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Sparkle Stories Podcast show

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Sparkle Stories produces original audio stories for families around the world. Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we'll be sharing a Free Story from one of our Original Story Series! Find us at:

By Sparkle Stories

Canning Season Podcast: Canning | Food Preservation | Lifestyle | Community show

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My name is John Gavin and I set up and host the Canning Season blog and podcast to help you get the most from the home canning and food preservation lifestyle. In this community I like to say it's all about celebrating and sharing the abundance. I canned my first item in the summer of 2006. It was bread-and-butter pickles. I still have the ladle that got stained orange by the turmeric! Since then, I've learned a lot and experimented a lot. I also ruined a lot of stuff through the mistakes I made. You'll get to hear all about that and so much more here. Welcome!

By John Gavin: Home Canner by Love, Professional Investor by Necessity, Regular Guy by Default

Plant, Run, Family  show

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A (more or less) weekly podcast about eating plants, running triathlons, and doing it all with and while raising a family.

By Plant, Run, Family

Reptile Radio Australia show

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We discuss all facets of Australian reptiles and reptile keeping! Your Hosts: Peter Birch ( Author: The Complete Children's Python, ECO Herpetological Publishing & Distribution, 2013.) Owner and operator at "Colourful Critters' since 2005. He runs his facility from his family home, nestled on 8 acres in the tranquil Ourimbah Valley on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. The whole collection was recently re-located from the main house to its new purpose facility in early 2012. The move was daunting as breeding season was coming and we were worried about the snakes settling in as they had been in the same place for 11 years and if the temperatures of the new facility would be the same but as it turned out the snakes didn't mind the upgrade and it has been one of the best seasons so far. Meyndert Bornman ( Author: Colour and Pattern Mutations of Australian Pythons, Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons, Mike Swan Herp. Books, 2007.) Meyndert grew up in South Africa. He has held a keen interest in animals since he was a young boy. This interest focused more and more on reptiles over the last 25 years and has an overwhelming passion and obsession. He studied for a Bachelor of Science degree over three years, majoring in Zoology and Botany. He then proceeded to obtain an Honours degree the following year in Zoology. Meyndert bred many of the giant python species during his formative years in South Africa and he specialised in genetic colour and pattern variations. Meyndert currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, where he operates and owns a large scale reptile breeding facility at a professional level. He also operates a specialised on-line reptile husbandry product shop called Meyndert and his wife Nicole hosted the 1st Annual Australian Reptile Mutation Breeders Conference in February of 2013.

By Reptile Radio Australia

Ranger on Call show

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The Ranger on Call podcast is your tour guide to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Explore the park corridor while learning about significant sites that make this such an exceptional National Park.

By Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, National Park Service

The Blimey Cow Podcast show

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The members of the popular YouTube channel "Blimey Cow" have crossed over into the world of audio with "The Blimey Cow Podcast." We hope you will stay a while!

By Blimey Cow

PAX ET BONUM: Fr david Berger show

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Reflections on the sunday and weekday readings. Allowing the peace and goodness of God's word to enter into our hearts so that we may bring that peace and goodness to others

By PAX ET BONUM: Fr David Berger

Chasing Fireflies Podcasts show

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The Chasing Fireflies Podcast is for parents of young children. Its goal is to create family legacy moments that encourage children to communicate with confidence and view their world with a sense of wonder.

By Gil Moegerle & Deni Corbett

Talking Parenting show

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Raising Children Network’s Warren Cann speaks monthly with Jacinta Parsons on 3RRR’s Detour program on all matters parenting. They discuss practical ideas to support parents in their day-to-day parenting decisions all the way from newborns to teenagers.

By Raising Children Network and 3RRR

Born Primal show

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A place to gather with inspiring people in the ancestral health community to chat about Primal Balance including nutrition, sleep, movement, relationships, parenting, ancestral life, community, stress management, and mindfulness. Submit questions at

By Kendall Kendrick