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Tourcaster - San Francisco City Guide show

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Standing on a hilly peninsula in northern California, San Francisco defies the conventional model of most major cities. For one thing, it's not a big city at all, at least not in terms of size. About 800,000 people reside in only 49 square miles, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. Contributing to the unique feel of the city are her breathtaking hills, which rise up to dizzying heights and reward you with stunning views of the city and the water below. If the hills and the bay are the face of San Francisco, then its heartbeat is the vast diversity, both ethnic and cultural, that enriches the feel and flavor of the city. Listen to this audio guide to get an overview of the city and helpful tips for when you get to visit the "city by the bay".


Blogging New Orleans show

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New Orleans based blog and podcast that discusses everything New Orleans. Including things to do around the city, current events and interviews with newsmakers, movers and shakers from the Crescent City.

spaghetti rockcast show

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An Italian podcaster lands in english speakers countries! He brings rock and roll, Irish adventures, fun and some good pasta with him! Check it out!

By Julien

Hawaiian Punchlines show

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A humorous look at life in the islands...and more

Free Rome audio guide, sample, city map and updates show

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The iAudioguide Rome currently covers 16 sights of major interest. We offer a free version with sponsor messages, maps for your iPod and to print out. By and alrge, iAudioguide coveres 40 cities in up to 4 languages.


Tourcaster - Toronto City Guide show

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Located on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the cultural, commercial and economic center of English-speaking Canada. Despite its size, it's one of the most clean, efficient and safe large cities in the world. The city was once nicknamed "Toronto the Good". Supporters called it this to imply it was hospitable, while to detractors it meant Victorian and dull. In the last half-century, the city has managed to embrace culture, the arts and entertainment without losing its reputation for being safe and friendly. This audio guide offers tips and pertinent information to help you get around the city like a seasoned traveler.


Tourcaster - Dublin City Guide show

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Welcome to Dublin, capital of the Irish Republic. Located on Ireland's east coast, where the River Liffey flows into the ocean, this city continues to ride a massive wave of commerce and growth. Despite its turbulent history, Dublin is a city that is coming in to its own. Dubliners are very proud of the resurgence of their town, and they celebrate this with a vibrant social scene and nightlife that can leave visitors trying to keep up. Despite the no-nonsense approach that seems to pervade Irish culture, you won't find many other cities with such a friendly and welcoming spirit. Listen to this audio city guide to learn a few helpful tips to getting around the city like a seasoned traveler.

By Podcast Channel show Podcast ChannelJoin Now to Follow\'s weekly business travel column, with unique tips and practical resources to make your next business trip more productive and enjoyable.


Lonely Planet Travelcasts | Quiz show

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What do you know about the world? Find out with our weekly Travelcast quiz.

By Lonely Planet Publications

Cultural Soup show

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Join ESL Teacher Lynn from Alberta, Canada to talk about origins of English idioms, customs from around the world, holidays and more. Cultural Soup is a live and interactive talkcast where people from all over the world meet. You're invited.

By Lynn in the PM