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Trolls show

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Willkommen in der verrückten Welt der fröhlich-heiteren und bunten Trolls! In unserem Podcast lernt ihr die tanzenden und singenden Helden und auch ihre bösen Feinde – die Bergens – ganz genau kennen. Auf euch warten insgesamt neun spannende Folgen. Viel Spaß und lasst euch von ihrer Freude anstecken: TROLLS! Aber aufgepasst liebe Trolls-Fans: Wer den Film oder das Original-Hörspiel noch nicht kennt, dem könnte unser Podcast einige Informationen vorwegnehmen. Wenn ihr jetzt neugierig seid, könnt ihr hier das Hörspiel und die Lesung bestellen: Trolls, Die vollständige Lesung: Trolls, Das Hörspiel: Oder direkt bei iTunes herunterladen:…ilm/id1161753803 Ab sofort erscheint jeden Freitag eine brandneue Folge.

By Edel Kids, Susanne Sternberg, Maria Lorenz

The Clown Car show

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Welcome to The Clown Car, a crazy parenting journey. If you are looking for a website full of nutritious recipes and crafts to entertain your children for hours... You're out of luck. This is NOT that kind of show. There are plenty of blogs and pinterest boards out there to make you feel like a complete failure. Our mission is to let you know that those bloggers are NOT normal. YOU are normal, and YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB. Parenting is hard but our goal is to figure it out... before we die. This podcast is to share our crazy ride in the clown car.<br> <br> Barry and Krystle Ricks are the Ring leaders to four kids (ages 7,5,3, and 1). When it comes to parenting, they are EXPERTS at guessing, winging it, and pretending they know what they're doing. Barry works full-time as a Marketing Directing for a local business, and Krystle works full-time as a Household Engineer.

By Krystle and Barry Ricks

A Mindful Frog Audio Adventures show

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Simon, an Australian Green Tree Frog, takes you on fantastic adventures in your mind where you'll become a Detail Detective like him by noticing everything. There's loads of amazing facts to learn along the way, as well as sound effects, music, and jokes too! Listen in the car on the way to school, as a bedtime story or anywhere in between. There's a new adventure every few weeks!

By Neil MacKinnon

Blossom To Be Fit Show show

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Welcome To The Blossom To Be Fit Show: The ONLY International Maternal-Lifestyle Brand, Helping Families Discover Healthy Solutions to Natural Living. The Blossom To Be Fit Show is hosted by Jennifer Blossom, who is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and Founder of Blossom To Be Fit. Jennifer created this show with one mission- to transform and reboot the health and happiness of families worldwide. Fresh, gorgeous episodes are released every Monday and Wednesday and focus on modern holistic living. Whether we chat healthy recipes, remedies, motherhood, encouragement, pregnancy, Christianity, marriage health, emotional health, parenting, and beyond.... we're here to provide you with the action steps to healthy and happy living! It's time to BLOSSOM, girl! Welcome to the Blossoming Community! XOXO

By Jennifer Blossom

Purple Rocket Podcast show

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The Purple Rocket Podcast brings you educational audio stories for kids! From exciting adventures through fairy forests and outer space to traveling the world through a magical globe, the PRP has something for the whole family! FOR MORE EPISODES SIGN UP AT

By Greg Webb

The Angry Mama Show show

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We all get angry, it's natural. What we do with it, that's a different story. The Angry Mama Show is the world’s first ever anger transformation show. If you're a parent, a teacher, a teen or young adult who deals with anger, angry people or angry situations in your life, this show is for you. Every week we drop knowledge and mad skills; uniting real-life practical tools, creative solutions, practices and comedy to transform anger into a positive catalyst for change. Your hosts are Positive Psychology and Resiliency Expert Renee Jain and Emmy Winning Writer/Comedian Ed Crasnick.

By GoZen! Transformational Entertainment

Instant Mom: Single and Fostering show

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Everything you want to know -- and then some -- about what it's like to foster children as a single woman.

By Elizabeth Friedland

Sh*tting With The Door Open show

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Two parents who happen to be dads. If you've come here for parenting tips you're an idiot.

By Harley Breen and Wade Duffin: Parents &amp; Dads.

Junior Money Makers: Financial Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs show

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The Junior Money Makers Podcast is all about helping kids ages 8-18 learn how to make money by following their passions and using skills that they already have! We want to help plant seeds that will help kids grow up, go to college, and start their lives debt free and ready to run their own businesses! Episodes are designed to be short and packed full of practical ideas that can be implemented right away! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and don't forget to connect over at!

By Junior Money Makers

Homeschooling In The North Woods: a homeschooling podcast show

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Homeschooling in the North Woods is a homeschool podcast where Alisha (Canadian) and Amanda (American) have real conversations about the topics that matter to you, a homeschooling parent. Amanda &amp; Alisha are both secular homeschoolers so a lot of their discussions come from a secular homeschooling view. They hope that you are encouraged and inspired each time you have a listen secular or not. Along with the podcast Homeschooling in the Northwoods is also a website full of resources. Check it out at

By Alisha Brignall &amp; Amanda Krajniak