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Hamza Yusuf show

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Hamza Yusuf is a cofounder of Zaytuna College, located in Berkeley, California. He is an advisor to Stanford University’s Program in Islamic Studies and the Center for Islamic Studies at Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union. He also serves as vice-president for the Global Center for Guidance and Renewal, which was founded and is currently presided over by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, one of the top jurists and masters of Islamic sciences in the world. Recently, Hamza Yusuf was ranked as “the Western world’s most influential Islamic scholar” by The 500 Most Influential Muslims. Hamza Yusuf has also authored several encyclopedia articles and research papers. His published books include The Burda (2003), Purification of the Heart (2004), The Content of Character (2004), The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi (2007), Agenda to Change our Condition (2007), Walk on Water (2010), and The Prayer of the Oppressed (2010).<br> <br> Shaykh Hamza was born in Washington State and raised in Northern California. In 1977, he became Muslim and subsequently traveled to the Muslim world and studied for ten years in the U. A. E., Saudi Arabia, as well as North and West Africa. He received teaching licenses in various Islamic subjects from several well-known scholars in various countries. After ten years of studies abroad, he returned to the USA and earned degrees in Religious Studies and Health Care. He has traveled all over the world giving talks on Islam. He also founded Zaytuna Institute which has established an international reputation for presenting a classical picture of Islam in the West and which is dedicated to the revival of traditional study methods and the sciences of Islam. Shaykh Hamza is the first American lecturer to teach in Morocco's prestigious and oldest University, the Qarawiyin in Fes. In addition, he has translated into modern English several classical Arabic traditional texts and poems. Shaykh Hamza currently resides in Northern California with his wife and five children.

By Hamza Yusuf

القران الكريم show

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الدعاء لي أمي وأبي ولي

By Mohammed Baeshen

الحاج باسم الكربلائي - محرم 1439 show

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تابعونا على شيعة بودكاست

By الحاج باسم الكربلائي

Darul Qasim Sunday Tafseer show

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The Sunday Tafsir is a weekly tafseer session with Darul Qasim Director, Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia. This course is open to the larger community and broadcast live every Sunday at 11 AM Central Time. Visit to join the webcast. Shaykh Amin reads from chapters of the Quran Al-Kareem, interpreting verses and presenting valuable insights into their meanings. The views expressed in these media are the sole property of Darul Qasim. Explicit permission must be obtained from Darul Qasim before these media may be distributed online or referenced in any works.

By Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia

Prophetic Guidance - Logical Progression show

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A weekly class on Islamic foundational principles, theology, law and ethics based on al-Sharh'l-Mumti' 'alā Zād'l-Mustaqni'. Taught by Abu Eesa Niamatullah. For more information, visit:

By Prophetic Guidance

شرح كتاب التوحيد show

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no show description found

By فتى الإسلام

إعجاز القرآن الكريم-طارق السويدان show

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السلسله الكامله والشيقه للدكتور طارق السويدان...يتحدث فيها عن الاعجاز في القرآن الكريم بأنواعه

By Ghannam

الرقيه الشرعيه show

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Thank you Apple

By الرقيه الشرعيه

قصائد متنوعة - شهر محرم الحرام 1439 show

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قصائد متنوعة - شهر محرم الحرام 1439

By ShiaPodcast

القران الكريم كاملا full holly quran show

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القران الكريم كاملا بصوت الشيخ احمد العجمي full holy quran by reciter shick: Ahmad bn Ali ALAjmy الرجاء الدعاء بالرحمه و اعط التقيم لهذا البود كاست لنشره اكثر قال النبي ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ الدال على الخير كفاعله رواه الترمذي i hope everyone enjoy this podcast pls ask allah to mercy and publish this podcast with me

By عبد الله