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Tights and Fights: a superhero known as Captain Euchre show

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Captain Euchre was a mild mannered World Euchre Champion, until his partner was killed by mobsters looking to fix the 1997 World Series of Euchre. Captain Euchre was saved only after his Euchre card deck was accidentally hit by cosmic rays from space, giving the deck incredible powers. Now, Captain Euchre fights injustice using his cosmic Euchre deck alongside his teammates on Ronin Force, of which Captain Euchre was a founding member.

By Captain Euchre

Brain Bites Ask NASA show

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Have you ever wondered what space is REALLY like, how astronauts overcome gravity to train for weightlessness or how you'd turn a bolt in space? These open captioned video shorts will give you an insight into some of your NASA questions.


The New Yorker Animated Cartoons show

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RingTales brings the world famous cartoons of The New Yorker to fully animated life. They're short. They're smart. They're wickedly funny. They feature the hysterical work of renowned cartoon artists such as Sam Gross, Bob Mankoff and Roz Chast. Enjoy a bite-sized gift of comic comedy three times a week. Animation that's addictive. You can't watch just one.


TV Star John O'Hurley Helps Announce Results from the USAGE Survey show

TV Star John O'Hurley Helps Announce Results from the USAGE SurveyJoin Now to Follow

TV personality John O’Hurley joins Doctor Eliot Brinton, founding board member of the National Lipid Association to announce the results of USAGE, “Understanding Statin use in America and Gaps in Education,” the largest known cholesterol survey in the U.S. involving more than 10,100 statin users.

By Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company and the National Lipid Association

The AV Club Mainline show

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This podcast features all the best videos from the AV Club. We are a collection of comedians, actors, filmmakers, and technicians constantly working together to develop new and original ideas. We create tech-heavy live improvised shows, large-scale performances in the real world, and original videos for various venues. We are constantly trying new things, so stay tuned!

By The AV Club

Bonny & Clyde RSS feed show

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A documentary filmmaker follows a modern day Bonny & Clyde.

Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast show

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Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast offers 2-3 minute weekly online Pilates training videos as well as longer workouts which provide tips anyone can use to get the most out of Pilates exercises. For fitness enthusiasts and infrequent exercisers alike, the Pilates instruction teaches how to perform Pilates exercises with proper technique and form to achieve greater core strength, flatter abdominals and greater muscle tone. You will lose weight, improve your posture and have fun! Visit for more information.


Dailymotion - most recent videos show

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Commmercials at Daily Motion

By Dailymotion

Canal Volvo C30 show

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Bienvenido al Canal Volvo C30, donde las cosas nunca son simplemente lo que parecen. Si est�s dispuesto a llegar donde nadie ha ido antes, recuerda algo importante, la realidad no es suficiente para entender el universo C30.

The Dance Off Podcast show

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The official podcast for "Dance Off 2006."

By Propadata Films