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2 Movement Guys and a Guest show

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This podcast is meant to be a conversation for those that love human movement and want to improve their craft. Our intention is to have a fun conversation with experts in the vast field of Human Movement Science because we found ourselves doing that anyways. It’s hosted by Nick, a Chiropractor and Adam a Physical Therapist, who met through the Gray Institute, where they both completed their Fellowship in Applied Functional Science. Once connected, they also found they shared passion for tequila, &amp; conversation, which tended to amplify their individually strange senses of humor.<br> The idea for a podcast was born over a couple of events, including being interviewed together for a podcast that Adam was scheduled to be when coincidentally visiting Nick in Denver. The ensuing conversation was really enjoyable and between laughs discussed integrated movement and motor control. What we realized is often times, what we think is common knowledge amongst the movement community, isn’t. These events, along with another recorded conversation lead us to us to realize we were onto something. We thought that perhaps a Podcast could be that way we could continue to hang out, talk learn and collaborate on something that others would also benefit from<br> We invite you to listen in to our conversations, enjoy the topics and laughs and hopefully you’ll learn something too.<br>

By Nic &amp; Adam

Natural Living show

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Our goal is to educate anyone who wants to live a healthier, balanced and natural life style.

By Steve &amp; Farzad

Die Grüne Diät - Dein Fitness Podcast show

Die Grüne Diät - Dein Fitness PodcastJoin Now to Follow

So leicht war Diät noch nie! Abnehmen ohne Kalorien oder Punkte zählen. Sich aber trotzdem gut fühlen. Es ist nicht unmöglich! In diesem Podcast erkläre ich (Jonas) dir meine Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse zu den Kern-Themen Gesundheit, Sport, Training und Fitness bewusster Ernährung. Außerdem stelle ich dir mein neues Diät- oder auch Lifestyle-Konzept vor »Die Grüne Diät«. Zusammen werden wir auf eine Reise gehen mit dem Ziel abzunehmen, gesund zu leben und trotzdem fit und voller Energie zu sein! Bei Anmerkung oder Ideen meldet euch gerne bei mir per Mail an oder schreibt mich einfach bei Instagram @fittastetic. Wer bin ich? - Jonas Zeschke - 20 Jahre Alt - Zertifizierter Ernährungsberater - Fitness verrückt - Fitness Blogger/App Author - Hobby Koch - Kommunikations &amp; Medien Management Student.

By Jonas Zeschke

How's The Pressure? show

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This podcast is a collection of interviews and conversations from the field of massage therapy. Guests include successful bodyworkers, business owners, teachers. The goal is to create a forum to discuss best practices and share meaningful experiences. The subject matter ranges from table etiquette to the future of massage therapy. Its a place for bodyworkers to come together, ask questions, and participate in the progression of the industry.

By Haley Winter

سوالف نفسية show

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By Psychosamism

RG Radio show

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The successes, failures and stories that made these people who they are today. Learn their stories and that success doesn't always come easy. This could be from business to fitness and everything else in-between.

By Sion Cousins

Mile Markers - Health for Truck Drivers show

Mile Markers - Health for Truck DriversJoin Now to Follow

The focus is truck driver health. It’s a big issue for today’s truckers. Join The Healthy Trucker hosts Mike Curts and Derek McClain as they discuss ideas and solutions for living a better, healthier life on the road.

By The Healthy Trucker

PCOS Diva show

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PCOS Diva offers cutting edge information about PCOS, its research, treatment, lifestyle and diet. Founder of, Amy Medling, has developed a community of supportive women interested in taking control of their PCOS and living their lives to the fullest while healing their bodies, minds and spirits. In this podcast series, Amy interviews leading physicians and experts to explore and explain PCOS and all of the challenges and joys that come with it.

By Amy Medling

MUSC Digestive Health Podcast show

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Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts are interviews with doctors in the field of digestive health. Learn about topics such as colonoscopy, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other digestive diseases.

By Medical University of South Carolina

Happiness Cheat Codes show

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This podcast is all about making you happier by giving you weekly missions to do. Each mission is divided into easy, normal, and hard difficultly levels just like a game. These missions are based on scientific research into what makes people happier with the occasional “Hey that sounds cool. Let’s try that!” mission thrown in for a bit of spice. They are like cheat codes for life. This podcast is NOT about positive thinking, self esteem, visualizing your inner child, or any of that crap. It’s all about doing things that have been proven through research to make people happier and doing things that make you better at life. So join me as I do these missions right along with you. We can try out some of these cheat codes for a happy life together and see if they work. Give it a shot for a month and see if the missions help. Pick a mission, choose a difficultly level, do the mission, and let me know how it went. You can find me on Google+ or Facebook as Happiness Cheat Codes or Twitter as HappinessCodes. Good luck with the missions!

By Larry Pitts