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Hospice Foundation of America show

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News and Information from HFA


New Day Boy show

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New songs by New Day Boy with a little chat giving more on lyrics, ideas behind or production of each track.

By New Day Boy

Chatham House Podcast show

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Experts discuss the latest research from Chatham House on foreign policy, international economics, energy, the environment, and security challenges. Short and regular insights.

By Chatham House

TYT Free Audio Podcast show

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The Young Turks is an edgy, funny, and informative talk show, which includes topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Whether you need an update on current events, or just a quick laugh, TYT podcasts will always give you just what you're looking for, and keep you entertained. Catch the live show Monday through Friday, 3-5 pm ET on


The Lolife Podcast show

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The lolife podcast is a a show about ideas. It meanders through many topics including politics, policy, the meaning of life, astronomy, drugs, Prince, and music. I tend to swear a lot so you don't want to crank it too loud at work.

By Michael Koppelman

EarthNews Journal » Podcast Feed show

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EarthNews Radio is a daily 90-second feature podcast focusing on news and information about science and the environment. The podcast is also distributed on CBS Radio and Sirrus. The program’s goal is to capture the general public’s interest in these areas so they’ll be inspired to turn information to action. visit us at

By Jerry Kay/Media Interchange

Rabbit Hole Express show

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Rabbit Hole Express is a conspiracy and alternative view point discussion show from 'normal' people, hosts are from the UK for the guest are from earth the show can range from discussion to debate always quoting sources and linking to websites with good stuff on, we cover everything from Alex Jones 'alternative' news to afterlife and hollow earth thoughts from around the world. hope you like it. ALL thoughts welcome, get me on twitter @hexdsl

By HexDSL, Mr Fish

Marines - Afghanistan show

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Features stories about U.S. Marines serving in Afghanistan. Provided by

By Marines

The Restart Project Podcast show

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A weekly talk show by The Restart Project, plus a monthly documentary series produced by brilliant podcaster Dave Pickering, based on fixing triumphs, heartbreaks and wisdom shared at our community repair events – called Restart Parties – here in London. <br> <br> We go into real depth about good and bad design, obstacles to repair of electronics, emotional aspects of ownership, environmentally irresponsible business models, and the “end of life” of our gadgets.<br> <br> This podcast is for you if you'd like to fix your relationship with electronics. Let’s rethink, restart.

By The Restart Podcast

Military Family Radio  | Blog Talk Radio Feed show

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ON SUMMER HIATUS. WE'LL BE BACK IN AUG! ENJOY AN ARCHIVED SHOW. We cover the latest in travel &amp; entertainment for military families. As travel experts (and a military family ourselves), we bring you the best advice on where to go, what not to miss and how to save money while traveling. We also love TV and have many opportunities to interview your favorite TV stars. If it's fun, family-friendly, a destination you want to visit and/or on television, we want to talk about it! Join us weekly for some great interviews, travel insights, tips for pet owners, reviews and all things related to family fun!

By Military Family Radio