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Bogey Free DFS show

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Bogey Free DFS is a podcast that breaks down both PGA contests on DraftKings and NFL Fantasy. It covers everything from strategy to lineup building and includes the best plays each week.

By Bogey Free

Warriors Watch with Danny Leroux: NBA & Golden State Warriors Podcast show

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Danny Leroux hosts the most in-depth Golden State Warriors podcast, including game recaps, interviews, analysis and listener mailbags as they look to defend their NBA Championship.

The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling show

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The Devereux Committee is led by Stephon Devereux. In 1997, Stephon Devereux created, PGH's first wrestling talk show called The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling. It featured matches and interviews from stars on the independent circuit and more. He went on to promote Wrestling events and host various TV and Radio programs. Fast forward 20 years later and Stephon Devereux is bringing the Devereux Committee back but this time for the Idiot Radio Network Worldwide audience.

By Aaron Lester

The Mentor Sessions show

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Francesca Cervero is a full-time yoga teacher and yoga teacher's mentor. She has been teaching yoga in New York City and Washington, DC since 2005 and the foundation of her teaching practice comes from OM Yoga Center’s style of alignment-based vinyasa. Her teaching is also inspired by the years she spent in physical therapy, a constant curiosity about anatomy and biomechanics, and her love of Buddhist teachings. Francesca believes that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world and the best way to get more people practicing (mindful, therapeutic) yoga is to raise the bar of professionalism for yoga teachers. She hopes that yoga teaching can be a career path that is respected and allows for sustainable income. She believes that the responsibility is on us as teachers to be worthy of, and demand such respect. It is for this reason she has maintained a thriving business teaching 15 private yoga clients a week and added a full practice teaching and mentoring yoga teachers in The Science of the Private Lesson™. Here is the plan for The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers---> Making the deeply healing benefits of yoga and its sister practices more accessible has the power to transform the world we live in. An important part of making smart, mindful, therapeutic yoga more widely available is for all of us to continue to deepen and evolve as teachers. I believe the depth that arises in teaching comes from inquiry and relationship, not from collecting information from gurus. I want the yoga world to have higher standards for quality teaching AND better support networks for teachers, and I want this podcast to be at the forefront of those discussions. I’m here to offer nourishing support to help you feel more confident in your teaching and realistic strategy to help you find more clarity on your career path.

By Francesca Cervero

The Spartan Beat show

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The #1 source for Michigan State sports and recruiting news and information. As one of the most connected media personalities in the state, Rico’s information and insights into every aspect of the Spartan football and basketball programs is second to none. His daily show is “must see” radio for every Spartan fan (and many Wolverine fans too).

By Rico Beard

Breaking Kayfabe with Bowdren and Barry show

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Each week, Jeff Bowdren & Barry Rose talk wrestling, sports, movies, music and more!

By Arcadian Vanguard

Chasing the Horizon - Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Industry In Depth show

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Chasing the Horizon is a podcast by, about and for motorcyclists. We talk to motorcycle industry figures, technical experts and riders just like you no matter what bike they love to ride. Please sign up on the mailing list at and subscribe in popular podcast apps or listen to every episode at

By Wes Fleming

Custom Green Bay Packers Talk Radio Podcast show

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Green Bay Packers audio podcast provided by

By Kevin Roth

The Michigan Rant show

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The Detroit Free Press podcast for the Michigan Wolverines, hosted by beat writer Nick Baumgardner! (Formerly the Talkin' Wolverines podcast)

By Detroit Free Press