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Real Food Mamas Podcast show

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The Real Food Mamas Podcast is about two crunchy moms chatting about health, nutrition and just what real life is as a mom. The Real Food Mamas are registered dietitians passionate about natural pregnancy, undisturbed birth and healthy living for the whole family. They don’t pretend to be experts but they’re just two real new moms wanting to bring other moms together by discussing everything related to being a mom, from optimizing fertility, making pregnancy and birth empowering experiences, and keeping the whole family healthy while not forgetting about their own self-care. Listen to Steph & Aglaée share stories, discuss their views and interview experts about topics ranging from baby led weaning, elimination communication, sleep, home birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding struggles, babywearing, parenting styles, diastesis recti, pelvic floor health, their favorite products and of course their passion for real food. All done very respectfully in a judgment-free zone because we’re all learning together. :)

By Stephanie Greunke and Aglaée Jacob

Best Quiz Ever - Kids & Family Quiz Podcast show

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A fun and fantastic quiz podcast for kids and families on the road. Best Quiz Ever is produced by game developer and podcast veteran, Aaron Robbins, and features an episodic based story, 10-24 questions about popular kid’s cartoons, shows, videos games, theme parks and cultural phenomena and an original commercial from the Galactible Brands universe. The show is fun for the whole family and is made possible by a cast of professional voice actors.

By Galactible Brands

Piano Parent Podcast show

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The Piano Parent Podcast is your one-stop shop for all things related to parenting a piano student. From practice tips to piano geography and musical terms, common studio policies to teacher and parent interviews, this is THE best resource to help you and your child make the most of piano lessons. Whether you are a knowledgeable musician or a complete novice, there is definitely something for you here.

By Shelly Davis: Piano teacher, podcasting for the benefit of piano parents

MomsEveryday show

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MomsEveryday is a show made by moms for moms, offering helpful parenting information and insightful interviews!

By MomsEveryday

Let's Talk Adoption with Mardie Caldwell show

Let's Talk Adoption with Mardie CaldwellJoin Now to Follow is an internet based talk show covering a variety of topics on family, teens, health, relationships, pregnancy, and adoption. Past guests have included authors, attorneys, physicians, social workers, adoptive parents and birth parents. <br> <br> Visit for more information about membership benefits and to subscribe to our weekly podcasts<br>

By Let's Talk Adoption with Mardie Caldwell

Mama Says Namaste Podcast show

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Looking for input to shift your family from chaos and reaction to a life with intention? Ashley's audio blog series is theme-focused with binge-worthy content on how to create the family and lifestyle you love to come home to. She's a location independent, unschooling mama of three, focused on authenticity, awareness, personality styles and embracing love in the present moment.

By Ashley Logsdon

Pets and Punchlines on Pet Life Radio ( show

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Comics with Pets Talking to Vets!<br> <br> Pets and Punchlines is the podcast that happens when a hip young veterinarian is dating a professional comedian. On a regular basis some of the best comics in NYC call Richie so they can talk to Dr. Lisa and get free vet advice for their pets. Ever since they moved in together, this has been a weekly occurrence that always starts off serious and winds up being funny.<br> <br> This was the genesis of Pets and Punchlines. It's the only show of it's kind, pairing practicing veterinarians with pet loving comedians for a discussion that is serious, funny and smart. The show is basically what it's like to hang out with Dr. Lisa and Richie Redding… it's going to be hilarious, informative and slightly inappropriate.

By Dr. Lisa Lippman &amp; Richie Redding

Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery show

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If you've read and loved Anne of Green Gables you will surely be delighted to follow Anne's further adventures in Anne of Avonlea. In this sequel, we find Anne Shirley teaching in Avonlea School though she continues her studies at home with Gilbert Blythe. Lucy Maud Montgomery first published the best selling Anne of Green Gables in 1908. Enthused by the amazing success of this account of a young orphan girl who arrives by mistake on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the author followed it up with five more sequels, tracing Anne's career and life. Three other books and a couple of collections also feature Anne, her family, children and friends. The series has remained one of the firm favorites of children and older readers. Anne of Avonlea was published in 1909, immediately after the first book. It contains several of the characters present in the previous book, so readers get a feeling of comfortable continuity as they follow Anne in her new role as a student teacher. She is now officially a grownup person and part of the adult society of Avonlea village and soon plunges into a series of situations in which dismay and delight have equal share. The book has a blend of old and new characters. Her best friend, Diana Barry, her foster mom Marilla Cuthbert, Jane Andrews her favorite teacher, Gilbert Blythe her enemy turned friend and Priscilla Grant an old classmate are people the reader would have met in the earlier book. New characters like the crotchety Mr. Harrison, who owns a rude parrot appropriately called Ginger, the twins Dora and Davy Keith, Paul Irving and a few more provide lots of fun and entertainment. Anne remains as delightful as she was in the earlier book, getting in and out of various scrapes of her own creation, imaginative, gutsy and full of spirit and joie de vivre. Towards the end of the book, we find her and Gilbert charting out their future careers and planning to start university life in Redmond College which of course keeps readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! Touches of romance, flashes of Montgomery's typical tongue in cheek humor, a lively and interesting heroine, wonderful descriptions of the Canadian landscape and the idyllic Prince Edward Island countryside and a host of memorable characters make Anne of Avonlea a great read especially if you're continuing on with the entire series! All books in this series:1 Anne of Green Gables2 Anne of Avonlea3 Anne of the Island5 Anne’s House of Dreams7 Rainbow Valley8 Rilla of Ingleside

By Loyal Books

Engage!: A Family Gaming Podcast show

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We post new episodes every Monday! We talk about great board games and video games that your family can play TOGETHER!

By Engaged Family Gaming

Mamáhood Podcast show

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Welcome to the Mamáhood podcast. A community of women sharing their birth stories, postpartum journeys, and motherhood wisdom, while balancing their lives between two cultures.

By Melissa Herreria