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Home Energy Design show

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Home and Energy Design is all about designing spaces that feel as good as they look. If your home is not energy aligned, then no matter how much money you spend or how beautiful your style is, the home will always feel off and it's affecting your life--more than you think! Join Host, Interior Designer, and Feng Shui practioner of over 20 years Amanda Gates as she explores interior design, energy alignment, holistic living, sustainability, metaphysics and so much more. And if you have a topic you'd like to hear more about or something to share, please email us! "Get the energy right and everything else will follow."

By Amanda Gates,

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Amazing abstract art painting video tutorials by abstract artist Peter Dranitsin

While She Naps with Abby Glassenberg show

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A recommendation show for creative entrepreneurs, sewists, and makers.

By Abby Glassenberg

Design & Other Fun Stuff show

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Podcast interviews/discussions relating to architecture, design and other fun stuff.

By Michael Huber AIA LEED AP

Saga Thing show

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Saga Thing is a podcast for people who love history, literature, Vikings and all things medieval. In each episode, the hosts review a saga from medieval Iceland and then dig in to categories for discussion, including: Best Bloodshed, Body Count, Notable Witticisms, Nicknames, Outlawry, Thingmen, and Ratings.

By Saga Thing

GraphicAudio - All in Your Mind show

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All In Your Mind podcast features hosts Director Rick Rohan and Production Manager Duane Beeman as well as several of our in-house Directors chatting in round table style about every day GraphicAudio happenings -- new series, current series and productions they are working on.

By GraphicAudio

The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve Giles show

The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve GilesJoin Now to Follow

Each month, The Naked Vocalist will delve into the world of singing with industry experts, questions from listeners and specialist episodes. The topics are wide and range from singing technique, style, health, performance, teaching and careers. Hosted by VIP authorised instructors Chris Johnson & Steve Giles, the podcast holds nothing back and aims to give valuable and cutting edge techniques and advice helpful to singers at any stage of their development. Hopefully you will enjoy the series and find it useful. Please do leave us a star rating and/or review if like the show. Thank you!

By Chris Johnson and Steve Giles

Soundings with Lisa Hannigan & Dylan Haskins show

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Dylan Haskins and Lisa Hannigan are joined by a different huddle of guests each episode who share their three stories and songs to inspire, alarm and to humour.

By Soundings - with Dylan Haskins and Lisa Hannigan

Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women show

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Conversations With Creative Women captures the fire, energy, humor, heart, soul and impact of the female creative experience.

By Sandi Klein

RiYL show

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Get dropped in the middle of a long form conversation with musicians, cartoonists, writers and other creative types.

By Brian Heater