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Nina Hartley's Guide to Sex | Foreplay Seduction Fetish Porn Bondage Dancing show

Nina Hartley's Guide to Sex | Foreplay Seduction Fetish Porn Bondage DancingJoin Now to Follow

Adult Hall-of-Fame star Nina Hartley is an industry legend and active sex positive feminist. With her extensive knowledge in subjects of sexuality, Nina writes, produces and directs her own \\\"How To\\\" series. We have turned this very popular video series into a bi-weekly podcast allowing Nina to share her knowledge of dancing, foreplay, seduction and fetish play with couples who want to improve their sexual experiences. Use offer code NINA to get 50% OFF most items + FREE shipping + adult DVDs + Mystery GIFT during check out at

By Penelope Pardee Trailer Podcasts show Trailer PodcastsJoin Now to Follow

If high quality, all original nudes are what you’re after, then look no further then! Created by internationally famous photographer Petter Hegre, Hegre-Art is the world’s number one site committed to showcasing nothing but the brightest young models from across the globe.

Air Out My Shorts show

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Join podshow hosts Preston Buttons & The Word Whore as they clumsily narrate their way through submitted works of Short Fiction: often painfully, always absent-mindedly and completely unincumbered by any relevent credentials... “If you are looking for a serious (even ‘pseudo’ intellectual) literary discussion, you'll just have to keep right on looking...”

By Buttons and the Whore

Vivid Video Trailers show

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View the hottest new Vivid Films, featuring the gorgeous, lascivious,world-famous Vivid Girls.


ADD Reality With Jerry Seiden show

ADD Reality With Jerry SeidenJoin Now to Follow

ADD Reality is a podcast about ADD/ADHD from a more positive and spiritual perspective. Jerry Seiden, is an adult with ADD, and the father of two children with ADD. He says, "I've ghostwritten several books on ADD. I met, and learned from the leading experts on ADD. I came to understand ADD in depth. In the books that I wrote for others, I had to say what they wanted. But this podcast it is very different?the words are mine!"

By Jerry Seiden With Ardys Pictures

!Bridges ABF - Bible Lessons for the 21st Century show

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Listen to weekly recorded lessons of the Bridges Adult Bible Fellowship. Teacher: Scott Roberts. Topics inlcude in-depth studies of the bible to, how Christians are affected by terrorism, sharing your faith, evolution vs creationism, abortion, etc.

By BridgesABF

Provocatalk Radio: Hair and Heels show

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Creative, Innovative-- Often replicated (but never duplicated)--the girls of hair and heels--Ivy, Alexandria and Gemma--bring the topics that are important to YOU. We seek to edge you while educating you on the vast variety of sexual fetishes and fantasies. We \"keep it real\" by sharing our own experiences and sharing tips and tricks. You will never go limp when listening to the tempting trio of Hair and Heels cum by, loosen your tie and who knows maybe you\'ll discover a fetish that you didn\'t know existed, that now can\'t be resisted. Tune in every Thursday night at 8pm eastern on talkshoe (or download past episodes at

By Sneaky

Lush Stories - latest Sex Stories show

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Listen to the latest hot audio sex stories from authors at Lush.

THE RED UMBRELLA DIARIES » Red Umbrella Diaries show

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The Red Umbrella Diaries is a monthly storytelling series where people who’ve tangled with the sex industry tell personal stories about the complications that arise when you mix sex and money. The tales are sexy, sad, hilarious – and always revealing. If you can’t make it to the Red Umbrella Diaries live events in New York or just want to hear the stories again, check out our weekly podcast, featuring favorite performances from the live events plus select stories from the monthly blog carnival.

By Audacia Ray

Laura May Diaries show

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A podcast about sex in Cyberspace. Laura May is a 30-year-old, attractive, passionate and adventurous woman. She is a legal adviser and an aspiring writer. She lives in downtown Craigsville Cyberspace, with her lazy cat – Jack. Like many people in her age group, her career took over her life for a few years…. She had no time to create or invest in a relationship, but the need for intimacy is human. Laura turned to Craig’s List to find love. She shares her private (and extremely erotic) diary in the form of a Podcast – Her voice is sultry, sexy and playful. Some of the stories are based on true events that Laura experienced from 2007-2009, and some of the stories are a bunch of imaginary lies.

By Laura May