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Middle Chamber Books and Music Podcast – Lubetkin Media Companies LLC show

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Podcast offering interviews with book authors about their work. For more information, see the press release: Visit the Middle Chamber Book Store at

By Middle Chamber Books and Music Podcast – Lubetkin Media Companies LLC

Military Simulation and History show

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This podcast covers topics in military history and analyzes historic battles through wargame simulations.

- ANN: Best Sellers Radio show

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Get free access to the best book marketing experts alive. Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Poynter, Robert Allen, John Kremer, Mark Victor Hansen are just some of the book selling super stars you ll access by signing up for our Best Sellers Radio. Not just another amateur program, Best Sellers is hosted by an Emmy-winning host Errol Smith, who has written 4 books, one best seller and knows all the right questions to ask. The result is truly informative interviews that give you actionable answers to the book marketing questions you really care about.

By Jacktsreet Media: Affiliate Nanocasting Network

One Moment After the End Podcast show

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Web Comic �One Moment After the End� a controversial web comic with a unique take on the afterlife that might raise concerns with some religious groups has added a podcast feed. This podcast presents a radio play versions of the main web comic story line. While the web comic is not suitable for children and targets an adult audience, the podcast lacking the controversial visual nudity is targeting a broader audience.``The xml feed for the podcast is and the web comic itself can be found at``

By Cosmofur

Audiobook - Tom Corven show

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A boy lost in the wilderness of Scotland. He does not know who he is or how he got there. A girl and a man in a remote cottage, their strange relationship as much a mystery as the ghosts haunting the boy's every move. And then there are the horrific thoughts bubbling from his subconscious; thoughts that might reveal the evil his mind would rather forget.

By Paul Story

Book Voyages show

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Book Voyages is a podcast about children's literature from the point of view of a school library/media specialist. It features reviews of books as well as inteviews with students and authors.


AuthorViews Video Podcast show

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AuthorViews is a program for presenting books and authors to the media and the public. All AuthorViews videos are copyright free and may be downloaded, stored, transferred and displayed without permission as long as the contents are not altered. AuthorViews -- because authors deserve to be heard. Serving fresh video every day.

By AuthorViews

Onetinleg MP3 Downloads show

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Forays into the Fantastic: Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Slipstream and Magical Realism. Previously published stories as read by the author. You are invited to browse the complete compendium of lovers, losers, and part-time demons. I'm glad to have you as a listener. Enjoy

 Radio Free KODT - (mp3)  show

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The award winning gamer-geek comic, Knights of the Dinner Table comes to pod casting!! Recently celebrating its 100th issue this long running fan favorite brings its magic to online line listeners. Hoody Hoo!

By Jolly R Blackburn

Ethan Eternal show

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Ethan Eternal is a dark thriller by Cyrus Martin. This story follows a series of traumatic and horrifying events that take the lives of a boy and his mother. The father sets out for revenge but soon discovers that his enemy is a powerful and twisted monster. With the help of his wife’s sister and a mysterious Texas Ranger, Kevin Hill will try to discover why his world was destroyed as he struggles to avenge his lost family.