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The Kindness Project show

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Welcome to the kindness project. An audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.

By The Kindness Project

e-flux podcast show

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Conversations with some of the most engaged artists and thinkers working today.

By e-flux

Chiki & Bella Podcast 2018 show

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This is a continuation of Chiki & Bella Podcast, actually we are Chiki & Bella Podcast 2018.

By Chiki & Bella

The Deeper Journey show

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Frank Viola's radical podcast on the present Insurgence in Christianity today - the gospel of the kingdom of God.

By Frank Viola

Commoners Communion Podcast show

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Hosted by folk-psalmist Strahan, the Commoners Communion podcast is a conversational look at Christian spirituality through the lens of beauty, mystery and revelation.

By Commoners Communion

Deviate with Rolf Potts show

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Rolf Potts veers off-topic in this unique series of conversations with experts, public figures, and intriguing people.

By Rolf Potts

The Synced Life Podcast show

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Human connection is the multivitamin we all need more of. On a cellular level, we are wired to connect and the extent to which we sync with others, even strangers, has a huge impact on our lives, inside and out. Imagine if our lives could be exponentially upgraded just by bringing more intention and presence to the way we connect with others. That’s living The Synced Life.

By Kristen Manieri

Mocha Latte show

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Join hosts Dante and David as they talk about various issues that happen in our world. There's some philosophical talk, but it's very remedial. There will also be guests on the show to talk about things that people don't usually talk about in a public setting.

By Dante Sheppard & David Heiliger

Everything is Connected show

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Everything is Connected is about finding meaning in our lives. Each episode makes the case that our spiritual pursuits are rewarded wherever and whenever we find authentic connection with the experiences and people who make life worth living. With host Jonathan Blake as your guide, you'll get to know fascinating guest artists, creators, and thinkers who are helping us to live with purpose. Jonathan Blake is a rabbi, author, and media personality, and serves as the spiritual leader of Westchester Reform Temple, a pacesetting synagogue in the heart of Westchester County, New York.

By Jonathan Blake

Mommin' Ain't Easy the Podcast show

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In joy and crisis, being a mom is full of ups, downs, and sometimes lonely moments. Join us as we walk that same road with you.

By Courtney and Jennifer