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Live Yoga Classes with Alanna Kaivalya show

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Live Yoga Classes with Alanna Kaivalya. 90 minute bhakti vinyasa classes recorded live every week with world-renowned yoga instructor, Alanna Kaivalya. Complete yoga practices to challenge the body and ignite the soul. Every class includes a challenging vinyasa sequence, uplifting philosophy and soulful chanting. Learn more about Alanna at www.alannak.com.

By Alanna Kaivalya

ParadiseTV show

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ParadiseTV brings one of Australia's most innovative and dynamic Churches right to your home - Paradise Community Church in Adelaide, South Australia. Paradise is known for its practical, relevant teaching and vibrant worship, so why not spend 30 minutes with us as we bring the best of Paradise to you!

By Paradise Community Church

Omega Man Radio - Casting out Demons  show

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Exorcism and Casting out of Demons in Jesus Christ Name. Preaching the Full gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and training people in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministry.

By Omega Man

The Remix  show

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Life Is Wonderful So Live

By Ms Blue

God's Only Law - A Teaching by Ramtha the Enlightened One show

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Ramtha's Teaching from September 11, 2002, from an Advanced Evening in Yelm Washington. A five part podcast of the teaching with introductions by JZ Knight. Ramtha teaches on a deeper understanding of morality, The Ten Commandments - the Laws of Jehovah, and educating people about God

By Ramtha

Heaven's Trance: Soarin' Above The Clouds show

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Heavens Trance: Soarin Above The Clouds. Heavens Trance is elegant, sophisticated, intelligent, trippy, introspective, contemplative, sexy, magical, uplifting and always in great taste. Close your eyes, find your inner peace, relax and let your mind fly. Enjoy musical soundscapes and journies created by one of the most talented DJ\'s in the World Peter Canellis a.k.a St. Peter. Enter his realm and be prepared to feel sadness, joy, love, peace, tranquility, wonder, desire, and hope.....I strive to find the most creative, intersting, cutting edge EDM music on the scene. Please feel free to send me your music, I will give it a listen and if it can be included in a show I will do so. Email music submissions to djcanellis@mac.com or visit www.Heavens-Trance.com

By DJ Peter Canellis

The Pentecostals of Alexandria show

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Connection for all people to Jesus Christ

By The Pentecostals of Alexandria

EverythingYoga.com Yoga Podcast Series show

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The EverythingYoga.com Podcast Series features interviews with yoga gurus, musicians, artists, yogis and yoginis such as Dan Millman, Sharon Gannon, David Nichtern, Cyndi Lee, Michael Buck, Shiva Rea and others.

By EverythingYoga.com

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge show

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Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher of Sounds True interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges—the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

By Tami Simon

Advance The Church show

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Advance the Church is a partnership of local churches whose mission is to assist other local churches in planting healthy, gospel centered churches and to revive the boneyard of dead or dying churches, beginning in the context of the urban south and continuing to all parts of the world.

By Advance The Church