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Summary: Be part of the phenomena! 'The Paranormalists' is the first comedy drama podcast from the UK. Follow the team of supernatural investigators in the English West Country as they encounter UFO abductions, Elvis, and a beast on Bodmin Moor. "DOWNLOAD THIS." The Independent. "REALLY BLOODY GOOD..." Guardian Unlimited. wrote "..TALENT HAS A NEW MEANS OF EXPRESSION SO GO CHECK THEM OUT." BBC Radio 5 Live said "...A FANTASTIC LISTEN..." This professional production features a host of talent from British TV and radio, including the legendary Michael "Bullet Baxter" Cronin and BBC Radio 4's Neil Edmond. Subscribe now and find the truth...

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 The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 6 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:53

The final, thrilling part of the 'Brown Willy' Story. As Pete Fortune's screams echo over the pre-dawn moors, Linda pushes on to find her kidnapped brother. It would appear the pair's original quest for the Guinevere Orchid is now long forgotten. Will she be in time to rescue him from the the beasts lair? Back at the Fortune's house, Hitch and Murray seek their own breakthrough to reunite the team again. Can Mrs Fortune's pot of tea really be of any assistance? And just how is journalist Blaize's story shaping up? What has fate and 'Brown Willy' in store for The Paranormalists...Listen on to find the truth! Written by Michael Davis, Rob Crouch, Simon Whalley. Produced by Andrew Wilks. Sound design by Joe Churchman. Cast: Plutarch- Michael Cronin Hitch- Neil Edmond Murray- Rob Crouch Linda- Vanessa Morley Pete- Jonny Freeman Mrs Fortune- Judy Norman Blaize- James Burton Hannah- Harriet Carmichael Original Music- Ben Bartlett. "Brown Willy" the song written and performed by Andrew Clarke Very many thanks to Loudhailer Studios. Studio Runner- Rob Grainge. Help us by going to our website and filling in the 'Podtrac' audience survey at email:

 The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 5 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:25

Can there be yet more revelations about the origins of "Brown Willy"? Under cover of darkness Hitch & Murray have made their way into the labs of "Bakewill & Tarte". But even with the ever present journalist Blaize in tow, the trio struggle to make sense of security guard Ted. Meanwhile on the Moors, Linda has turned the tables on Cyril & Jack as she forces them reluctantly to push deeper into the "forbidden zone". Will Pete be found by his sister or has the beast split them up forever? Listen on to discover more... Written by Simon Whalley, Michael Davis, Rob Crouch. Produced by Andrew Wilks. Sound design and mix by Joe Churchman.

 The Legend of Brown Willy-Mini Magazine | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: 0:00
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Some background to the world of The Paranormalists in this mini-magazine. Learn about the origins of the series; see some of Hitch's original case notes; and read background on other West Country phenomena. Help us by going to our website and filling in the 'Podtrac' audience survey:

 The Legend of Brown Willy-Part 4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:55

The Legend of Brown Willy continues... Three more parts to go and so many mysteries left to solve. Just what manner of creature have the sinister morris dancers summoned from the forest with their chanting? And what fate awaits Linda and Pete, trussed together, helpless offerings to the monster? Is Brown Willy a humanzee, the product of a genetic experiment or is there a more supernatural explanation? Looks like it's down to Hitch and Murray to get to the bottom of this particular crytpozoological conundrum and save the Fortunes from a hairy fate to boot. That's if Murray has recovered from being set on fire and shot at! Written and Directed by Rob Crouch, Simon Whalley, Michael Davis Produced by Andrew Wilks. email: Cast: Plutarch- Michael Cronin Hitch- Neil Edmond Murray- Rob Crouch Linda- Vanessa Morley Pete- Jonny Freeman Blaize- James Burton Ted- Jonathan Clarkson Cyril- Mike Davis Jack- Si Whalley Original music by Ben Bartlett. Sound design and mix by Joe Churchman. Recorded at Loudhailer Studios, London W1. Edit by Andrew Wilks. Made on mac


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