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The Best Practices Show show

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Learn the SECRETS of the best dental practices with Kirk Behrendt, CEO of ACT Dental, through interviews with leaders in the industry.

By ACT Dental

Vasayo show

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The official channel of Vasayo, a direct sales company offering supplements with Advanced (Liposome) Delivery Technology for superior nutrient absorption.

"The Fitness Whisperer" Podcast show

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Fitness is getting more and more complicated. And as you know - that really doesn't help matters. It doesn't help you, because the last thing you need is more complication in your life. Simplification is the key to your success... This podcast is where I open the door to a whole new way to approach your fitness, your wellness and your overall quality of life, not just for now - but for years and years to come. I present this all in the way that I've embodied, not just personally, but also in the ways I coach 1-on-1, and how my team coaches in the SCULPTAFIT Studios. Come join the journey, it's so much easier and far more enjoyable with like-minded friends at your side...

By Joey Atlas

For The Love Of Money Podcast | Business | Philanthropy | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle and Success with Chris Harder show

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Giving you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful, these episodes will share the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people of influence have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success. Host Chris Harder pulls out the best in people, proving that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur himself, he also believes that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same. Money’s most important role is that it gives options and solves problems, and there are way too many stories of successful individuals doing GREAT things with their wealth that go unreported. Chris' goal is to expose those stories, therefor giving you the permission, motivation, and the tips & tools to love and attract money, become a smashing success, and in return, empower you to live generously in your earning and your giving. For more content, check out

By Chris Harder: Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Philanthropist

Bite-Size Wellness Podcast show

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Hosted by Zach Franke and brought to you with love from the team at, Bite-Size Wellness is a show dedicated to delivering powerful nutrition, fitness, and mindset advice in bite-size episodes from top experts from around the world. The main goal of Bite-Size Wellness is to take the confusing and contradictory world of health and fitness and distill it into small bites that make shift happen in your life as you go through the process of digital digestion from week to week. For show notes, free downloads, bonuses, our VIP newsletter, and more, visit us at

By Bite-Size Wellness Podcast

RG Radio show

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The successes, failures and stories that made these people who they are today. Learn their stories and that success doesn't always come easy. This could be from business to fitness and everything else in-between.

By Sion Cousins

The Mindful Dietitian show

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We are a strong & fabulous community of Dietitians world-wide who are committed to promoting peace with food and bodies within the Dietetic and wider communities. If you're a Dietitian and want to know more about how you too can authentically promote wellbeing, please join me! Hosted by Fiona Sutherland, Dietitian from Melbourne Australia.

By Fiona Sutherland

I Hope the Day Has a Good You! show

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I Hope the Day Has a Good You! -- is like bacon for your brain! At under five minutes an episode, start your day with a dose of inspiration and motivation and a dash of perspective. Hosted by creative entrepreneur John-Erik Moseler, takeaways will include success principles collected over the last 22+ years in the areas of business, leadership and most importantly, being a dad. You will hear stories from his adventures at culture-rich environments like Disney, Pixar, and NASA. John-Erik has a passion to help people tell their stories, launch their ideas, and attempt great things. He is the Chief Adventure Officer of — a Dream Development Company. Podcast topics range from family to technology, parenting to life hacks, and the future of education to the power of social media. In terms of self-development, this podcast is a multivitamin for your mindset and encouragement for your best day ever! Bonus material, links, and more to help you win can be found at Help us tell the world each and every morning, “I Hope the Day Has a Good You!” On the socials @ #aGoodYou

By John-Erik

Sip and Shine Podcast show

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History Channel meets Unsolved Mysteries: we talk Reality TV and hot mess struggles while nerding out over copious amounts of wine and candy. Locked Up Abroad stories, True Crime, Cults, History and everything in between is here for your listening pleasure. Are you the one to go down the rabbit hole when you read an article on a strange topic? Robert Stack's voice still causes you to get scared? Run up the basement stairs when you turn off the light? This show is for you. So come Sip with us about some interesting stories, Sparkle with guest co-hosts or Shine a light on interesting topics.


Acupoints and Meridians Made Easy! show

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Hi! I'm Cindy Black. I am a licensed Acupuncturist and author of Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality. I created this channel to share with you easy ways to locate acupoints and meridians. May you enjoy abundant and flowing Qi!

By Cindy Black, L.Ac.