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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Tempestt S. Smith show

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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem is the most beneficial podcast on self-esteem that has ever been produced, and is led by Tempestt S. Smith. This podcast is filled with tears, laughter, joy, and therapy. As a child, you didn’t come into this world with low self-esteem, you had to be taught it. Your thoughts are not completely your own; therefore, you are currently living a reality that was created by you, but not necessarily for you. The life where you’ve surrendered fully to an unhealthy self-esteem is literally killing you on purpose, without purpose. The time for greatness, YOUR greatness, is now.

By Antonio T. Smith Jr.

Encountering Silence show

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Explore the beauty, spirituality, and meaning of silence with hosts Cassidy Hall, Kevin Johnson, and Carl McColman. Silence is a topic most of us think little about — yet it is vitally important to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We examine silence from spiritual, religious, psychological, philosophical, and other perspectives, celebrating how important silence is for our individual and shared lives.

By Cassidy Hall, Kevin Johnson, Carl McColman

Rock Your Retirement Show show

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Have you every asked yourself, "Is there more to Retirement than money?" If so, then this show is for you! Rock your Retirement is a show that is all about Retirement Lifestyle. <br> <br> Rock Your Retirement is a show that doesn't talk about money or investments. We explore how you can have a great retirement by taking a look at the following lifestyle areas:<br> <br> Social and Family Life in Retirement<br> Adventure and Travel in Retirement <br> Volunteer and Philanthropy <br> Spirit, Soul, and Health<br> Sex in Retirement <br> Sandwich Generation Issues (helping your children and parents at the same time)<br> <br> Make your retirement lifestyle better by listening to the Rock Your Retirement Show!<br> <br> Get more information on the show at

By Kathe Kline and her guests discuss Retirement Lifestyle, not money.

Procrastination and Motivation show

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Learning to Create WIthout Fear

By Tix-N-Roo

Power Down Podcast show

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Power Down is a tangible way to disconnect online and connect with what matters most, just once a day or once a week. The Power Down podcast will feature conversations with bloggers and writers influential in the online community seeking to replace one day's worth of their online lives with whatever is needed most: people. Quiet. Nature. Sleep. Join us every other Wednesday at 11 PST/1 CST as we talk about balance and finding true connection in a digital world.

By Heather King, Amy Whitley, The SITS Girls

MUSC Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism Podcast show

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Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts present a variety of topics about endocrinology and metabolism. Podcast are available on diabetes, kidney disease, and short stature in children.

By Medical University of South Carolina

The Self-Help Rockstar Show show

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The Self-Help Rockstar Show (formerly the No Easy Answers podcast) is where self-help becomes cool. After overcoming his own personal obstacles and demons, host Barry Mangione is on a mission to share the tools, tricks, and timeless truths that helped change his life, to help create a worldwide army of self-help rockstars! Barry is an author, musician and life coach. He suffered through depression, divorce, bankruptcy, alcoholism, and thoughts of suicide. Yet he turned it all around to create a life filled with happiness, peace, and abundance. Inspiration Mondays feature songs to get you moving and inspired for the week ahead, along with Barry's unique Self-Help Rockstar commentary. Wisdom Wednesdays feature interviews with inspirational figures, thought leaders, and experts in their fields, giving you knowledge and experience to help live your best life possible. F-Word Fridays feature Barry giving the "Self-Help Rockstar Treatment" to a different f-word every week (forgiveness, fear, freedom, fun...) to lighten up the spirit of self-help and give listeners a good vibe and something to think about going into the weekend and beyond. Find out more about Barry at

By Barry Mangione

Signs And Symptoms Of  Prostate Cancer show

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This Podcast gives you information about signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

By IsraMeds

I'm Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores show

I'm Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita FloresJoin Now to Follow

Comedians disappear into the gentle-voiced vortex of hit TV show Frasier. No, this isn't Kevin Smith's Frasier podcast. Comedian and number one Frasier fan Anita Flores explores different themes and pivotal moments from the show with a new guest each episode.

By More Banana Productions

Health Encyclopedia Online show

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Health is wealth!

By Health Encyclopedia Online