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Botanical Brouhaha Podcast show

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Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maggie Bailey of Bramble and Bee interview a variety of guests about all things related to flowers and the floral industry. Past guests include floral designers such as Max Gill, Holly Chapple, Susan McLeary, and Kiana Underwood along with farmer florists (Jennie Love, Zoe Woodward), and other floral industry leaders sharing their stories and discussing anything and everything related to the business side of floral design, wedding and event design, flower farming, flower wholesaling, and floral education.

By Amy McGee and Flower Friends

Art & Craft show

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Though we tend to sit with video games for a short time, they often sit with us for a very long time afterward. On Art & Craft, join us as we uncover the deeply personal stories of some of the medium’s most thoughtful creatives.

By Snowman

Timeless Landscape Design show

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Timeless landscape design for healthy & vibrant living. Wellness garden design supports you w/ the 8 key components of lifelong landscape design. Plus: Essential Oils :Nancy DiMao & Sprouting Nutrition: Linda Frees of Hippocrates Health Institute. Sprouting for Health : Sprout Guru Rita Hip & Cool plants. Veggie Garden Magic. Holistix Treatment Center & Tricky Places.

By Mary Palmer Dargan

Dear Handmade Life show

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Dear Handmade Life is all about intimate stories and practical advice for living a creative life filled with purpose. The show’s host, Nicole Stevenson, is the co-founder of Patchwork Show: A Modern Makers Festival and Craftcation: A Business and Makers Conference. Along with expert guests, she uses decades of experience in the handmade community, owning businesses, and the highs-and-lows of living creatively to tackle bi-weekly topics that any artist can relate to.

By Dear Handmade Life

All Kinds Of Things Kill show

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In this podiobook:

By Robert R. Best

Industry Standard w/ Barry Katz show

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A one-of-a-kind insiders look at Hollywood from a totally different perspective. This inspirational weekly series provides an “all access pass” to the entertainment business through the eyes of comedy manager/producer Barry Katz and the industry's biggest "behind the scenes" players who candidly reveal the risky decisions they made that led to the most groundbreaking internet, television, radio, music, and film content in the world. Combining humor, insight, and motivation; Katz provides the blueprint for the audience to take their careers to the next tier, while showcasing each guests’ extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to the highest levels in their field.

By Barry Katz

Witch Shall Be Born, A by HOWARD, Robert E. show

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The kingdom of Khauran is admittedly a small one, nestled between the vast desert and the plains, but it is blessed with an abundance of rich soil, hard working devoted inhabitants and much gold but most of all by a sweet young queen who is as wise and beneficent as she is beautiful. But then from out of nowhere, disaster strikes. A horrible witch (her evil twin sister) secretly replaces her and introduces devil worship, human sacrifice and other things too repulsive to mention. Conan, who was the captain of her guard is captured and crucified in the desert. From there the incomparable story telling skill of Robert E. Howard takes us on a spiral of exciting intrigue, battle, blood, demons, and final retribution. (summary by phil chenevert)

By LibriVox

Librivox: Problems of Philosophy, The by Russell, Bertrand show

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The Problems of Philosophy is one of Bertrand Russell's attempts to create a brief and accessible guide to the problems of philosophy. Focusing on problems he believes will provoke positive and constructive discussion, Russell concentrates on knowledge rather than metaphysics. Russell guides the reader through his famous distinction between "knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description" and introduces important theories of Plato, Aristotle, René Descartes, David Hume, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel and others to lay the foundation for philosophical inquiry by general readers and scholars alike. (Summary from Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

The Kevin Virginia and Jason Show show

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Hot Topics...Dysfunctional Characters. Listen weekday mornings on HITS 97-3!

By The KVJ Show

Tom Sawyer, Detective by TWAIN, Mark show

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Tom Sawyer, Detective is an 1896 novel by Mark Twain. It is a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), and Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894). Tom Sawyer attempts to solve a mysterious murder in this burlesque of the immensely popular detective novels of the time. Tom and Huck find themselves with Uncle Silas and his family again (see "Huck Finn"), and much of the drama ends up focusing on Uncle Silas. Like the two preceding novels, the story is told using the first-person narrative voice of Huck Finn. (Summary by Wikipedia & John Greenman)

By LibriVox