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Photo on the Go with Joe McNally show

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Whether you are taking a photo for the first time or have mastered the art of photography, internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally has tips and advice that will enhance your skill set.  Join Joe on the road as he travels to inspiring places and shares professional and creative tips on how to prepare and execute brilliant images.  Learn what it takes to plan, set, shoot, and present amazing photography. Joe’s vision and creativity will inspire you to capture even better photos with every click.

By Adorama Photography TV

On Wisconsin 2p - 3p show

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Brian Posick Talks All Things Wisconsin Badgers

By The Big 1070 / Madison

Connect show

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This is a design podcast. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds in Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID). Our topics cover a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to, subjects such as interactivity, business strategy, pedagogy, ethnography, methodology. We hope this is a medium practitioners and researchers may use to better understand their own selves.


时光匣子 show

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时光匣子是一档献给散文爱好者的podcast。由异想电波团队创作,团队成员师白、书篱主播。 当我们写散文时,所有虚伪变作诚实。当我们阅读散文,我们在别人的文字里捕捉到自己的影子。 闭上双眼,待思绪缓缓归于宁静。师白、书篱将为你打开时光匣子,与你一同穿越时光的河流,重温中外经典散文。 更多内容,请访问异想电波主页 异想电波|Fancy Radio:

By 异想电波

Post-PC Digitography | An iPhone Photography Podcast - Techguyontime show

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This Show about Post-PC Digitography and Videography done mobile side. We test photography apps, review, and learn together how to edit our photos.

By Paul Stolyarov

I.AM.CONNECTED.LA » dj mixes show

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Picks and reviews of Dj Mixes, Electronic Music Videos, and Digital Art. Join me as we listen in to and review recorded live mixes from electronic djs around the world. Feel free to leave your review on of any of the mixes posted.

By Andy V

PMA: Anne d'Harnoncourt - Art Tours show

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Travel through time and around the globe as you enjoy the treasures of the collection the late Director Anne d'Harnoncourt counted among her favorites.

By Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Film Tome Podcast show

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The official podcast of and

By The Film Tome

SoundtrackNet's Podcast show

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SoundtrackNet brings you a podcast about film and television music with soundtrack reviews, soundbites, and more! SoundtrackNet is the source for information on composers, soundtracks, recording companies, retailers, manufacturers, agents and performing right organizations.

By SoundtrackNet Staff

Slam Idol - Poetry - Video show

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The Slam Idol Podcast - the Poetry Slam on your iPod or other MP3 player. This feed is for video content only... Produced near London, this indie podcast features poetry from all around the World, and so far has included the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Israel. The poems can be on subjects as diverse as politics and love to passion and loss, and can be funny or serious. We feature interviews with the poets, and the listeners vote for the winner.