Kids And Family Podcasts

The Waiting Warriors Podcast show

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This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.

By Michelle Bowler

Kid Friendly Joke Of The Day show

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Kid Friendly Joke of the Day is a podcast that parents can enjoy listening with their kids. Make sure to submit your jokes to us online.

By Chris Krimitsos

Treasured with Courtney DeFeo show

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Treasured is a podcast for anyone raising girls - no matter your season and no matter your age! We all have questions, and this is the place to get guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Wouldn't you love to have lunch every week with a mentor or counselor or trusted friend? Well that’s not realistic - so Courtney DeFeo is doing just that with this podcast, bringing new questions and conversations every week! She also brings her own struggles and the real topics she faces with her own girls. Join us each week and don't forget to remind your girl - she is treasured by God and treasured by you!

By Courtney DeFeo

The Joyful Soul Project show

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Life is meant to be enjoyed. As human beings we are created to have joy. But sometimes we forget how to be happy as we venture through this experience we call life. Don’t worry, I got you! The Joyful Soul Project is all about helping women just like you choose happiness. I can help you be more confident, build better relationships, become more successful and find lasting happiness. The tools I teach not only help you live a better life but can solve any problem that comes your way. Stop living a life of dread. There is another option and The Joyful Soul Project is here to show you the way.

By Heidi Linford

The SaltyMom Podcast show

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The SaltyMom podcast strives to encourage people in their parenting journey. The host Robin Clark offers helpful hints and thoughts with the goal to help parents not only love their children, but like them as well.  

By Robin Clark

In The Trenches with the Toulons show

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Every week join Touly and Ralph as they jump into the trenches discussing the good, bad and humorous side of marriage & relationships. The couple also invite guests to discuss their personal journey pertaining to the weekly topic. Touly and Ralph are newlyweds trying to make this their best and last marriage by pulling the veil back, exposing the other sides of marriage. Please subscribe, rate and comment.

By Jonathan & Ralphiel Toulon

Working  Christian Mom with NJ Rongner show

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Hosted by NJ Rongner, the Working Christian Mom podcast is a perfect mix of practical advice, encouragement and inspiration. Join her as she walks out her faith, loves her family well and thrives at work. NJ is a business strategist and entrepreneur so you can expect to hear a mix of topics including faith, business, motherhood, intentional living, and friendship.

By NJ Rongner

Thriving In Motherhood Podcast show

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In our daily lives as mothers it can be difficult to remember motherhood is the perfect place to foster our own growth. In each episode we recognize, celebrate, and encourage growth in our motherhood journeys as a community of mothers.

By Jessica Jackson

Be Who You Want to Be with Kristen Hewitt show

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“Be Who You Want To Be” is a new series of conversations with Kristen Hewitt, an Emmy-Award winning South Florida Television Reporter, host, writer, and mom of two. Each episode features a fun and candid discussion with people who are living their best, and most authentic lives. The goal is to learn about their journey, share their message, and inspire others to be who they truly want to be.

By Kristen Hewitt

Autism Toolkit Podcast show

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Autism professionals and parents discuss hands on techniques to work with children on the autism spectrum. Hosted by Julie Guy, a board-certified neurologic music therapist, and Ann Leslie a parent of a precocious autistic boy. Weekly guests include speech therapists, doctors, authors and specialists in the autism field. For more information visit our website:

By Julie Guy & Ann Leslie of NoteAbilities