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A Course In Miracles Audios show

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A Course In Miracles Audios by the Master Teacher and Teachers of God from ACIMI

Brilliant Perspectives show

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Graham Cooke, an author of 20+ books & sought-after speaker, has been a much needed guide beyond the religious norms and into a personal & dynamic relationship with God. This podcast is an invitation to explore some of the more radiant and lesser known perspectives of the Christian faith.

By Graham Cooke

Podcasts For Successful Living show

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Podcasts For Living with host Allan Hunkin brings you life expanding interviews with leading authors, experts and practitioners in every area of your personal and professional life. Host Allan Hunkin is a speaker, writer and broadcaster who focuses on life enhancement, personal empowerment and peak performance. Allan has now conducted over 750 interviews with leading experts from around the world. Podcasts For Living is produced by Equanimity Communications and featured Podcasts.com, The SuccessTALK Channels and over fifty other destination websites.

By Allan Hunkin

Art of Living Knowledge Sessions - Audio show

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Profound knowledge from H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s message of compassion, commitment to society, and a cosmic understanding of life, has resounded in the lives of millions worldwide. Through the regeneration of human values, he seeks global peace and development by bringing about sustained individual commitment to joyful living, selfless service and self-awareness.

By H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with Kai Gilb

All Possibilities with Julie Chan show

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Julie Chan, intuitive life purpose coach, Yale and MIT alum, and founder of Being My Purpose, talks with entrepreneurs, business executives, scientists, educators, and leaders to hear their stories of transformation, and examine the science behind them. She also explores what it means for anyone to unlock their potential in life and career, and to embark on a discovery of — All Possibilities.

By MouthMedia Network

EarthRise w/Derek Beres show

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Derek Beres is the Director of Content at RChain Cooperative, a group fitness instructor at Equinox Fitness, and a columnist for Big Think and 24 Hour Fitness. In this podcast he discusses movement, neuroscience, psychology, mythology, technology, and music, sometimes alone, sometimes with guests. More info at derekberes.com.

By Derek Beres

Good Vibes, Good Life show

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Vex King is a Mind Coach, Writer and Lifestyle Entrepreneur out of the UK. His show will bring you empowering perspectives, spiritual wisdom, practical solutions, inspirational stories, life lessons and much more. His aim is to help you transform yourself and your life, into something greater.

By Vex King

The Atomsound - Glorious Liberty Blog - here to inspire your BREAKTHRU! show

The Atomsound - Glorious Liberty Blog - here to inspire your BREAKTHRU!Join Now to Follow

AtomSound Sounding follows the escapades of one Toma Chaffer in his quest to define and proclaim Truth and to build a better media outlet for his friends.

By Toma Chaffer of atomsound.tv

Spirit of Place show

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This podcast focuses on spiritual travel and sacred sites around the world: from Stonehenge to Abydos, we take soundseeing tours and talk about travel as pilgrimage, worship and meditation. We also examine geomantic science, mythology, history and practical tips for the modern spiritual traveler.

By Greg Roach

Uniquely Created Divinely Inspired . . . You show

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Let's talk positive (+) about You by letting go of stuff that is done or to come and relaxing in the beauty of right now. <br><br>Let us envision a world where there are none without. <br><br>If you want to have a free e-copy of "Uniquely Created Divinely Inspired ... You" e-mail Mara at mkwlawfirm@aol.com and put in the subject line "Uniquely Me."