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Mettray - Bathmen by CRAANDIJK, Jacobus show

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Wandeling van Zutphen via het Nederlandse Mettray (een jeugdinrichting die tegenwoordig Rentray heet) naar Joppe en huize Dorth. In Bathmen wordt de dorpskerk bezocht met haar muurschilderingen. (Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders)

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Sintram and His Companions by FOUQUé,  Friedrich de la Motte show

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Friedrich de la Motte Fouque, also the author of Undine, was a German Romantic writer whose stories were filled with knights, damsels in distress, evil enchantments, and the struggle of good against overpowering evil. 'My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.' Fouque blends the Romantic love for nature and ancient chivalry while telling a powerful story about a young man who yearns for that which he can never attain. (Summary by Alisson Veldhuis)

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Genial Idiot, The by BANGS, John Kendrick show

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John Kendrick Bangs once again takes us on a journey with the loveable, but somewhat self-opinionated and irritating Mr Idiot. (Summary by Michele Eaton)

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Chimneysmoke by MORLEY, Christopher show

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A collection of short poems on various themes by the author. (Summary by Carmen H)

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Fables de La Fontaine, livre 10 (version 2) by FONTAINE, Jean de La show

Fables de La Fontaine, livre 10 (version 2) by FONTAINE, Jean de LaJoin Now to Follow

<p>Voici le dixième des douze livres des Fables de La Fontaine. Celles-ci datent du XVIIe siècle et sont lues par des lecteurs de divers horizons.</p><p> This is the tenth book from a collection of 12. The fables were written and first published in the 17th century. They portray humans' behaviour in the society.</p><br> (Summary by Ezwa)

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Gray Phantom, The by LANDON, Herman show

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A woman is apparently murdered in a New York auditorium under very suspicious circumstances one evening during a performance. Helen Hardwick happened to be in attendance that evening, as she had written the play that was being performed, and she was the only person to have caught a glimpse of something peculiar just before the murder. She also heard an ominous laughter which would haunt her for a long time. Was the Gray Phantom involved, or could he assist with the investigation that Helen was to become involved with? (Introduction by Roger Melin)<p></p>

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Novelle per un anno, vol. 04: L'Uomo Solo by PIRANDELLO, Luigi show

Novelle per un anno, vol. 04: L'Uomo Solo by PIRANDELLO, LuigiJoin Now to Follow

Novelle per un anno è una raccolta di 241 novelle scritte da Luigi Pirandello. Originariamente sono state pubblicate sul Corriere della Sera, successivamente ripubblicate in 15 raccolte. Inizialmente erano previste 24 raccolte contenenti 365 novelle, tuttavia la prematura morte dell'autore ha impedito il raggiungimento del traguardo. Postume sono state pubblicate altre novelle scritte dall'autore. Le raccolte sono state pubblicate tra il 1922 e il 1938. La quarta raccolta è stata pubblicata nel 1922. (Riassunto di Filippo Gioachin)<br><br>Questo libro è stato promosso dal gruppo <a href="">Volontari del Libro</a> di aNobii.

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Eye of Dread, The by ERSKINE, Payne show

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The Civil War is upon the United States, and the town of Leauvite has sent away its young men, among them Peter Junior and Richard Kildene. When they leave, Betty Ballard is but a child, but by the time the war has ended, she has become something else entirely. Wounded, Peter Junior finds his time at Betty's father's studio, learning to become an artist, until one day he proposes to her after deciding to go to France. Of course, she agrees to wait for him. Meanwhile, Richard, who has decided to work on the railways, expects that when he gets back, that Betty will be waiting for him. With these complications, problems begin to arise... (Summary by Chelsea)

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If Winter Don't by PAIN, Barry show

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Barry Pain's parody takes a sharp knife to ASM Hutchinson's best selling novel 'If Winter Comes'.<br>We follow the professional and marital decline of long suffering (and loving it), Luke Sharper, as his marriage to Mabel flounders while his love for Jona flourishes. <br>It could only end in tears.....Or could it? ( Summary by Nigel Boydell )<p></p>

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Gettysburg Address (version 3), The by LINCOLN, Abraham show

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<p>The Dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, in November, 1863, followed a few short months after the roiling, acrid clouds of gun smoke dissipated, leaving a little crossroads town in Pennsylvania heir to the human tragedy of over 7,000 corpses and 21,000 men suffering wounds. It was a most unnatural disaster. On November 19, the chief executive made the trip to the still-dazed, shot-torn community to deliver, almost as an afterthought (for he was not the keynote speaker), an address that clarified his belief that the Negro race should be liberated from their slavery, and that despite the loss of so much blood and life, the Union should hold to the goal of completing this emancipation. That he knew the eyes of the nation would rest of him was evident; this address was the first speech since his inauguration that he prepared in advance. But these carefully crafted words - only 269 of them - became a vital part of our nation's identity, and are a signature to the bedrock of our beliefs.</p>

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