Hypnosis affects your ordinary, conscious thinking, because your soul comes out of its compulsive experiences with all sorts of guilt and anxiety. Stained with sin, your soul now consciously repels truth, both in the spirit and in the thinking about it; it reaches back, beyond the hypnotic state, for the means to persuade other people to give you the delusion of reality you need if you are to preserve your prideful nature.” - Beyond the Known “The meditation exercise will never become a habit. By choosing to do this exercise each morning you choose rightly for that day. This choice frees you from compulsive patterned ideas and actions. Failure to do the exercise constitutes choosing the old ways again.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well “The soul, once quieted, stripped of its rationale, illicit desires, and compulsive mind-movement, comes face to face with the truth about its pride and weakness.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 OCD Help Part 1: The Cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here (Clip from episode: K4533) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Do you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder or any other compulsive behavior? Are you looking for a way to resolve the symptoms of OCD without the use of pharmaceutical drugs? Do you know what causes your compulsive thoughts and habits to repeat in an endless loop? In this free podcast episode, Chris has been suffering with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, (also referred to as OCD) for the last ten years. He has an intense fear of getting blood or other bodily fluid on him that could lead him to being wrongly accused of rape or murder. Radio host Roy Masters shows how understanding the causes of OCD, is the key to overcoming its debilitating grip. The cause and prolonging of all OCD is resentment. Getting upset with an action or thought can often times cause your brain to repeat it. Every time the idea is introduced, a feeling of resentment is attached to it, causing an endless cycle. Eventually, many with this form of compulsive disorder give-in completely to the thought pattern as being true, no matter how absurd or illogical it is. This internal conflict can often lead to thoughts of suicide; as in Chris’s situation. If you want free help with your compulsive behavior, listen to “OCD Help Part 1” of this podcast. For a more in-depth conversation with Chris on the subject of obsessive compulsive disorder, hear “OCD Help Part 2.” Quotes regarding obsessive compulsive behavior from Roy Masters’ books : “The more you tremble with fear or resentment, the further you are from the source of good, and the more subject you are to the subtle intimidations and manipulations of the wicked.” - Adam and Eve Sindrome “We are compulsive because of the proclivity of our souls to cling desperately to whatever we have been tricked into believing. And that fact holds true as far as you care to take it – in religion, politics, medicine – from the false heights of 'spiritual' cures to the lowest perversions imaginable.” - Beyond the Known “I do not intend to dwell at length on the other forms of compulsive behavior, except to say that the hypnoidal state leads to all of them by virtue of the pain and fear it produces. The victim is always driven to remove his pain. Left to himself, he experiments; otherwise, still in his trance, he is led down the garden path to the permissible, tried, proven, and accepted forms of pleasure. His trance state deepens as those unhealthy practices debilitate him physically.” - Beyond the Known “You may use the activity of resentment to escape the guilt, as though the thing of beauty, or even God himself, had suckered you into believing a lie. Of course, by believing in your false innocence, you perpetuate the guilt that began when you first rejected truth in favor of illusion. You lock yourself in more tightly to the hypnotic cycle of identification, feeling ever more guilty for escaping (again) into a lie and then needing more lies to diminish your awareness of the new guilt. You are caught in a compulsive, hypnotic pattern of dying as though it were living.” - Adam and Eve Sindrome “If you learn to meditate with the proper attitude, you may spontaneously experience a falling away of nagging personal problems, release from habits and compulsions, freedom from neurotic fears, and a renewal of good health…” - How to Conquer Negative Emotions LISTEN: ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 Emotional Decision Making | How to Make Difficult Decisions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you fear making wrong decisions? Do you have difficulty making decisions when you are too emotional? Does the fear of rejection lead you to feel helpless and paralyzed? Would you like to know how to overcome all confusion once and for all? On this free podcast episode, Sandra is having difficulty with the request of a dying fiancé. Suffering from cancer many miles away, he has asked her not to visit him. Though she wants to do the right thing, she is emotionally hurt and feels rejected. She is conflicted and confused about what to do. World-renowned radio counselor Roy Masters discusses Sandra's problem with her. While we all pride ourselves in our ability to make a decision, anxiety brought on by emotions will always hinder the decision-making process. Further more, forcing any mental process is eventually detrimental to health. “Decision making can affect your breathing [and] your digestion,” explains Roy. Learn how to not be affected by the decision making process. Listen to this podcast! (Clip from episodes: K4817) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes about decision making from books by Roy Masters: "We should enjoy our loved ones too, but not too much. Be careful not to make people, places, and things more important than what is right. Become too attached, too emotionally involved, and you will surely bring about those moments of truth that require soul-wrenching decisions." - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well "A mind forced to make decisions is always in conflict with itself, and from frustration and anger, a mist arises in the mind that further clouds our reason. First we have conflict, but as we make excuses and establish those excuses as 'truth,' we have confusion." - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well "Approach each problem with the awareness of Now. Wait until the time is right for action without submitting the decision to some elaborate reasoning process. Be patient. True life does not filter down through the intellectual processes for you to consult. Faith is a 'mindless' trust in God, the source of the faith impulse; for what is seen is made by what does not appear." - Beyond the Known "When you commit yourself to the right way, you are obviously making a kind of decision, a decision to obey the right in your heart; but this is the decision that puts an end to the sin of decision-making. From now on, the Light will always be there to make the way ahead perfectly plain, and since you are committed, you will see clearly what to do. After all, when you come to the edge of a cliff, you don’t have to ‘decide’ to back away!" – Secret Power of Words "When you are in your center, when you are objective, then there are no decisions to make. You see only the way you must go. Everything you do naturally turns out right. You are not drawn in anywhere you are not supposed to be. In the ideal state of consciousness there is never any deciding. There is only one thing to decide, and that is to seek the purpose of existence. When you do this, the Truth who greets you shows you what to aim for. The Truth makes the right things attractive and interesting and maneuvers you like a skillful Helmsman through the turbulent waters of intrigue." - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 Gift-Giving Advice | Addicted to Giving | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you feel obligated to give gifts just because it is the Christmas Season? Do you experience more worry and pressure during the holidays than happiness and contentment? Would you rather receive a gift that was sincerely given or compelled because it is your birthday or a holiday that requires it? In this free podcast episode, radio host Roy Masters explores the difference between compulsive and healthy giving. No one would argue that the act of giving gifts is an immoral practice. Conflicts arise, however, when a person is overwhelmed by a feeling when giving or receiving. Roy explains that feeling good over getting a gift, or feeling resentful because you are being pressured to give one, represents the “dark side of giving.” Anne in California has a chronic issue of giving and “giving in” to her 40-year-old son. The subject of spoiling children, though seemingly far removed from obligated gift-giving, function off of the same principles, and have similar results. Due to her overly generous behavior, which she does for a selfish feeling of appreciation, her son has become both entitled and resentful. When faced with the choice of acting out his frustrations or holding it in, he chooses the latter and covers up his repression with alcohol. If you are a people pleaser, or feel captive to one, you must hear this podcast! (Clip from episodes: K4480 and K4481) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding compulsive giving from books by Roy Masters: “If the express purpose of the gift is to do you honor, and your pride falls for that, you will become enslaved both by the gift and the resentment you will feel when you discover the donor’s real motivation.” – Secret Power of Words “Serving seems so innocent that it is never suspected for what it is. Indeed, any gift offering can create a powerful obligation, even if it is just a 'free' flower at the airport in exchange for a donation. Under the circumstances, the victim cannot refuse the hidden demand to part with a portion of his soul along with his money. The taker is taken.” – Eat No Evil “The greatest of all gifts (especially appropriate at Christmas time) is choosing not to give, which frees others from the obligation to give something in return for what you’ve given them. Being obliged to give binds others to the agony of giving. Do you see what I mean? Giving under pressure wrongly resolves a conflict that was implanted by suggestion. In effect, the pressure source is rewarded and the giver can become a pressure source to others. The pressure that makes you 'give' becomes the pressure that makes others 'give,' too. The same principle applies to your love needs for your children.” – How to Survive Your Parents “If you are one of those gifted ones who have felt the pressure to give, but have held back because you felt it in your solar plexus and sensed intuitively that something was wrong, you don't know how blessed you are, how much horror you have escaped.” – Secrets of a Parallel Universe ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 Stop Worrying: Part 2 | Overcoming Worry Caused By Stress | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you have a “strange super-sense of responsibility” regarding close family and friends? Does your work, family and other daily obligations flood your mind with constant worry? Is the stress and anxiety of life dragging you down and holding you back? Are you looking to truly stop worrying and start living? Though people are playfully referred to as “worry warts,” the continuous loop of thoughts and emotions that make up what we call worry is no laughing matter. The good news is that the only thing necessary to cure worry is a simple change of perspective. In this free podcast episode, radio counselor Roy Masters continues his conversation with Bill from Philadelphia about his worry and anxiety issues. Roy explains how allowing people and circumstances to pull you in emotionally, and getting “all worked up” over them, is where worry begins its negative cycle. By understanding where these common dangers lie, anyone who wishes to deflect them can do so with confidence. Stress should be considered a useful tool for becoming a better person, not the beginning of a seemingly insurmountable problem. This is the second episode in a two-part program on stopping worry. Hear Part 1, “Stop Worrying | Breaking Free From Constant Worry and Doubt,” for the beginning of Roy and Bill’s conversation. (Clip from episode: K3682) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding constant worry from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “Because of our dependency upon the prod of environment, we procrastinate. We move only when we are upset, but that is the wrong time. We worry about what we have not done and resent what we must do, which grows increasingly difficult. Now we worry because we are afraid of making another mistake. Or we seek a reason to motivate us or excuse our inactivity. Now we have more to do and less time to do it—more worry!” “Worry over the situation only makes it worse, and an outsider’s attempt to ease the tension by being polite only releases a greater flood of anger and reactivates the cycle.” “The problem-solving activity of the foolish ego is called worry. Blind worry adds impetus to the problem and often draws to us the very thing we fear. Nagging thoughts caused by our upsets can cause us to do the very thing we dread or detest, just to get it off our minds. But it does not succeed. We are only upset again when we discover that we have compounded our problem by taking the wrong action, and added, in the vain hope of relieving the feeling, more compulsive worry as a result of being upset over our newer blunders.” ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear, and Pain Pack.

 Stop Worrying | Breaking Free From Constant Worry and Doubt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do your thoughts and feelings control you? Are you looking for a cure for constant worrying? Do you believe a worry-free life is even possible? The Oxford Dictionary defines worry as “[to] feel or cause to feel troubled over actual or potential difficulties.” Stress and worry are feelings that plague millions worldwide, yet there are very few real solutions to this mental debility. In this free podcast episode, Bill in Philadelphia wants to know how to break free from the chains of constant worry. Feeling obligated to be the problem-solver of the family, Bill claims to have always had the sense that he was meant to be “responsible for everything.” Radio host Roy Masters discusses the causes which lead to a false sense of obligation and responsibility. By understanding how resentment over circumstances leads to worry, one can easily overcome the compulsive feeling. This is first episode in a two-part program on stopping worry. Hear “Stop Worrying: Part 2” for the conclusion to Roy and Bill’s conversation. (Clip from episode: K3682) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding constant worry from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters: “Worry has been our substitute for the natural concern we should have had. We just had to worry to ennoble ourselves. It seemed quite normal to worry; but worry is really the compulsive activity of the mind without faith, in the dark, priding itself on solving the problems that worry itself created.” “Worry is a counterfeit virtue. Guilty of failing to be creatively concerned, we needed to fill our minds with something, even when we didn’t have anything to be concerned about. It did seem the natural thing to do. Could we admit to our failings? Of course not! If we didn’t have such busy minds we would be forced to see our faults. So we worried about the war and about the kids. Worry made us industrious busybodies who meddled in every kind of affair for its great pride value. But then we got involved and created problems so enormous that our inability to solve them with worry became apparent—even to ourselves.” “Again, worry is the action of a mind in the dark, forgetting the truth, proudly trying to fix what it did in the dark. We couldn’t stop worrying before because we didn’t want to stop; it had an ego value for us. It always seemed like love for others. It made us forget our empty, faulty, meaningless existence. It won us badges of honor for this or that cause. Had we a grain of true concern, we would never have had anything to worry about—no great activity of mind to testify to our ego’s greatness.” “In fact, our mind becomes so empty of worry and planning that we have virtually nothing to do, except to understand more, appreciate more, wonder more and see more clearly to avoid problems. As we become more adept at avoiding problems, things become easier, so we worry even less.” ----- If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain Pack.

 Cause of Glaucoma and Hysterical Blindness: Anger and Stress | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Podcast Here Do you suffer from blindness caused by glaucoma? Have you questioned what really causes hysterical blindness? Are you, or is someone you know, visually impaired due to a psychological disorder? Leeann from California has been blind for thirteen years. While the doctors can not explain her sudden inability to see, she has always suspected that it was due to repressed anger and resentment. In this free podcast, Roy Masters explores how glaucoma and other symptoms of hysterical blindness can be emotionally caused. Though her doctor prescribed Prozac to help her deal with her emotions, she could not handle it as she began to “wake up” to what was causing all her hardship. Roy emphasizes, “the prevention is the cure.” Find out how Leann is regaining her eyesight – listen to this podcast! (Clip from episode: K3820) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding glaucoma and hysterical blindness from books by Roy Masters: “Hysterical deafness and blindness often precede pathological deafness and blindness; we psychologically refuse to see or hear so that we don't have to experience the translation of external pressure into internal pressure. But then blindness can occur from the transference of blood pressure to eye pressure, translating from one level to the other until it reaches the eye—or any other weak point in the body. Sometimes the genetic intelligence of the body will step in and sacrifice the eye to preserve the body.” -How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “The repetitious dwelling upon an idea produces a devolutionary progression to other problems. Physical symptoms soon manifest the effect of this growing error. Suppose we take fear and guilt and dwell upon them, trying to understand and solve them. In the process we develop more complicated symptoms. Compulsive “meditation” upon a problem is called worry, an activity that has been set into motion by frustration (being upset or angry). The problem-solving activity of the foolish ego is called worry. Blind worry adds impetus to the problem and often draws to us the very thing we fear. Nagging thoughts caused by our upsets can cause us to do the very thing we dread or detest, just to get it off our minds. But it does not succeed. We are only upset again when we discover that we have compounded our problem by taking the wrong action, and added, in the vain hope of relieving the feeling, more compulsive worry as a result of being upset over our newer blunders.” -How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

 Sexual Addiction Recovery | Effects of Sexual Molestation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Are you suffering from an intense sexual addiction or a sexually rooted compulsion? Do you need help for an internet porn addiction? Are you developing unhealthy sexual desires? Self-help treatment and recovery are simpler than you may realize. Regardless of what plagues you, the media and commercial entertainment only parade more sexual images in front of us daily. Not only that, but there are very few programs and treatment centers that provide accurate and lasting help for sexual addiction. Writer, lecturer and radio counselor Roy Masters discovered that the key to understanding addiction lies in realizing that it is a symptom to a larger emotional conflict. Thomas was molested as a young child. He is in the middle of the recovery process, but still finds himself struggling with an awkward effect of sexual child molestation: an uncontrollable sexual compulsion. In this free podcast episode Roy walks Thomas through the process of stepping back from his resentment over his abusive childhood. Only by learning to live outside of our emotional mindset can we recover from past trauma and overcome addiction. (Clip from episode: K4484) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding sexual addiction from Roy Masters’ books: “The trouble is that we usually associate need with something good. We think the same of those who give in to, or gratify, our needs. What we are really looking at here is a dark love, a strange compulsion of something in us to fulfill or to be fulfilled by kindred types.” - The Adam and Eve Sindrome “Acceptance is very important to the ego when it is guilty. Having someone attached to you is very exciting and comforting. Unfortunately, such a relationship reinforces everything that is wrong in you and this leads to more guilt, which in turn develops a greater need for those enchanting attachment personalities. This is the basis of addiction—to anything, from women to drugs. If you can see this point, you are probably asking why such a natural thing is so harmful.” - Understanding Sexuality “Sooner or later every man becomes pathetically or violently love-crazy, fearful of what he needs. He sees he has been trapped and degraded, stripped of independence and self-respect. There is no way out unless he will awaken and repent. To find life and true happiness, he must lay down his ego-animal life; that is to say, he must give up seeking acceptance. For it is his desire for acceptance, fulfilled in reality or merely in his mind, that awakens his senses and sets him aflame on the course of nature, the cycle of life and death. Look carefully at your yearning, then, to reach out and touch someone. Realize that this compulsion is nothing more than your guilty ego reaching away from reality toward the renewing of pride.” - The Adam and Eve Sindrome “Doing its thing, the temptation communicating through the food or sex says something in the inscrutable language of the Devil to us, his "sons." It approves our exotic needs and rewards them with pleasure; it assures the ego that it need not question its growing need for food or sex as an abnormal manifestation of the false identity that is secretly taking shape inside us. Since they are feeding more than the simple needs of the body, food and sex become objects of craving to our hungry egos. We need them to feel gloriously right, even though overindulgence brings on guilt feelings, which are soon followed by feelings of deprivation, and finally by a greater and more unnatural hunger than the last one. A person caught in the devil's web of food or sex addiction is never satisfied with a simple wholesome diet, or the natural sex act. His lusts are his gods, and he must make a "religious ceremony" of his indulgence in them.” - Understanding Sexuality ------ If you suffer deeply from the affects of stress, fear or pain, we recommend the Overcoming Stress, Fear and Pain Pack. Podcast Here

 Cause of Asthma | A Natural Cure for Asthma | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Are you or a loved one plagued with a history of asthma attacks? Are you tied down with asthma medication and nebulizers? Are you looking for a home remedy or natural asthma cure? Is there a cure? Believe it a not, there is a link between asthma, bronchitis, and allergy-based diseases. Whether you suffer from childhood or adult asthma, asthmatic symptoms all have a similar cause. Burt is wondering if his asthma is related to his emotions or is it merely a physical malady. In this free podcast episode, Roy Masters discusses not only prevention treatment, but a long-term asthma cure. Roy explains what situations cause asthma and how your body’s supply of adrenaline is affected. By dealing with the true cause of asthma, you can remedy all your asthmatic allergies and symptoms. (Clip from episode: K4487) This free podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding asthma and other emotion-driven diseases from Roy Masters’ books: “Asthma: a disease caused by the draining away of life and breath by the hovering temptation, usually a parent.” - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “Fully 80 percent of all illnesses—mental, emotional, and physical—are believed to be emotion-based, including some forms of cancer. Science is certainly on to something, but they are missing a piece of the puzzle that they can never find, simply because the answer lies beyond psychology.” - How Your Mind Can Keep You Well “Many diseases and so-called “inherited” illnesses are transferred in a similar way through an emotionally-charged climate in the home. In these cases, there is no genetic transference, although, perhaps, the same genetic weakness may exist. Rather, we select or else we are overwhelmed by the dominant personality—through emotion—and we assume the same identity and habit patterns, thereby setting the stage for the same kind of illness.” - How to Control Your Negative Emotions “In the absence of a real fatherly authority, the central characters of a man's life are his mother and his wife—yes, even his sisters. God help the poor little fellow who has too many sisters, grandmothers or aunts. Asthma, bronchitis or leukemia are his miserable lot. If he is "lucky," he gets out of that den of iniquity with homosexuality. Mother, empowered by the energy of father's failing, passes on the spore of original corruption to the male child's ego; he grows up stress-sensitive and pressure-needful. Then a wife or a mistress steps in, takes over, and completes what happened to him through the guile of his mother.” - How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors Podcast Here

 Cause of Homosexuality: The Cure for Homosexual Feelings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Roy Masters counters John Stossel’s arguments regarding homosexuality and explains that there is a real cure. John from Atlanta wants to know if having homosexual thoughts and feelings means he is a homosexual. Roy gives details regarding the cause of homosexuality and how anyone can find a way out. (Clips from episodes: K4211 and K4479) This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes from the book Understanding Sexuality by Roy Masters: “We see then, that the homosexual is a sexually exchanged male who may seek to maintain and justify ‘his’ existence the way ‘he’ is, or, if his ego cannot face the truth, engage in a perversion of the male-female game to support a false sense of security.” “The cure for the failing status of heterosexual and homosexual relationships is to recognize the ego need for true identity. But vain egos will not and cannot reach up for illumination because of pride's need to be "right" the way it finds itself. Until that proud ego is awakened the painful way by reaching down to corrupt and be corrupted, there is no hope, until, through sheer agony (at any point along the way) it becomes willing to face the truth. “ “You see, don't you, that the problems posed by homosexuality, like those posed by sexuality, are rooted in an unrecognized quest for identity? There is an attempt to recover the lost role, or to obtain the needed essence (in the way a female emasculates a male), to support a faulty existence by establishing a relationship with another weak and corrupted person.” “We are all latent or dormant homosexuals. There is a little of the opposite sex in all of us. If we continue, unmodified, in our affections and responses to each other, that opposite sex is bound to emerge, in varying degrees, in us and in our offspring.” Podcast Here

 Anorexia & Bulimia: The Single Cause Explained | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

(Clip from episode: K4485) Read and hear more at the Foundation of Human Understanding: This is a follow-up call from Anna, a single mother who has been struggling with Anorexia nervosa. Despite traditional Anorexia treatments and help from professionals, Anna's condition is getting worse. She is not only concerned with the effect her eating disorder is having on her daughter. There is the looming threat that this dangerous behavior could ultimately prove fatal. In this segment we explore how all eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, share a common root. It’s important to understand the seductive role that food often plays in developing misplaced guilt and anger. Roy Masters explains how simply resolving guilt and anger is often the key to overcoming eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. Quotes from the book Eat No Evil by Roy Masters: “Wherever pride is involved, food and drink masquerade as our personal saviors, but the tiny part of awareness that manages to survive in the shadow of pride can cause us to feel guilty for eating at all. We see gross manifestations of this in anorexia [anorexia nervosa—‘pathological fear of weight gain’] and bulimia [‘the abnormal and constant craving for food’]…” “Food can corrupt and change us to need food. One of the peculiarities of hate is that it produces in us a wrong kind of need which we see as love—in this case, for food. If you hate it, you’re going to love it; and we allow ourselves to be ruled by that love.” “Anorexia has something to do with the recognition of food as being somehow connected to guilt—growing a guilt. Food first ‘saves’ the ego as a friend in need and then is seen for what it is, a cause of guilt. The faulty logic is, if eating (to reject conscience) equals guilt, then, surely, not eating is the path to redemption.” “Food sets us free from conscience, and keeps us free from conscience, but enslaved to the spirit of food—a state we call love. Food can induce, post hypnotically, an altered state of consciousness that assures you all is well because you feel so good. It is like an evil salvation for the preservation of your ego. Eventually you must realize that conflict, guilt, anxiety, and feelings of aloneness and uncertainty are simply the whimperings of a tormented conscience, and there are only two ways to handle a bad case of conscience, and one way is to face the truth, admit your error and take your licks. It is not always the food, drink, dope, sex, or whatever, that reduces you to a state of utter dependency, but rather, it is the spirit of the lie that lures you into a false sense of self-worth with rebellion objects of consolation. The fix distracts you from your shame, while the sin reinforces the rebel spirit of false hope and pride.” Recommended materials: Food: The Final Frontier Tape Set Food: The Most Dangerous Drug of All CD or Tape Set Download Podcast Here

 Sympathy for Saddam: Attraction Through Abuse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Mike admits that as he watched the Saddam Hussein hanging, he imagined the rope around his own neck. (Clip from episode: K4497) Read and hear more at the Foundation of Human Understanding: Quotes regarding abuse and abusers from Roy Masters’ books: “Dictators "love" people and people "love" their "female" dictators. We see here a case of mutual abuse. Tyrants love the weakness of the people for the sake of the power it gives them, and the vast masses of people love the deception (hypnosis) that is practiced on them by those to whom they have given power. It follows that when people become thoroughly degenerate, they will dig up dictators out of Hell and bestow upon them the power to rule the world with their peculiar madness. How gladly do the utterly demoralized souls accept the exquisite tortures inflicted upon them by the damned of their own making and choosing. So it is with the ego of man; he brings tragedy down about his ears through the very woman he craves-and elects to power.” -Beyond the Known “Soon the tyrant personality begins to suffer feelings of guilt and anxiety for the demon role he feels obliged to play, while his hapless slave feels guilty for his weakness and his growing inferiority. Then, by adding resentment to his fear, the coward is compelled to go on giving power to the bully, thus enabling him to go on being more of a beast. Sensing deep down that the way in which the victim is responding to him is largely responsible for the agonizing pain of his own power trip, the bully soon develops contempt for the sniveling coward. The underdog, not seeing his part in the creation of the evil that is lording it over him, simply dodges all responsibility for the situation and clings instead to the booby prize of judgment. So they continue to respond to each other in a deepening hypnotist-subject, vampire-zombie relationship.” -Beyond the Known Podcast Here

 Pornography Addiction II: Becoming a Whole Person | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Another call from Brian. (from episode K3982) To hear the entire radio episode visit Podcast Here


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