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The Paperless Federalists show

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Join Justin and Cary as they informally discuss each of the 85 Federalist Papers by ripping away the complex language to Monday morning quarterback Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. A podcast for American history buffs and armchair constitutional scholars. New episodes released every other Sunday.

By The Paperless Federalists

Local Bites show

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Local Bites is a podcast that tracks ideas and initiatives that resist corporate power, renew place-based economies, and preserve human and ecological well-being. Our goal is to feature the voices of activists and visionaries from all around the world who are driving creative grassroots initiatives that demonstrate the power of 'going local'. Produced by Local Futures, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the renewal of community, ecological health and local economies worldwide.

By Local Futures

Fastest 5 Minutes, The Podcast Government Contractors Can't Do Without show

Fastest 5 Minutes, The Podcast Government Contractors Can't Do WithoutJoin Now to Follow

The "Fastest 5 Minutes, The Podcast Government Contractors Can't Do Without," is hosted by Partners Peter Eyre and David Robbins of Crowell & Moring's Government Contracts Group. This podcast provides a biweekly summary of significant government contracts legal and regulatory developments that no government contracts lawyer or executive should be without.

By Crowell & Moring LLP

Outlandish show

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Outlandish is a podcast started by the United States Forest Service as part of our "Your Forests Your Future." campaign. Through this podcast we will bring you interesting and relevant stories about what's happening out on your public lands right now!

By Your Forests Your Future

First Things Podcast show

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First Things is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society. Learn more:

By First Things

Voices for Good show

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Voices for Good (formerly 100 Days for Good) is Independent Sector’s podcast about what nonprofits, foundations, and anyone committed to the common good needs to know about what’s happening in Washington.

By Independent Sector

A Mostly Accurate View show

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Breaking down the carefully constructed delusions of reality with ideas, discussion, and music. Thanks for listening, but don't forget to think.

By Richard Waite

The New American Veteran show

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TNAV highlights veterans who have successfully transitioned, explores resources that help veterans, and raises awareness of veteran issues. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Codie M. Mendenhall

By GallantFew

We All Do Better show

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Raw moments that will change the way you think about the nonprofit community. We sit down with leaders and do-gooders from Idaho to talk about what it takes to make a difference for others. And what keeps them up at night and what inspires them. Make sure to find talk with us on Facebook and at

By Jimmy & Wyatt

501Crossroads show

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Hosts Marjorie Moore and Natalie Jablonski explore nonprofits at the place where mission and people meet. Why does the Program Department hate the fundraisers? What's that foundation thinking with those requirements? How can we get the board working again? Breaking down silos, electrifying buzzwords, we're all working toward the same outcome.

By 501Crossroads