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AACTEV8 - Station of Awakening show

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GROWING AS MATURE SONS INTO THE KINGDOM WE WILL STUDY Traveling in spiritual dimensions Reigning as King and Priest Utilizing ancient spiritual practices Engaging heavenly beings Operating from thrones and places We will dive into the Mysteries of the Scriptures regarding all of these topics

By Dr. O

Our Timeless Secrets with Mahri  show

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The show is called “Our Timeless Secrets”. Our mission is to inspire heartfelt conversations, through music and dialogue that ignite our passion and wisdom and empower us to move in the direction of our dreams. This is an opportunity for the community and others, outside of our community, to share those secrets that have helped them to turn their lives around. The thrust of the show is powerful, positive input to allow the listener a “leg up”, if you will, and to honor those who are already making a difference in our world. This is an opportunity to learn how we can “pay it forward” and help to enhance the lives of others. Although we may be discussing some difficult, life, situations the energy of the show will be positive and fun like, using music, significant to the guests, and those topics of our conversation. Harry Blum, as in “HelpMeHarry.com“, will be my engineer and Co-Host and we will be inviting guests, who have significant life stories and secrets to tell. Follow along on KSVY – 91.3 FM or, on the web, at ksvy.com My name is Mahri Best. I am a woman who is dedicated to living life from a place of conscious choice. That is about taking responsibility and being accountable for the entire positive and negative in my life. I am passionate about teaching, through sharing my own experiences, how powerful we can be in affecting positive change; positive change that I and so many of us choose to see in the world. I am a total believer in the words, “If it is to be it is up to me.” I have the ability to garner the perfect words to suit any of life’s situations. I am a healing writer and I am intent on seeing all those people in our world come together and understand the “One-ness” that is all of us. My desire is to see and experience an inter-weaving of all beings in our world, that reflects an honoring and tolerance that has never before been recognized. I would be honored to have you as my friend. Oooooodles of LOVE , Mahri

By Mahri Best

Traditional Conjure Podcast show

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The Traditional Conjure Podcast with Professor Ames and Papa Matthew Levi is all about Conjure/Hoodoo/Rootwork from a traditional standpoint and is aimed at providing the folk-magic community with a great show full of advice, tips, reviews and tons more!

By Traditional Conjure

A Course in Miracles Explained show

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Many of us have heard of A Course in Miracles in some way or another. You might have read a quote from it from your favourite author, or heard a speaker reference it. But who wrote it? Where did it come from? What does it say? Why is it so frustratingly difficult to understand? What exactly is A Course in Miracles? Don’t fret – because help is near! These are the very questions that A Course in Miracles Explained hopes to answer in plain, everyday language! Join me and our amazing line-up of ACIM guests, as we demystify the complexity of the Course in a fascinating journey through the multi-faceted nature of the Course: nondualism, forgiveness, communication with the Holy Spirit / Higher Self, relationships, music, philosophy, poetry, physics, psychic ability, psychology, Buddhism, Advaita, Christianity and Taoism – all pointing to the same Universal Truth that has been taught by all of the great spiritual masters in history. Find out why some consider A Course in Miracles to be one of the most important spiritual documents on the planet today, how so many have found lasting inner peace through application of the Course, and how it is relevant and helpful to YOUR life!

By Kenneth Bok

The Unravel with Brady Toops show

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Designed to both challenge as well as help you live more inspired, The Unravel explores spirituality through fascinating interviews, thought provoking ideas, and compelling spiritual practices. Join singer/songwriter Brady Toops as he examines the deep questions of life. Discover more at theunravelpodcast.com. This podcast is a part of The Liturgists Network.

By The Liturgists Network

This Good Word With Steve Wiens show

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Reclaiming what's holy about our humanity - a weekly podcast with Steve Wiens. Connect with Steve at www.stevewiens.com

By Steve Wiens

Pure Experiences show

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Talks on spiritual and philosophical topics, mostly related to the path of knowledge and Advaita Vedanta or Non-dualism. Subjects such as the consciousness, mind, reality, metaphysics and various ways to study these are discussed.

By Tarun Pradhaan

Robin Sacredfire - Awakening show

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Robin Sacredfire is a Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur. He has published more than 300 books on the topics of spirituality, psychology, education and business. For more information visit fb.com/RobinSacredfire & www.22Lions.com

By Robin Sacredire

Modestolule  Podcast catolico show

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Podcast catolico Modesto Lule MSP. Visita nuestra página: http://www.modestolule.blogspot.com/ Y sigue nuestras redes sociales. Nos encuentras con nuestro nombre: MODESTO LULE. Escucha nuestra radio las 24 horas en esta dirección: http://www.radiosepa.com/ Una estación de los Misioneros Servidores de la Palabra fundada desde el año 2009. Los audios también los pueden seguir en esta página: http://www.padremolleto.blogspot.com/ para que se suscriba.

By Modesto Lule

Dr. Flavio Speaks show

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Dr. Flavio Souza Campos shares his vast knowledge about hypnosis and spirituality to help you discover the new you within. Welcome to the voice of the Hypnotherapy & Counseling Center. (Episodes in English, Spanish & Portuguese)

By Flavio Souza Campos, Ph.D.