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Bishop Mike's Podcast show

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Weekly reflections from Mike Rinehart, bishop of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Podcast includes relevant ideas about preaching on the revised common lectionary.

By Bishop Mike Rinehart

The Nuanced Life show

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In a world that increasingly defaults to false dichotomies, we explore the messiness of living wisely —the choices, tradeoffs, priorities, and grace of living a nuanced life.

By Sarah & Beth

A Rosary Companion show

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Duration: 15 minutes Spoken word Rosary featuring 1 male voice with & without music or background accompaniment. May these Rosary collections be a faithful companion to your prayer life. Blessings, Chris Herrera from The Communion of Saints www.rosarywristband.com

By The Communion of Saints

Return and Rest show

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5-minute soundtracks containing spoken wisdom from Scripture and soothing music, intended to help you return to a place of rest in the awareness of God's love and Heaven's peace. Episode transcripts and more info available at www.returnandrest.org.

By Return and Rest

Untangled show

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We all have misbeliefs - about ourselves, about others, about whether God will accept us after all we’ve done - or not done. Life has a way of tangling up the truth. False beliefs keep us tethered to pain. Faulty thinking brings confusion and chaos. We need the thoughtful guidance of a seasoned sojourner to get us through to the message of the cross: God loves us no matter what, no strings attached. No earning, no proving, no striving. For more than three decades, Gina Pettit has helped countless women find freedom from self-defeating thoughts. Her teaching has inspired many to a higher view of God. In The Untangled Podcast, Gina helps women breathe deep, experience joy, and develop a sound mind. “As a young thirty-something I had so much going on, I could not hold a complete thought,” Gina says. “In this podcast I talk about the foundational truths that settled my mind down.” “No one has it all together, but you can be present in your own life,” Gina continues. “You can show up as your true self. You can think clearly. Anxiety doesn’t have to rob you of life, hope and freedom.”

By Gina Pettit

The Confidence Academy Podcast show

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This podcast is brought to you by Transformational Confidence Coach and Professional Singer Lilli Badcock. The show started out as a resource for anxiety sufferers and continues to help it's listeners in this way. Since it’s release in 2017 Lilli has dropped even deeper into her own spiritual mission. In 2018 Lilli channeled a message which told her that she is here for those people just waking up. She came to realise that her own experience with anxiety had been a sign that she was out of alignment with her soul purpose. Today, Lilli uses her background as a professional Singer to help her clients free their voices both physically and metaphorically. This show is now a platform for those awakened souls to share their journeys and the lessons learned for the growth and expansion of the world. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email Lilli at lillibadcock@gmail.com.

By Lilli Badcock

The Grace Podcast show

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The Grace Podcast, hosted by Sybil Amuti is a weekly series dedicated to helping you grow in your relationship with God through the word of God. Listen in each week as we take your life, plug it into the scriptures, and refresh it with Biblical insights to make you more bold and brave each day.

By Sybil Amuti

Oh Dear God show

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We are Erin and MeLissa and you're listening to our brand new mini-series, "Oh Dear God". We've asked our guests to share their experience with religion, answer a lot of personal questions and write a letter to the American church. We hope that you'll be patient, kind and open to everything they have to say. We thank you. We love you.

By Erin McGown, MeLissa Gavarrette

Soul Force Politics show

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How would our world be different if politics were rooted in radical love? Hosted by Heather Mizeur, Soul Force Politics is a podcast that teaches heart-centered mindfulness to strengthen democracy & soften political divides. Let our actions be guided by our soul's force for good in the world.

By Heather R. Mizeur

Your Own Magic show

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your own magic is a spiritual + soul expanding podcast, hosted by raquelle mantra, connecting listeners with the high vibrational wisdom from the voices of visionaries who are living their truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion https://soundcloud.com/soundsofsion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad https://brokenisntbad.com/

By Raquelle Mantra