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ThoughtCloud show

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Astral Momentum and other interesting topics about being happy and manifestation. We also discuss CBD and the endocannabinoid system, optimizing your total wellbeing and mental health.

By ThoughtCloud

The Kylie Camps Podcast show

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The Kylie Camps Podcast is all about cultivating more confidence, happiness and making small changes to make a big difference in your life. Let's chat Mum life, lifestyle, relationship, health and wellness.

By Kylie Camps

A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose show

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Purpose exists in everything and everyone. We were each created uniquely, with gifts and talents no one else on this earth has and one of the biggest tragedies is passing through this life without meaning or purpose. Life was meant to be lived abundantly.

By Daphne DeLoren

Собака съела дневник show

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Школьный подкаст, где можно получить ответы на вопросы не от родителей или психологов, а от ваших друзей и других подростков. Это не профессиональные советы, но можно услышать, что у других такие же проблемы как у вас, как они с ними справляются или уже справились. Ну и вообще — есть вещи, которые неудобно обсуждать с друзьями, пусть за вас их обсудят ведущие нового подкаста.

By libo/libo

School for Mothers Podcast show

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The School for Mothers podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and mother of 10, Danusia Malina-Derben. Expect intelligent, irreverent, empowered and, frankly, diverse mothers talking about their lives; from the struggles, downright miracles to their whoop worthy wins. We’re all united by being #MothersAnd so much more.

By School for Mothers

שרון בירקמן: בקטנה || שאלות קטנות דילמות גדולות show

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תשובות לשאלות יומיומיות קטנות ומטרידות על ניהול חיים וכסף מאת שרון בירקמן - כלים כלכליים למערכות יחסים בריאות

By Sharon Birkman | שרון בירקמן

UniStar Radio show

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全方位兒童親子媒體平台,提供北美華人家長最豐富、最完整的親子、教育、美食、玩樂資訊,報導內容同步發行於UniStar Kids免費月刊、電子媒體及社群平台 ,並時常舉辦有趣、充滿互動性的親子活動。透過這些平台,爸比媽咪們能夠快樂開心的陪著孩子一起成長茁壯。

By UniStar

Adventures in Autism show

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Welcome to Adventures in Autism! This podcast was created as a safe place to come together and share our journeys with autism. Host, Megan Carranza, shares her family’s experience with her son, Logan, and speaks with a variety of incredible guests. From fellow autism parents, to siblings, to experts in the field and individuals on the spectrum themselves! It’s all about support and finding a sense of community. These are people who just “get it”. If you’re familiar with autism, then you know everyday is an adventure, you’ll hear all about those adventures here! Thanks for listening!

By Megan Carranza

All of Christ, for All of Life show

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This podcast is an audio highlight reel: fiery debates, life-changing seminars, practical workshops, and the "best of" conferences, sermons, and audiobooks. At Canon Press, we're gospel outfitters: no matter who you are or what you do, you're called to be increasing in faithfulness. That's because Jesus's death and resurrection changed everything: All of Christ, for all of life, for all the world.

By Canon Press

Champion Puppy Training Podcast show

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Are you are new puppy owner? This weekly podcast will allow you to better know and grow your puppy. This puppy training podcast delves into obedience, manners, socialization and how to get your dog's training off to a great start. Want relief and results? This podcast will sharpen your ownership skills so you can better develop your puppy.   Throughout the year topics will include: Management techniques How to motivate your puppy (without bribing or being heavy handed) Increasing your handling skills.  Champion owner mindset Socialization considerations  Putting your puppy's natural drives to work for you versus against you Common mistakes I see owners make Busting commonly help myths  Shining a light on small things that when done over and over make a big difference Scaling up your training so you can rely on your training when it matters the most Want the free app, or to check out my amazon store or more info on the Champion Puppy Training System online/app based course? Go to: Got questions about your puppy?  Email:  in the subject line put: podcast.  If you give me good details, I can give you a great answer!! Want to talk: 1-877-552-4267 THE FREE APP INCLUDES: Win the Day-Win the Dog: Your puppy’s daily regimen webinar Puppy Parables: Deep insights via e/audio book into your puppy’s development Skippy is Nippy: Turn the kids into Jr Puppy Trainers! Check out book or have the author read it to them via video book. Want access to: 200+ professionally produced videos, webinars, handouts, audio files, your own copy of the Puppy Playbook, plus weekly coaching calls with me!! Sign up and get instant access to my online puppy training course and my schedule: My doggie daycare and wife's IG accounts are legit:)

By Pat Quinn: Creator of the Champion Puppy Training System