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Tourcaster - Hong Kong Walking Audio Guide show

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Spice up your stay in Hong Kong with some insight on the drug pushers, pirates, overnight financiers, speculators, government bureaucrats and desperate immigrants that turned this once “barren rock” into Asia’s World City. WALK THE TALK provides an entertaining primer on Hong Kong’s history, culture and current affairs, with stories embracing history (colonial, post-colonial and World War II), architecture and art. You’ll hear memorable anecdotes of the people behind the names of streets, famous landmarks and modern skyscrapers as you tour this amazing town on your own terms. The walk starts in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district and takes you through some of Hong Kong’s oldest colonial landmarks and to Lan Kwai Fong, Asia’s most-happening party zone. Ready to explore? Great, let’s go! This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the complete tour, visit

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阿发的新播客 show

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&#38463;&#21457;&#30340;&#26032;&#25773;&#23458; - Deutsch/Chinesischer Sprachlernpodcast</itunes:subtitle><itunes:summary>&#24503;&#22269;&#20154;&#38463;&#21457;&#29992;&#20013;&#25991;&#36319;&#20320;&#20204;&#32842;&#22825;&#65292; Afa veroeffentlicht daneben aber auch Podcasts zum Deutsch lernen.

By 阿发 Afa

Learn Chinese with Audio Podcast show

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A to Z Chinese lessons comprise of everyday practical conversations that fall under 3 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is comprised of a video featuring a 1-3minute conversation between Chinese people. Before each conversation, an introduction is provided to highlight the key points of the conversation to make lessons easier to understand. After each conversation, a conclusion is provided to summarize the important phrases and help you to remember. A to Z Chinese is for anyone who has always wanted to learn Chinese, but just couldn't find the time or motivation in the past. It's so convenient and just takes you 5 minutes a day to study.


Tourcaster - Shanghai - Pudong Audio Tour show

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Ten years ago, this area on the eastern side of the Huangpu River was farmland. Now, Pudong, or Pudong New Area, is a bustling District, which has become China's financial and commercial hub. With the Pudong Special Economic Zone, this area is the largest free trade zone in all of China, bringing in more than it's fair share of foreign investment. Due to it's role in the financial world, Pudong has become an obvious hot spot in Shanghai. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Tourcaster - Shanghai - The Bund Audio Tour show

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Take a walk along the Huangpu River and travel past trading houses, hotels, clubs, and banks, all of which have witnessed the tumultuous history of the Bund. There is no lack of architectural diversity in this area, with Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Neo-Classical and Art Deco styles all present. The Bund is arguably one of the most visited tourist destinations in Shanghai. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Tourcaster - Shanghai - Peoples Square Audio Tour show

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Take a stroll through People's Square in the Huangpu District and experience Shanghai's cultural and historical headquarters. Previously a horseracing course, People's Square is just one of China's bustling meltingpots, that attract a continuous stream of both citizens and tourists. Unlike many of the other squares you will find in Shanghai, People's Square or Renmin Guangchang, is an open green area surrounded by beautiful buildings. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Tourcaster - Shanghai City Guide show

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Shanghai has gone through many incarnations, from a center of trade to an occupied city to a dour bastion of Communism. Today, Shanghai has rebounded to become one of the most vibrant cities in China, rivaling Beijing. The reward of Shanghai reclaiming its power as a commercial center is having the highest standard of living throughout China. As Shanghai has opened its arms to overseas businesses, so to has it welcomed foreign visitors. From the colonial-era grandeur of the Bund Promenade to the ultra-modern high-rises and transit system, this city is waiting for you to arrive and enjoy. This audio city guide offers tips to help you get around the "Pearl of the Orient" like seasoned traveler.


Apprendre le chinois - Podcast chinois show

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Podcast pour apprendre le chinois mandarin en français via des chants, poèmes et actualités.

講台 – Talkonly show

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Give you the latest IT news in cantonese every Sunday.

By NetBugs, Q&amp;A

The Chronicles of Nio show

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Nio TV is a video podcast that chronicles the journeys and adventures of this baby superstar. Videos are shot on a MiniDV camcorder, edited on iMovie, and exported through Quicktime. Videos are saved in the video iPod-friendly MPEG-4 format with the .m4v file extension. It is highly recommended that you view them through iTunes 6.

By Antonio "Nio" Ajero