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The Above Ground Railroad | Freedom Focused Personal Development show

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The Above Ground Railroad is a freedom focused personal development podcast hosted by best selling author Christopher Hughes. It’s title was inspired by the American Under Ground Railroad of the 1800’s, a secret path traveled by African American slaves from the slaves states of the south to the free states of the north, resulting in their liberation and freedom from the economic system of chattel slavery. Since the abolishment of institutional chattel slavery, slavery has taken a different form. It’s not about ownership anymore, it’s about power and control. One definition of slavery is, "the absolute power of one person or institution over another person." Banks, governments, the media, corporations, big pharma and the educational system collectively have created a common consciousness resulting in the absolute power over the unawakened individual. The path to freedom today is not a physical route to take but rather an awakening of the mind, and the learning and mastery of little known concepts, strategies, beliefs and philosophies. Though she never said these words, or any like them, Harriet Tubman, the famed conductor of the Under Ground Railroad has been credited for having said, “I could have freed a thousand more slaves had they only known they were slaves.” Clearly, African American slaves knew acutely that they were slaves. But today, as slavery has become far more sophisticated, many of the enslaved have no idea they are in bondage. Christopher says, “If you can convince a man that he is free, he will never attempt to escape. This is why so many people live lives of silent despair and don’t know why.” The Above Ground Railroad was created to help the enslaved comprehend their enslavement and to liberate them from grasp of common consciousness, mass hypnosis and modern-day versions of slavery, to the end that they discover and fulfill their divine purpose and the desires of their hearts. Each podcast episode will focus on one or more of what Christopher refers to as the "7 Pillars of Uncommon Freedom:" Mind freedom, Time freedom, Money freedom, Health freedom, Emotional freedom, Spiritual freedom, Unconditional Love (the Ultimate Freedom). Join Christopher and his guest Conductors on the Above Ground Railroad, “your path to uncommon freedom.” Learn more about the Above Ground Railroad at

By Christopher Hughes | Freedom-focused Personal Development

Multiamory Podcast show

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Conventional relationship advice is toxic and outdated. We offer new ideas and advice for multiple forms of love: everything from conscious monogamy to ethical polyamory and radical relationship anarchy.

By Multiamory, LLC

I Hope the Day Has a Good You! show

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I Hope the Day Has a Good You! -- is like bacon for your brain! At under five minutes an episode, start your day with a dose of inspiration and motivation and a dash of perspective. Hosted by creative entrepreneur John-Erik Moseler, takeaways will include success principles collected over the last 22+ years in the areas of business, leadership and most importantly, being a dad. You will hear stories from his adventures at culture-rich environments like Disney, Pixar, and NASA. John-Erik has a passion to help people tell their stories, launch their ideas, and attempt great things. He is the Chief Adventure Officer of — a Dream Development Company. Podcast topics range from family to technology, parenting to life hacks, and the future of education to the power of social media. In terms of self-development, this podcast is a multivitamin for your mindset and encouragement for your best day ever! Bonus material, links, and more to help you win can be found at Help us tell the world each and every morning, “I Hope the Day Has a Good You!” On the socials @ #aGoodYou

By John-Erik

The Brain Coffee Podcast show

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Sit back, relax and open up your mind as renowned neurosurgeons Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt and Dr. Albert H. Kim prescribe a unique dose of knowledge and entertainment. From Dogs & Emotions to Mindfulness, Brain Coffee episodes unlock life’s little mysteries about health, wellness, entertainment, technology and how the brain makes sense of it all. Discover how your brain perceives the world.

By Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Deconstructed Detective show

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The Gumshoe Show presents its debut podcast––Deconstructed Detective––a podcast about solving crime in real time with less than modern devices. Join Marty Stanbaugh, private-eye detective, as she navigates the complex concrete jungle of New York City with Stino—her trusty best friend and crime-solving side kick. Marty’s arch-nemesis, the Drug Lord Mary Jane, continues to elude her as thoughts of Sheriff Brad distract her at every turn. Contact: Twitter: @MartyStanbaugh Instagram: @MartyStanbaugh Facebook: /MartyStanbaugh

By The Gumshoe Show

Stay Grounded with Raj Jana show

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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at

By JavaPresse Coffee Company

Thoughtsquestioned show

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Welcome to my Radio Station. Where we think about thoughts related to poetry, philosophy and Christianity. Be patient with me as I grow. Poets. Let's think deeper. Young Philosophers. Let's think deeper. Young Christians. Let's think deeper. How often do you really think about your thoughts. Or think about a thought? If you're like most people, you assume your thoughts to be true, because you thought it. Lessons are taught when we question our thoughts. Poets. Let me help you express you. Finding your own unique expression. Get coaching, insights, and hear spoken word poetry. Young philosophers. The young thinkers of the world. Yes we all think, but some, the philosophers, think so much they have an obsession for quotes, parables, stories, science, deep meanings and find joy in biographies, documentaries...then this podcast is for you. And to my new Christians. My young Christians. This podcast is for you. Knowing what you believe, and knowing the basics of Christianity saves you from confusion, and the lack of response to the common arguments people will have about your Faith. The same statements and questions repeat really does...even after nearly a decade after I gave my life to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I love apologetics (1 Peter 3:15) and philosophy so this podcast will approach giving a response to my Faith from that perspective. "Lessons are taught, when we question are thoughts." Lets. Think. Deeper Follow me on Instagram! Intro/Outro Song: ~Apollo~

By Felice F.M: Philosopher.Christian Apologist.Poet

The Good Table show

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A podcast by Morgan Young on a myriad of topics all designed to help us live better lives.

By Morgan Young

A New History of Old San Antonio show

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This series covers the history of San Antonio from its founding 300 years ago until the arrival of the railroad 160 years later. Until that time and even well after it, San Antonio is one of the most isolated communities in the Americas, a part of several different cultural traditions, yet always somehow apart from each. This year, the 300th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio, join us as we explore the history of early San Antonio as you’ve never heard it before, taking advantage of new research and recently uncovered documents. Welcome to a New History of Old San Antonio. -- As seen on KSAT12 News and the San Antonio Business Journal! --

By Brandon Seale

The Screen Smart Podcast show

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Screen Smart tackles the issues we all face at the intersection of parenting and technology and the challenges of raising kids in the digital world.

By Alex Forrest, Jay Lowrance