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Love and Hope TV show

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Join author and NICU parent, Cassandra R. Melhuish, as she talks with NICU parents (past and present) and asks them the questions that you want to know the answers to. Their answers will give you inspiring insights and knowledge into the NICU and the feelings before their NICU journey.

By Cassandra R. Melhuish

Parenting and the Internet show

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The podcast provides timely advice and a variety of useful resources for parents who have children that use the Internet and want to have more control over the situation. This podcast is for parents who know nothing about computers or parents who are experts at going online. You can bet that your kids are always willing to try something new and different online. It is up to you to stay on top of things.

The Uncle Interloper Show show

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From the creator of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd and puppeteer for The Jim Henson Company comes The Uncle Interloper Show! A biweekly video podcast that features fun for all ages! One week you'll watch a cartoon, another you'll race through the stars on a wooden rocket ship and yet another you'll sing along with Uncle Interloper's goofy songs! The show is always family friendly and always fun!

By Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media

Autism Parenting Magazine show

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Parents with children on the Autism Spectrum often struggle to find the right resources. This podcast aims to provide you with the most current information and interventions about Autism so that you can make the most informed decisions about what will benefit your child. The podcast is hosted by Leslie Burby, Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine

By Leslie Burby

Dudes With Daughters Podcast show

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Adam and Joe are two young Dads on a mission... Raise their kids, have a ton of fun doing it, and let the world know about it. Everyone has their own stories about successes and mistakes in parenting too, so we’re inviting everyone to laugh and learn with us.

By Dudes With Daughters

The Sciencesaurs show

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Kids have fun learning science and critical thinking skills by exploring God's world along side their endearing and animated dinosaur pals, The Sciencesaurs! For more info and fun visit us at

By The Sciencesaurs

First Baptist Church Sermons show

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Christian Sermons from First Baptist Church, Cornelia, Georgia.

By Eric Spivey

宝贝爱阅读 show

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By 宝贝爱阅读

Dr. Larry Lachman's Mind-Force Podcasts show

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Dr. Larry Lachman's Mind-Force Podcasts are monthly downloadable audio presentations on Education, Perspective, Analysis and Suggested Tips to Help Make a Better World for People Or Pets.````````````````Dr. Larry Lachman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Animal Behavior Consultant, Assistant Professor of Psychology, radio talk show host, cable television host and a published author of four books.````````````````Dr. Lachman has worked with domestic dogs, cats and birds since 1988 and has counseled people—first as a hospice team member and then as a counselor trainee—since 1981.

By Dr. Larry Lachman

Autism BR show

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When a family member is diagnosed with Autism the world stops. It is sometimes hard to function. This briefing room can be a first step in helping to understand that the world is not ending but needs to be approached differently. There is no one answer with Autism, every child is different, you are your child's best hope.

By Stan Goldberg