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Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People show

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The #1 job of genealogy is to take ancestors from names on paper to multidimensional people who lived, breathed, loved, lost, and helped us to be who we are. I'll teach you how to maximize online research tools like Ancestry, FamilySearch,, and Findagrave, best evidence and best practices, and how to use folklore to find leads and to add color to your tree. I always add stories from my 38 years of mistakes and triumphs in genealogy, folklore, and family history work, and there's usually a tablespoon or so of snark. Together, we'll focus on cooperative and reparational genealogy, and how Anglo- or European-American researchers can work with African-American researchers to restore connections destroyed by centuries of enslavement. I also interview researchers in genealogy and related fields in all phases of their growth, and I even talk about ancestral meals in the Family Cookbook episodes. Join me!

By Carolynn ni Lochlainn

Simply Wholehearted Podcast show

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Live Your Best Life The Simply Wholehearted Podcast offers godly perspective from various authors, teachers, leaders, and pastors to help you discover your purpose and craft simple plans for your best life. Hear the insights of the Enneagram combined with the Truth of the Gospel. Be inspired and have clear steps needed to put the insights learned into practical, daily practices. And join a community that desires a simplistic approach to live what you value most.

By Amy Wicks

Ek Kahani, Arnay Ki Jubani show

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Awesome stories for children.

By jaketheexplorer412

Stories for Life with MusafirSamir show

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I am a Story Teller, used to narrate beautiful stories for Life, On special occasions, In this Podcasts, I will upload all my creations in this Podcast as Episode. Hope you like my Stories. Please share your feedback and comments.

By Samir Dash

Parenting Beyond Discipline show

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Erin Royer-Asrilant, LA's go-to expert on all things parenting and child development for today’s common challenges, covers way more than just discipline. She dives into topics such as self-esteem, development and health, modern parenting issues and even education. Erin is not just knowledgeable but also relatable, warm, and sometimes even funny.

By Erin Royer-Asrilant - LA's Parenting and Child Development Expert

Naked Archaeology show

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Where did the Nazca Lines come from? Who built Stonehenge, and what secrets lie concealed within Egypt's pyramids? To find out, join the Naked Archaeologists as they undress the past...

By Diana O'Carroll, The Naked Scientists

Take-Charge Living show

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Take-Charge Living is a podcast series based upon the book Take-Charge Living by Marion Kramer Jacobs Ph.D. The Series is hosted by life enhancement expert Allan Hunkin Take Charge Living is a dynamic self-help program that really works for people who need to make a change in their lives. Whatever your problem—relationships, communication, work, assertion, anger, unhealthy habits—if fear and indecision have been keeping you from dealing with it effectively, Take-Charge Living, is your step-by-step roadmap to how to live a happier, more empowered life


The Wait show

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<p>Reporter Yvonne Wenger’s series, “The Wait,” began with 73 pages of journal entries that documented her days as a new foster mother - and her attempts to make sense of the moral dilemmas she navigated over two years of learning to love, and to let go. By digging into her own medical history and struggle to have a child, Wenger opens up the complicated world of foster care and takes listeners on the journey of how she became a mother.</p>

By The Baltimore Sun

Twiniversity Podcast with Natalie Diaz  show

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Got Twins? Us too! This show is created by parents of twins FOR parents of twins from expecting times through the teenage years and everything in between. Just know that we are laughing WITH you every step of the way.

By Twiniversity

Baby Time: 15-18 Months Old show

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Jack contiunues to grow as a toddler - he seems to look bigger every day! During these three months, Jack has expanded his communication skills between spoken and sign language, moved into a toddler bed, and started those Terrible Twos early. It's BABY TIME!

By Kerry &amp; Dan Gorgone