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The Heather Dale Music Podcast show

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'Modern Celtic' songwriter Heather Dale (www.HeatherDale.com) presents three of her songs per episode, and talks about her inspiration and adventures as a touring musician. The music ranges from dreamy soundscapes to wild folk-rock fairytales. Duration: ~15 min.

By Heather Dale

mootuk show

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Archive Library of podcasts from the Moot Community in London UK exploring the interface between Spirituality, Culture & the Arts

By moot.uk.net

Hans Christian King - Guidance For Your Life » Live Radio Show show

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Please join Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Hans Christian King, for an hour each week as he reaches out to you with a variety of life changing spiritual subjects. Our focus is to share spiritual wisdom to help you along on your unique spiritual path. > By subscribing, you will have access to the most recent radio show and also the previous week’s radio show to ensure that you continue to be blessed by Hans King’s spiritual teachings. > Please Visit Hans Christian King’s Official Website, www.HansKing.com, for more information.

By Hans Christian King

CalmingBreath Meditation: Deconstructing Stress show

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Learn to work with your subjective experience in this complete guided meditation course from CalmingBreath.com - Work with your "mental chatter", images and your emotions as the objects of your meditation and gain deep, lasting insights that will reduce stress, and increase happiness. The classes are ideal for beginners but can be developed to advanced levels of insight with continued practice.

By CalmingBreath.com

Casey Treat Podcast show

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Casey Treat is a pastor, author, motivational speaker, and founder of Christian Faith Center in Seattle, WA.

By Casey Treat

Spirit Talk show

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Chris Fleming, Professional Paranormal Investigator and Medium from TVs Dead Famous (BIO) and Psychic Kids (A&E), talks about the paranormal and supernatural in an enlightened and spiritual way.

By Chris Fleming

Broadway Church Vancouver show

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The latest sermons from Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Join us for our Sunday morning celebration services at 9:00am and 11:15am. Between our morning worship services, at 10:15am, we also have Bible equipping classes specific for all ages. Children are also welcome to their own programs during CE hour and celebration services.

By Broadway Church

The Language of Tarot - A Tarot Podcast show

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The Language of Tarot is a comprehensive guide to Tarot, teaching every aspect of reading. A valuable asset for both new and experienced Tarot readers, it places particular emphasis on understanding the role of the often-overlooked Court Cards in readings, as well as explaining the different nuances each card takes on as read in the context of a multi-card spread. With clear directions for applying every card to relationship, financial and medical questions, as well as an extensive explanation of the common card combinations every reader should know, The Language of Tarot is a valuable addition to existing titles on this fascinating subject and proof you do not need to be psychic to read Tarot cards. This free podcast comprises the card interpretations for the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, episodes on doing multi-card readings, sample real life readings, interpretations of minor arcana and court cards and other excerpta from The Language of Tarot. You may purcahse the entire 542 page, profusely illustrated book as a paperback or eBook at RobertaLeeArt.com or on Amazon.com. You are also invited to become Roberta Lee's fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @RobertaLeeArt. "Clear, concise and highly detailed, the podcasts of Roberta Lee's Tarot guide provide the basics for divination and fortune telling using Tarot." © Copyright 2008 Roberta Lee. All rights Reserved.

By Roberta Lee

Fairytales Forever Podcast show

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This podcast is a collection of various fairytales released on creative commons no derivative and noncommercial lcense. Please share them with your family or friends if you like these stories they are only one third of the material created by storyteller Brother Wolf at http://wwww.ericowlf.org

By Eric James Wolf

Sword and Scale show

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A show that reveals that the worst monsters are real.

By Sword and Scale