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Podcast fra Kompetanse Norge show

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Podcast fra Kompetanse Norge. Her vil Kompetanse Norge ta opp relevante temaer for voksnes læring.

By Kompetanse Norge

The Wacoans Podcast show

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A podcast about the people, news, and events of Waco. We want to help Waco lift up Waco one person at a time.

By Garrett Simmons

Gov Gab Radio Podcast show

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The Gov Gab Radio Podcast was developed to help highlight some of the insights, trends, and progressive ideals of our government leadership in North America. We'll be focusing on guest interviews from Mayors, City Managers, Governors, etc so that we can paint a broad brush of the efforts that go into our local and state governments and what it takes to run them. These interviews will not only help other civic leaders and citizens gain valuable details surrounding other communities success but we'll also learn the ins and outs of the political system and why individuals decide to go into the public sector and serve their communities.

By Dude Solutions

The People's Voice show

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Wesley Berry is the host of The People's Voice, a weekly radio talk show on WDTK “The Patriot” 1400 AM & 101.5 FM Sundays at noon. The show’s format features both controversial and unifying topics. Polite discourse of controversial subjects are fundamental to a civil society; and The People's Voice is committed to providing a forum where opposing views can be respectfully exchanged.

By Wesley Berry

Let's Get Civical show

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Launching January 30th, 2019, Let’s Get Civical is part civics class and part comedy show. Join Lizzie Stewart and Arden Walentowski as they unpack and repack those political and government structures that have driven us to the cry for help we’re in today. This stuff is confusing and we’ve made it our mission to break it down so we all understand what the FDR is going on. It’s like being in American Government class with your BFFs! But no exams. We promise! <br> <br> Lizzie is an NYC based comedian who performs regularly all over the city and headlines all of her family functions as the "one from New York". Arden is a politics and civics buff who’s worked on local, state, and national campaigns.

By Lizzie Stewart &amp; Arden Walentowski

H2OMG! show

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A podcast all about water brought to you by the Fort Worth Water Department! Join us as we talk with amazing people in the water industry and take you behind the scenes of our Water Department.

By Fort Worth Water

Let's Hear It show

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Welcome to Let’s Hear It, a podcast about foundation and nonprofit communications (among other things), hosted by non-relatives Eric Brown and Kirk Brown. Let’s Hear It is sponsored through a generous contribution from the Knight Foundation. On Let’s Hear It, Kirk and Eric speak with leaders in the field about who they are, what makes them tick, and how they think about their work. These conversations are freewheeling and (we hope) fun. We’re serious – it’s not all serious. Together, Eric and Kirk have worked in and around hundreds of foundations, nonprofits and campaigns. For over a decade, Eric was Communications Director at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and now runs Brownbridge Strategies, a consulting firm that works with foundations and nonprofits on grantmaking, communications, and fundraising strategies. Kirk is the former President of Resource Media, a nonprofit organization that provides communications support to environmental groups, and now runs Reach Strategies, a consulting firm that works with nonprofits, foundations and campaigns to sharpen their communications, strategic planning and evaluation strategies. We hope that Let’s Hear It will provide insight into the people who run and work in foundations and nonprofits so that we can all find ways to do our jobs better and – oy, cliché alert – make the world a better place.

By letshearitcast

DOC Sounds of Science Podcast show

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A behind the scenes look at how the Department of Conservation looks after New Zealand’s unique native species and natural environment.

By Department of Conservation

Hablándolo Público show

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Hablándolo Pública es una iniciativa por parte de la Asociación de Estudiantes de la Escuela Graduada de Administración Publica de crear espacios alternativos de discusión de asuntos públicos, gobierno y política publica

By Asociacion de Estudiantes de la Escuela Graduada de Administración Pública

Archives In Context show

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Archives in Context is a podcast about archives and the people behind them. Cosponsored by the Publications Board and American Archivist Editorial Board of the Society of American Archivists (SAA), the podcast is hosted by Bethany Anderson, Ashley Levine, Nicole Milano, and Colleen McFarland Rademaker.

By Society of American Archivists