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Jesus Christ is here now! show

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Christian Revival and Revivalists working through the miracle power of Holy Spirit today, preparing the saints for the coming of Yeshua/Jesus

By Various Authors and Revivalists

Consumed Worship Podcast show

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Visit us on facebook as \"Consumed Worship\", click like and become a fan. This music is for the most part created in the moment, in the presence of the lord. There are some well known songs included from different meetings that take on a life of their own and so are considered spontaneous as well. There may be times when the word comes moments before or through opening the word and reciting passages as the spirit leads. Many have been edited down or taken out of hour’s worth of material during different events and services. Many can take on the appearance of pre-conceived songs. This type of music has been termed by many as Soaking, Intercessional, Prophetic or Spontaneous praise. Some music comes out very light as to soak or worship by and others intense as the spirit gives utterance as Intercessional or Prophetic worship. I hope these songs can inspire many to close the hymnal or turn over the lead sheets or chord charts and just live in the moment in the spirit and let yourself experience Consumed Worship.

By Anthony Moreno


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CITYLIGHTS - EQUIPS people to be and make followers of Jesus who EXALT Him and EXTEND His kingdom right where they are. Visit for more information.


Ancient & New show

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A couple of guys, sitting around, talking about the bible.

By Ancient & New

My Podcast Site show

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New podcast weblog

By redeemerseminary

My Podcast Site show

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New podcast weblog

By newageyogamusic

Messianic Bible Teacher; Paul Cohen show

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Paul Cohen; Messianic Bible Teacher @ Brit Chadashah Messianic Fellowship Sydney

By Paul Cohen; Messianic Bible Teacher

hidden experience audio show

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Audio downloads from the Hidden Experience blog. The focus of almost everything here is directed at the UFO abduction phenomenon, and it’s deeply personal impact on real people. Most of these audio files are straight forward interviews, and a few are my own musings where I ponder the strange experiences that manifest just outside the borders of our perception.

By Mike C!

Paranormal Underground Radio show

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Visit us at Explore the unexplained with the editors of Paranormal Underground Magazine and their special guests.

By Paranormal Underground Magazine

Metro Church Sermon Audio show

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Metro Church exists to engage a lost culture with the gospel of Jesus and carry it into the world. We do this with a gospel-centered focus on worship, discipleship, community, and serving our cities. Our mission is to "Love Jesus. Love Others. No Bull."

By Metro Church NWA