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The Brain Juice Podcast show

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This podcast features a husband and wife as they discuss interesting ideas, thoughts, and interests as a mid-western family.

By A Little Indy Podcast Company

John Voelz: Because I Want To Talk About It show

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This is an honest podcast about navigating life and covers a variety of topics. John Voelz is a pastor, artist, musician, and author. As an author, John has published multiple books on the topics of Christianity, culture, and leadership. John enjoys writing and performing music and you may run in to him in some coffee shop or pub around town. He has recorded 9 albums to date and you can find much of his music on iTunes and Spotify. Whether he is podcasting, teaching, speaking in front of a crowd, sharing music, or writing books, John has a passion to invite people in to conversations.

By John Voelz

mishbilshibshib - مش بالشبشب show

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بودكاست أسبوعي عن تربية الأطفال عن عمد وبدون عفوية. الهدف بناء أطفال سعداء، واثقين بأنفسهم لعيش حياة متكاملة. هدفنا تغيير تعاملنا مع أطفالنا لتكون إيجابية ومتفهمة

By لونا ووسام

First Year Married show

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The podcast where we get real about building the marriage of your dreams. Marriage coach Kayla Levin takes newly married and engaged women from anxious and insecure to confident and connected through practical tips, real life inspiration and more than a little self awareness along the way. Whether you are newly married, considering marriage, or have been married for years, this podcast will share with you a powerful framework to help you get the most enjoyment and fulfillment from your relationships--and ultimately, your own growth. Find out more at

By Kayla Levin

Overwatch Today show

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The Overwatch podcast extension of @gamewatchtoday on instagram & twitter. Check out Big Fisch as he runs down the latest Overwatch & Overwatch League news of the week!

By Overwatch Today

The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children by Charles Kingsley show

The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children by Charles KingsleyJoin Now to Follow

The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children by Charles Kingsley is a collection of three Greek mythology stories: Perseus, The Argonauts, and Theseus. The author had a great fondness for Greek fairy tales and believed the adventures of the characters would inspire children to achieve higher goals with integrity.

By Loyal Books

Children's books show

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Just reading children's books

By Children's books

Kids Raising Kids show

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In your 20s and raising a child? or two? OR THREE!?... Then you're in the right spot. Our host, Nathan, has been a father since 18 and now has 3 crazy kids and A LOT of knowledge to give. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Nathan

In It: Raising Kids with Learning and Attention Issues show

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Discover In It, a podcast for and about families of kids with learning and attention issues from Understood for Parents. Hosts Amanda Morin and Lexi Walters Wright talk with families of kids with learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing issues and dyscalculia—as well as struggles with reading, math, focus, executive functioning, motor and social skills. We also speak with experts who offer support and practical advice. Parenting children with learning and attention issues can be an emotional and frustrating adventure. But, as we’ll remind listeners on each episode, you’re in good company along the way. We hope our show will make you nod your head in agreement—or at the very least, remind you you’re not alone. Understood is a free resource and online community for parents of kids with learning and attention issues.

By Understood

NSV Online Radio show

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Join us every Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) at NSV Online Radio where families on the autism spectrum can hear information pertinent to us, rejoice in accomplishments, and share in a community dedicated to inclusion! Host Jacqueline Williams-Hines is a published author, advocate and mother of a son with autism. Keeping you entertained and informed on current events in the autistic community! Tune in and remember, there are No Small Victories, Every Accomplishment Should Be Celebrated! This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (<a href=""></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href=""></a> on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href=""></a>.

By Talk 4 Radio