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Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone show

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A healthy living podcast for the people. Health and fitness chat, your questions answered, plus the latest news from the blogland.

By Dietgirl and MizFit

Anxiety Slayer show

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With over 5 million downloads and hundreds of episodes, Anxiety Slayer is a podcast for anyone who is suffering from PTSD, panic attacks, stress, and anxiety. Listen in for a rich collection of supportive conversations, meditations, relaxations, and breathing techniques to help you feel calm and centered. Join us for weekly podcasts for your peace of mind and personal growth.

By Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer

Dishing Up Nutrition show

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Understand the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Hosted by licensed nutritionists and dietitians from Nutritional Weight & Wellness we share practical, real-life solutions for healthier living through nutrition. We’ve helped thousands of clients and listeners discover how real food can increase energy, stabilize moods, jumpstart metabolism, eliminate cravings, restore digestion, decrease inflammation and so much more. Our hosts take listeners questions and bring in expert guests for discussions on nutrition issues, trends, supplements, cooking and new research. More at

By Nutritional Weight & Wellness, Inc.

The Empower Yourself Podcast: Self Care | Time Management | Career | Lifestyle show

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Victoria Gigante, the creator of '21 Days To A Daily Practice' reveals simple, actionable tips, tricks, & life-hacks designed to help you take back control of your time. Find out how you can regain control of your life & get focused, feel grounded, make better decisions, & have a better relationship with yourself & others. Whether you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or out of control in your life, you can achieve personal freedom by focusing your efforts for less than one hour a week. Discover the secrets behind why we procrastinate, lose motivation, & fall out of touch with our bodies as Victoria guides you towards a holistic approach to time management, finding out what you want in life, & taking action to live an empowered life.

By Victoria Gigante: Coach, Time Management Expert, and Writer

Three Simple Steps show

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Weekly podcast from serial entrepreneur and NY Times best selling author of Three Simple Steps

By Three Simple Steps

Power Up Sessions by show

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Fitness Reloaded currently presents two series: 1. The Health & Fitness Duels: Ever wondered who is right? The vegetarians or the paleo folks? The running or the weight-lifting folks? Listen to two experts' point of view on a controversial topic...concurrently. 2. The Do the Impossible series: Thought that getting taller in your 40s was impossible? Or, that you could never become a fitness champion in your mid-30s if you were not exercising as a child/teen? Thankfully the impossible is actually possible!

By Maria by

Smarter Science of Slim vs. Calorie Myths with Jonathan Bailor » podcasts show

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What if everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong? When it comes to most things in life, we welcome research and progress. From the convenience of our smartphones to the technology in our hospitals, scientific advancement allows us to live better. So why are we still following weight-loss advice from the 1950s? Why haven’t we ever questioned the “calories in/calories out” model at the foundation of every diet and fitness plan—a formula that, not coincidentally, has accompanied record-breaking levels of obesity? In The Smarter Science of Slim Show, Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth, exposes the fundamental flaw upon which the diet industry is built and offers a new equation: EAT MORE + EXERCISE LESS = WEIGHT LOSS Free 28 day eating/exercise program: You don’t have to go hungry or spend hours exercising to get healthy & be happy. When you learn the new science of eating and exercise, slim is simple.

By Jonathan Bailor

Healing depression anxiety panic attacks self-healing video show

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Can this amazingly simple self-help process help you deal with depression and anxiety and panic attacks? Only you will be able to answer that question. Download the Reboot You Brain self-help level 2 audio and video files and experiment with them. Try them on everything and share your experiences. I produced this product after over 20 years of research and personal experiments using well-known and respected self-help and self-healing technologies such as Qi-Gong, Reiki, E.F.T. (Emotional Healing Technique) and the popular Brain Wave Vibration technique developed by IIchi Lee.

By Alex Wilon

Johns Hopkins Medicine Media Player | Podcast | Hopkins PodMed show

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Explore health topics, medical research, education programs and patient stories from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland—with podcasts and photos.

By Johns Hopkins Medicine

MedscapeCME Family Medicine Podcast show

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Medscape offers free CME activities for physicians and other health professionals. Medscape is organized by medical specialty, with each supported specialty having its own customized Web site. Specialty content is evaluated, created, and presented under the guidance of a Medscape program director and a medical professional advisory board.

By MedscapeCME