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Love, Sex & Intimacy show

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Sex evokes issues that need a Sexual Ethic. Strephon Kaplan-Williams, dreamwork psychologist, gives realistic and compassionate perspective. Couple and multiply relationships given an ethic. Children and Adult Sexual Rights.

By Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Beach Walks with Rox show

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Join Roxanne Darling, Shane (Secret Cameraman), and Lexi the dog on location in Hawaii. Viewers from 70 countries delight in watching beautiful Rox share her daily words of wisdom, inspiration and caring thoughts. Beachwalks is your daily dose of stress-relief. Sparkling blue water, the sound of surf washing the sand, and palm trees swaying while Lexi chases her ball in the water. Sheer bliss. Open-minded and open-hearted ? every new day brings aloha into your life with a positive message and the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. A communications coach, Yoga teacher, expert speaker, trainer and new media strategist, Rox draws from her depth of experience to bring new perspectives to her listeners in this multi-award winning show. Listen as Beachwalks spreads happiness worldwide and covers wide-ranging topics as business, technology, relationships, plus you can learn a Hawaiian word of the day. Family-safe and work-safe, this 3-5 minute daily video may even lower your blood pressure. It can also help you plan business or vacation travel to Hawaii. You are invited to join their free online community, The Reef at

By Roxanne Darling

Proverbs Podcast show

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Throughout human history, wise men and women have sought to distill common sense and wisdom into concise passages or sayings, maxims by which we all might live. This podcast will offer a series of these proverbs drawn from a wide variety of traditions and backgrounds.


FourCast (MP3) show

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Join Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt to get short term, long term, and crazy predictions, as well as the always interesting FourCast Findings and FourCast QuickFire Questions segments. They're a little lazy, so they bring on two guests every episode and make them do the work. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

By Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt

锵锵三人行 show

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By 锵锵3人行 Q&A on Ayn Rand show Q&A on Ayn RandJoin Now to Follow

Now you can find answers to urgent, real-life questions. Listen to Leonard Peikoff, the world’s leading authority on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, as he explores subjects of general interest, such as human relationships, career and morality. His answers are posted online every week, on Mondays. Some recent questions include: Is love more important than career? Can science answer everything? Is it proper to be competitive with one’s friends? What’s more dangerous: religion or socialism? You can listen to full episodes on iTunes. Or listen to single questions or full episodes on the Peikoff website. A large archive of podcasts is now easily searchable by topic or key words. If you have a philosophical question to ask Leonard, simply go to

By Leonard Peikoff

East Meets West – Podcast show

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Roger Chang and Tom Merritt discuss the issues of the day. And sometimes do verbal battle.

By Roger Chang and Tom Merritt

Social Science Bites show

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Social Science Bites is a podcast series interviewing major figures in social science, made in association with SAGE

By Edmonds and Warburton

Law of Attraction Secrets Made Known To The World ! - Podcasts powered by Odiogo show

Law of Attraction Secrets Made Known To The World ! - Podcasts powered by OdiogoJoin Now to Follow

Latest Law of Attraction Secret Techniques utilizing mindpower and the subconscious mind to transform your dreams into reality.


The Philosopher's Zone - ABC RN show

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The simplest questions often have the most complex answers. The Philosopher's Zone is your guide through the strange thickets of logic, metaphysics and ethics.

By ABC Radio National