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Bedtime Stories from the Land of Nod show

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This podcast features original, whimsical bedtime tales and poems to help little ones and adults fall asleep. Created by a Stanford student with a love for all things magical.

By landofnod

Save Your Marriage - The Relationship Podcast with Nicola Beer show

Save Your Marriage - The Relationship Podcast with Nicola BeerJoin Now to Follow

Strategies and steps that work to save your marriage and stop divorce. As well as solutions to feeling better about yourself. Visit for the 7 secrets to save your marriage ebook

By Nicola Beer

EdsUp! show

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EdsUp! is a podcast all about children and those who care for them. Produced by the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Cathy Grace and Dr. Melody Musgrove provide wit, wisdom and enthusiasm as they explore education and public policy issues with practical advice for parents, teachers and decision-makers. Each podcast will feature in-depth interviews about a wide range of issues ranging from parenting tips to the economic benefits of investments in high-quality education programs for young children. Myths that have guided decisions about the education, care and development of young children for years will be exposed. Public policies and the resulting consequences for children and families will be discussed. Listeners will find the stories of famous and not-so-famous people to be inspiring and entertaining as they hear how childhood experiences shaped the adult lives of guests in predictable as well as unexpected ways. Each episode will include no-nonsense conversation about how to give children the best possible start in life. Thoughtful—we think so. Informative—we know so. Engaging—absolutely!

By Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning

The Dad Presents: show

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The Dad is here, with co-host “B” to talk parenting, life, social issues, and give out all kinds of advice that you would probably be smart to ignore. Together, The Dads tackle all of the important subjects Americans care about today: spanking, racism, the drug war, and whether or not wives should get the death penalty for nagging. What The Dads won’t tell you is that the entire podcast is just a ruse to keep you occupied and distracted as they lure you into joining their cult. Next thing you know, you’ve given The Dads all your money, you’re living in a log cabin in New Mexico, drinking the leader’s potion and getting ready to blast off to Zarcon-22. Muwahahahahaha! Tune in today to be entertained and amazed. Free cookies to anyone who makes it out alive!

By The Dad Presents:

dastan118 show

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Welcome to the dastan118 podcast, where amazing things happen.به پادكست گروه فرهنگي دستان١١٨ خوش اومدين

By dastan118


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Giving Guidance and Advice for Women who are Trying to rebuild themselves , Mothers who Need help Managing life with their Children and Helping women on how to Become a Better wife Cover art photo provided by Swaraj Tiwari on Unsplash:

By Life Coach Yolanda_iam

The Fatherhood show

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As a new member in the fatherhood, Jamar Hudson shares his journey as a new father. From adjusting to getting no sleep, to learning how to change diapers to just hoping he gets everything right, this podcast will be a platform to freely discuss the joys, challenges and fears of being a first-time father.

By Hosted by Jamar Hudson

The Moms I Know Podcast show

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Welcome to The Moms I Know Podcast with Sheila Walsh Duntun and Maria Elaine Anderson Fahrner, two moms on a mission to reclaim childhood and help you find joy in your parenting journey.

By The Moms I Know

Railway Children by Edith Nesbit show

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A thrilling spy story, a children's adventure, a charming portrait of early twentieth century life in London and the countryside and a heart warming family tale are all combined in this classic of children's literature The Railway Children by E Nesbit. The book has remained on the list of the best-loved children's books ever since it was first published as a serial story in The London Magazine in 1905. Later, it was published in book form and won acclaim from critics and readers across the world for its wonderful elements of character and plot. Edith Nesbit the author published more than sixty books during her long and illustrious career as a children's writer. She was considered to be the first modern children's writer and departed from the hitherto focus on fantasy and fairytale type of themes that were considered suitable for children. Apart from writing for children, she wrote several novels for adults. She also dabbled in poetry, horror fiction and collaborations with other writers. Her works include another famous book, The Secret Garden which also explores the childhood landscape and influenced generations of children's writers. She was also a political activist and laid the foundations for the present Labor Party in England. Her dominant themes were children in real life settings, contemporary events, children's encounters with the mysterious and often nefarious activities of grown-ups, a deep psychological insight into the mind of a child and the enduring love of nature, family relationships and the simple pleasures of countryside life. The story opens with the description of three little Londoners who enjoy an ordinary, peaceful life in the city with visits to the Zoo and Madame Tussauds. They have a charming, well-appointed home and loving parents. Things take a sudden turn for the worst when Father suddenly leaves after receiving mysterious “bad news.” Mother decides equally suddenly to move with the children to the country-side and here begins their adventure with the railways. They befriend a strange Old Gentleman who invariably travels on the 9.15 train from near their home and get drawn into bizarre and dangerous events. Said to be based on contemporary events such as the Dreyfus Affair, Russian dissidents who were fighting the Tsarist regime and the circumstances leading up to World War I, The Railway Children though ostensibly written for children certainly appeals to readers of all ages. It has been adapted extensively for radio, stage, television and screen and has retained its freshness and thrill over the hundred plus years since it first made its debut.

By Loyal Books

Devices Divide show

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For many of us, checking our phone is the last thing we do before bed, first thing we do in the morning, during breakfast, on the toilet, in the car, during school, during work, hanging out with friends or family, walking the dog, waiting in line, feeling awkward or left out, procrastinating, and much much more. This is a space to learn more about digital technology, media and screens and how they affect us all. This podcast consists of interviews with professionals, teachers, teens, parents, and more, exploring how we can educate ourselves on the good, bad and pixilated. If you like this podcast, please help to spread awareness by telling others.  For regular updates on the latest research, good reads, my personal encounters with screens, silly comics and stories head on over to Feel free to contact me at Happy screening! Sent from my iPhone.

By Kaia Rae