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The Laundry Chat Podcast with Molly Marko show

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Let's sort out life's laundry together! A podcast to help you wash that pile of whatever's keep you from living through faith, stories, lessons, tips, but most importantly, just being there to sit with you in it.

By Molly Marko

The Ian Cramer Podcast show

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Welcome to the Podcast that's dedicated to making you healthier by interviewing medical doctors and scholars of Lifestyle Medicine.

By Ian Cramer

Adam Eason Evidence Based Hypnosis Podcast show

Adam Eason Evidence Based Hypnosis PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Are hypnotherapists capable of seeing all sides of their own field? What actually is hypnosis? Why do so many people define hypnosis so differently? Is there such a thing as the subconscious mind? What is the relationship between mesmerism and hypnosis? Are there dangers using regression in hypnosis? Can hypnosis enhance the chances of false memory syndrome? Why is there so much paranormal faff related to hypnosis? Why do some people call it trance? Can it actually make people do things they don't want to? Are indirect hypnotic language patterns actually any better than direct? These questions and more are examined and explored with this podcast, dedicated to thinking critically and casting a sceptical eye over the subject of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Adam Eason examines the evidence, casts out quackery and has much fun throughout! Those of you that fancy a rip roaring ride into the world of no-nonsense hypnosis exploration, climb on board and hold on tight.

By Adam Eason

Audio Fitness Workout show

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<a href=""><img class="wp-image-13 aligncenter" title="afw" src="" alt="" width="93" height="93"></a> Audio fitness workouts is designed for people on the go. Certified trainers lead you through many training sessions while you workout. Imagine, never having to stand in front of a tv at home or hiring a trainer at the gym, now you can have functional workouts where ever you go. Business travelers, workout buffs, fitness enthusiasts, all can have their own private trainer and motivator guiding specific workout that get results.

By Audio Fitness Workouts

Bridge to 10K - Free Podcast show

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If you can a run 5k (3.1 miles) but want to increase your distance to a 10k (6.2 miles), this podcast will help you gently work your way up to a 10k. This podcast includes an episode for every workout with audio alerts for each interval. Start a workout track, enjoy the original music produced for this podcast, and hear audio alerts letting you know when to run or walk according to the training plan. For an outline of the training plan please visit:

By Bluefin Software, LLC show

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Workouts On Demand offers an extensive library of full-length workout videos that can be downloaded to your computer. With Workouts On Demand, you always have a new workout to keep you motivated and to help you acheive your goals. Visit today.

By Workouts On Demand, Inc.

Health Coach show

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Learn to stay strong with help from Dr. John Catanzaro from The Health and Wellness Institute. Health Coach can be heard Wednesdays at 7:55am on AM 630 KCIS in Seattle.

By AM630 KCIS in Seattle

Professional Golfer Jeff Klauk Tees Off New Pledge Campaign for Epileptics  show

Professional Golfer Jeff Klauk Tees Off New Pledge Campaign for Epileptics Join Now to Follow

Professional golfer Jeff Klauk discusses his experiences with epilepsy and how those with this condition can manage their epilepsy. He is joined by Dr. Selim Benbadis who will discuss his involvement with the Pledge campaign and encourage others affected by partial-onset seizures to speak candidly with their doctors and loved ones, and go online to take their own Pledge.


Happiness Cheat Codes show

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This podcast is all about making you happier by giving you weekly missions to do. Each mission is divided into easy, normal, and hard difficultly levels just like a game. These missions are based on scientific research into what makes people happier with the occasional “Hey that sounds cool. Let’s try that!” mission thrown in for a bit of spice. They are like cheat codes for life. This podcast is NOT about positive thinking, self esteem, visualizing your inner child, or any of that crap. It’s all about doing things that have been proven through research to make people happier and doing things that make you better at life. So join me as I do these missions right along with you. We can try out some of these cheat codes for a happy life together and see if they work. Give it a shot for a month and see if the missions help. Pick a mission, choose a difficultly level, do the mission, and let me know how it went. You can find me on Google+ or Facebook as Happiness Cheat Codes or Twitter as HappinessCodes. Good luck with the missions!

By Larry Pitts

Tooth Pain | Easy Home Remedies For Toothaches show

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Toothache is one of the most unbearable pains that a person can ever experience. I mean, you are not able to eat your favorite foods, enjoy your daily hobbies, and you even go to bed at night in great pain without having the ability to enjoy a good night sleep, hoping the day comes in which your pain goes away so can live a normal life again. Well, that day has arrived. In this podcast, you are going to learn many very easy, cost-effective, step-by-step natural toothache remedies that will relieve your toothache pain fast. So what are you waiting for? Listen to the podcast so you can get closer to the pain-free life that you deserve.

By Carl Craig