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Putz! Tive uma ideia show

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Ideias incríveis ou simplesmente inúteis que podem mudar sua vida ou te levar a lugar nenhum!

By Putz! Tive uma ideia

Tripp Fuller show

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By Tripp Fuller

Discussions with Dao show

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What are the different sounds of “Discussions with Dao”? The Low Dao: an evolution of one-to-one guest interviews that has butterflied into “the Asian Oprah that seeks motivational insight and success stories” The Jack-n-Out Connection (w/co-host Blackout Trainer): health and fitness trends? At the beginning, sure. Then we started highlighting our guests’ backgrounds and specialties. And now, we’re back to doing health and fitness trends via roundtable discussion. Lots of side rants and tangents to be had. Huge fanbase at Fitocracy. The Vagina Dialogues (w/co-host the $93 Million Girl): a channel to explore the psyche and differences between men and women. Profanity and explicit topics abound. This show is the reason why all Discussion with Dao podcasts are tagged with the explicit rating.

By Jon Dao & Friends

Freedomain Radio - An Introduction to Philosophy show

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A powerful and popular series introducing you to the power and challenges of philosophy.

By Stefan Molyneux

The Agile Revolution show

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Join Craig Smith, Tony Ponton and Renee Troughton on a journey through the world of Agile as they look at recent blogs related to Agile, investigate practices and techniques, look at tools and answer your questions as well as talk to creative minds in the Agile community. The revolutionists focus on not just Agile as it relates to software development but also how it applies to business, transition, culture, people and a whole lot more!

By The Agile Revolution

Here Be Monsters show

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A podcast exploring the dark corners of the human mind. Stories from artists, scientists, philosophers and journalists. Decidedly brainy and always interesting.

By Jeff Emtman and Bethany Denton

The Fixed Point Podcast show

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Follow columnist, author, and cultural commentator Larry Taunton down the trails of his mind into the world of ideas. Whatever the topic, it's always worth munching on. The official podcast of Fixed Point Foundation.

By Fixed Point Foundation

Power of Moms Podcasts (Archive) show

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Our focus is on strengthening mothers as women and as people who have chosen to make motherhood a primary focus in their lives.

By Power of Moms

cambridgeforum show

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Cambridge Forum is a public radio program recorded live in Harvard Square in Cambridge,MA that tackles the issues and ideas that shape our lives.

By dl

The 7th Kingdom Podcast show

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Stan & Jason explore how technology and media are shaping our behavior as individuals, in culture, and in nature.

By Stan James & Jason Lange