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Creating Forever Love : Couples Advice for Amazing Relationships show

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Ready to learn about men and women? Ready to find love like you've never known it before? Even if you have a good husband or a good wife or you've done marriage counseling, I promise THiS is relationship advice that will inspire you in a brand new way. You'll find love comes ALIVE when you see your husbands and wives with a new understanding of how DIFFERENT they are from you, for a VERY good reason. Even if you're single, and you're more interested in dating advice than the marital relationship, I promise your time here will be well spent. What is a relationship where Forever Love exists for you?...This podcast will give you an incredible model of what's possible for your relationships, if you choose it. What else will you get? Woman to woman, mom to mom, you will hear yourself in the examples I share about what works and doesn't work in my parenting. As we learn about men and women, you'll see newly how to parent the young men and young women that are most important to you... your kids. Even if you're a dad and mom that study child development and have read all the books, you'll be shocked at how some of the couples advice we give will show you how to create peace among siblings and stop the suffering. Creating Forever Love is possible in whatever relationships are most important to you. There's something for everyone. Let's learn together. PS - I was SHOCKED by how much I learned about sex that I didn't know will be too.

By Jenny Angell | Relationship and Forever Love Enthusiast

The thesisterwives's Podcast show

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Two sisters talking about the different stages of marriage and how to get through life without killing your s/o.

2 Psyched Mamas' Podcast show

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Welcome to the 2 Psyched Mamas podcast with your hosts Child Psychologist Dr. Elise Abromson & Marriage Coach, Valerie Kolick. Where you get the parenting & relationship tools you need, so that your life becomes a helluva lot easier, balanced & fun!

By Valerie Kolick, MA & Dr. Elise Abromson

The Brave Collective Podcast show

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Sisters doing hard and brave things together to get to God's best.

By The Brave Collective

Sweet Home Southcast show

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Real life...with an accent. A lifestyle podcast straight outta the South.

By Sweet Home South

Intentional Parenting Podcast - the show about how to be a great mom or dad and parent with purpose show

Intentional Parenting Podcast - the show about how to be a great mom or dad and parent with purposeJoin Now to Follow

Intentional Parenting is about raising kids in a purposeful and intentional way. Kids in today’s culture need parents who are intentional about leading them as they grow. Intentional Parenting will help you learn how to communicate better with your kids, provide ideas in spending time with them and teach you how to lead them. Lead your children on!

By Phil Conrad

If These Ovaries Could Talk show

If These Ovaries Could TalkJoin Now to Follow

If These Ovaries Could Talk is a podcast where two lesbians chat about making babies and non-traditional families. Our hosts, Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins go in-depth with weekly guests about their hopes, dreams, fears and setbacks when bringing a new life into the world with a lot of love and a good amount of science. Jaimie and Robin ask the question, what happens when these families enter a world designed for straight people?

By Robin Hopkins & Jaimie Kelton

Being Women Podcast show

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A story-telling podcast from women who have walked many different paths in life and faith. We all fill different roles. and many different things demand our attention. How do we stay true to ourselves, our faith, and our families? Here's what we've learned about being women.

By Sara Lee and April Wingfield

The Mara & Megan Show show

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The Mara & Megan Show, a monthly podcast centered around inspiring, encouraging and sharing the joys (and not so joyous) moments of motherhood

By Motherhood on Purpose, LLC

Stauffers on Science show

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What we're learning about science, one short topic at a time.

By The Stauffer family