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耶稣的圣经(讲道及诗歌)/传道书, 希伯来书, 如和为神而工作  等等(小敏诗歌,海顿,巴哈,维瓦尔第  等等的音乐伴奏)/以及/其他的。 show

耶稣的圣经(讲道及诗歌)/传道书, 希伯来书, 如和为神而工作 等等(小敏诗歌,海顿,巴哈,维瓦尔第 等等的音乐伴奏)/以及/其他的。Join Now to Follow

Liu's Broadcasting and Publishing:Broadcast and publish: In(普通話/英文) Chritianity/Catholic (基督教/天主教): Sermon/Book/Paper/Interview//ect.

By Tze-John Liu

Bad Buddhist Radio show

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The Bad Buddhist Radio podcast is the voice of Ryu Cope, a follower of the middle way who is tired of seeing the world get beaten to death by the swinging of the extremist pendulum. With a harsh tone that would be frowned upon by any "Buddha of infinite love and compassion", The Bad Buddha shouts to the world "BE REASONABLE!!" in a voice that can be heard amid the deafening cries that come from both right and left. A voice that denies the placid, pacifying drone of most Buddhist speakers even as it preaches the sensible teachings of the infintely practical Buddha.

By Ryu Cope

Oak Hill Baptist Church show

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Our mission is to impact the world with the good news of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.

By Oak Hill Baptist Church

Audio at New Hope Hillside Church show

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New Hope church and Pastor John Van Sloten believe that God has not given up on the world. He is working in many ways, through science and movies, music and nature. Join us as we journey closer to God through the culture we live in.

By New Hope Church, Calgary, Canada

Good and Godly Kids show

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A Christian Podcast by Salome Johnson For Kids. Learn Christian Songs and Hear Stories From A Biblical Perspective.

By Salome Johnson

Blessings Podcast show

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Biblical Insights, Short sermons from the Word Of God

By Dr.Johnson Cherian

Your Jewish Neighborhood show

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Your Jewish Neighborhood is a weekly podcast from Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California. Each week, your host, Michele Holtz, will introduce you to clergy, educators, and other leaders from Temple Isaiah who will explore issues and topics of general interest to affiliated and unaffiliated Jews and anyone interested in the Reform Jewish movement. We hope you'll feel welcome here!

By Michele Holtz

The Muslim Zionist and Friends show

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With contrasting personalities and crazy ideologies you will never believe what comes out of their mouths. Started with The Muslim Zionist, and four others who will soon come, their goal is to convey their thoughts and ideas to create a chaotic dialog for your entertainment. This show will make you laugh, cry, think and maybe even send some hate mail to us. But despite all their difference our hosts are good friends in life and just want to get the news and their opinion out. Hopefully showing the world that different religions, thoughts, and cultures can get along even if its just for 40 minutes at a time.

By The Muslim Zionist

The Meeting House AudioCast show

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We are a dedicated bunch of Christ-followers (the literal meaning of the word Christian) who are passionate about introducing others to the real Jesus of Nazareth. The way we see it, Jesus didn't come to start a new religion, but rather, to call all people to new relational intimacy with the Creator. If you're seeking answers to some of life's deeper questions, fed up with religion but still believe there is something more out there, looking for a positive church experience, or just plain curious, give us a listen. If you want more, check us out at or follow us on Twitter @TheMeetinghouse

By Bruxy Cavey

Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church show

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Re:hope is a brand new church in Glasgow's west end focusing on church for the next generation. This new church is a light emerging in the darkness of Scotland, aiming to tranform the community by restoring people's faith in God, and filling them with a passion for His Word.

By Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church