Arts Podcasts  show Join Now to Follow is a Youtube show about music, gear & guitars co-hosted by Marc Huzansky and David Friedman of Friedman Amplification.

By Tone-Talk

Cooper & Cary Have Words show

Cooper & Cary Have WordsJoin Now to Follow

Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Barry Cooper and James Cary talk about culture, theology, the arts, the church, books and sometimes the weather. Well, they are British...

By James Cary & Barry Cooper

IN THE BLOOD the series show

IN THE BLOOD the seriesJoin Now to Follow

An Audio book series done in the vain of an old time radio drama. Taylor and Scott have always loved spending hours in the back country of Utah. But what they didn't realize is how many vampires there were....

By Lucien Maier

Minds of The Middle show

Minds of The MiddleJoin Now to Follow

Made by middle schoolers at Chico Country Day Middle School, this podcast is by students for students. Anything you would like to know about middle school, we've got you. Topics include but are not limited to: awkward stories, stereotypes, science, books, sports, music, math, celebrity drama etc.

By Marijeanne Birchard

Orchestral Memes show

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Don Slepian's Orchestral Memes is offered in three flavors: the "Playing Hands" edition for music students, the "Nature Edition" with nature based ambient video and the "Psychedelic Edition" with high resolution mandala-styled computer animations Slepian presents his unique digital keyboard as a new performing instrument for the concert soloist in the classical genre. He improvises music that sounds like a movie soundtrack live on the spot with great expression, wide dynamics, and a variety of shifting moods. Orchestral Memes opens up a wide vista of applied music technology to audiophiles, technology buffs, New Age Music fans, electronica aficionados, and contemporary music students.

By Don Slepian

Theoreticals show

TheoreticalsJoin Now to Follow

<center>Narratives from the Theoreticals War. Science fiction audio drama in first person, non-linear narrative format with music by Brokenkites. <br> Cast:<br> Melissa McBride as Hemingway "Emi" Vance<br> Joe Zeija as "Coppertop" Summers<br> Chip Wood as London<br> Matthew Kendrick as Thomas Vance<br> </center>

By brokenkites

Atheist Apocalypse show

Atheist ApocalypseJoin Now to Follow

40% of the world's population has disappeared. The people of the Tri-Counties have now been cut off and must rely on the only remaining radio news station as their goofy, ridiculous, offensive source for news about politics, sex, religion, the Grey Agenda, Hollywood and the latest policy failure of the Mysterious Government Entity, which runs the region. Follow the gang as they (re) learn how to live, love and get along with each other and all THOSE people. It's the post-apocalyptic show the pre-apocalyptic world is clamoring for!

By Paul Sating

Actors Talk - Come Inside The Acting Business show

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Come inside the acting business with SAG-AFTRA actor Tommy G. Kendrick. Acting, Casting calls, actors auditioning tips, starting an acting career, maintaining your acting career, when to join the acting union SAG-AFTRA, maintaining the passion for acting. All these topics and more are explored via In-depth interviews with working professionals in front of and behind the camera.

By Actors Talk Podcast

The Crimson Kiss show

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The Crimson Kiss is an episodic audio thriller, produced in true cinematic style. A conspiratorial drama/thriller set in present-day America. Its story follows several key characters, their lives, loves, and journeys, to unravel the mysteries and secrets of a group whose power is unyielding, working behind the scenes and influencing our everyday lives. A rich story with deep, conflicted characters, twists, and turns that will keep you guessing each episode.

By The Crimson Kiss

The Perspective Podcast | Grow Your Creative Brand show

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Do you want to pursue your creativity but are unsure where to start? Do you want to take your side project to the next level and attract clients? If so, then the Perspective Podcast is for you. Scotty Russell of Perspective-Collective wants to encourage you to scratch that creative itch as you don't know who you could impact when you share your work. Each week he dishes out short, fiery episodes to give you an extra push to make time to pursue something that's important to you. There will be adversity along the way, but these episodes are designed to keep moving your creative career forward. Keep showing up, keep putting in the work and keep got this!

By Scotty Russell | Perspective-Collective