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Christianity Without the Crap - Podcast show

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A lot of people think that Church is BS. They think we’re full of it. They think that Christians, Christianity and Church is a load of crap, that Christians are negative, out of touch, judgmental, small minded, mean spirited, politically driven and decidedly hypocritical. We embrace a fresh faith, leaving behind the hard line “you're wrong - we’re right” attitude, the “your sin is worse than my sin” delusion, the medieval paradigm of hell, the contrived emotionalism, the anti-science bias, and the political one-sidedness. This podcast will give a place to debate old and new ideas within Christianity in a respectful environment. Every week Mark and Tammy will discuss a culturally relevant but controversial topic; Mark from the perspective of a ex-pastor and Tammy from the perspective of a disillusioned church-goer with a scientific background. Our goal is to foster an environment of questioning and learning using an open mind so listeners develop an intellectually credible faith that aligns in their heart, soul and mind.

By Mark Traylor & Tammy Gehrke

Uncommon [cast] show

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Conversations in an actual tree house about life, faith, and being human. Hosted by some misfits, rebels, and dreamers trying to bridge the gap between faith and culture.

By Uncommon [good]

The Top One Percent show

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We live in a world where people are struggling, scraping, grinding, worrying, over-indulging, and over-medicating. In addition to that, they’re underperforming, many lack motivation and direction, and “average” is suddenly acceptable. The Top 1% Podcast is the antidote to mediocrity. If you’re ready to maximize your performance in all aspects of life, become a world-class leader, achieve success so that you can build enough resources to serve others, be happy and fulfilled, and live for something larger than yourself, you’re in the right place! Our Creator has given us each more brain power than we could exhaust in 100 lifetimes, and it is our calling to develop that potential to its maximum capacity in order to serve others while we're blessed to be alive. Welcome to our community!

By Trevor Blattner

No Limits show

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Discussions firmly rooted in our waterfowl culture and heritage, branching out into unique topics and new experiences

By Revelation Outdoors

The WALKING podcast show

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Come along as acclaimed journalist and author Jon Mooallem takes a walk through tranquil woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. No talking; just walking. Ambient. Pleasing. Unusual.

By Jon Mooallem

I Can Relate Podcast show

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Welcome to my podcast “I can relate” I’m Rebekah Miller. I am so glad you decided to join me! My prayer is that I will be a friend, you know that friend you have coffee with, invite to lunch, or meet at church. And you walk away saying ya, I could totally relate with her! Usually when you find that friend it begins this kindred spirit and a beautiful friendship! We all are in different seasons and journeys in our life, but so many times God is working on you the same way he is working on me. We can all relate in some way or another. It is my prayer and hope that you will be encouraged through this podcast as I share all that God has taught me and is teaching me through different circumstances and seasons of life. One of my favorite things that will happen on this podcast is the guests who will be joining me to share their spiritual journeys and some fun tips to help you enjoy yours. I trust you will be encouraged and you will find these new friends inspirational and yes, relatable.

By Rebekah Miller

astro-hotline show

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Tess is a queer self help astrologer who engages astrology in a mindful and not "overly" complicated way. They engage in viewer questions, astrological concepts, and weekly horoscopes. Each episode, Tess tries to supply their listeners with the simplest and not so-easy self care techniques that can make life more honest and mindful Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By astrogrlz

Radiant Visalia show

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Radiant Church exists to behold Jesus and put his brilliance on display. Radiant Church is a gospel-centered Christian church located in Visalia, California. We think that the best way to put Jesus' brilliance on display is by living obedient to the Word of God, surrendered to the Spirit of God, and devoted to the mission of God. To learn more, visit us at

By Travis Aicklen

Coffee With Preachers show

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Welcome to Coffee with Preachers - a podcast hosted by Dave Willis. This podcast exists to bring you into the one-on-one discussions that 2 preachers (Dave and special guests) have off the stage and "over a cup of coffee." Some of the best moments of growth come from just talking about life and ministry, while sipping a freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee. So join us in these intimate conversations by subscribing today!

By Converge Podcast Network

Bad Soccer Dad show

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Welcome to Bad Soccer Dad, featuring Steve Norman. We’re committed to developing better parents, better athletes and better conversations through episodes focused on what it means to live out our faith in the complex world of youth sports.

By Steve Norman