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Inspiring and motivating people to learn more about the fantastic benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables.

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A multi-faceted podcast discussing nutrition, exercise, mindset, and stress reduction - with practical, actionable advice. Lose body fat, gain muscle, increase your energy, eat healthier to be healthier, or simply learn to maintain - that's what we do here, as a team and community. Whether you are new and don't know where to start, or you're a gym junkie, you'll find something here that will help you transform your body, mind, and life.

By Michelle Anderson: Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

#MPNation Podcast show

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The #MPNation Podcast is hosted by MusclePharm Co-Founder Cory Gregory (@Musclepharmpres) and the legendary Bill Phillips, and focuses on Fitness, Training, Diet, Motivation, Transformations and much more. Each week Cory and Bill will lead an informative discussion with special guests in the fitness, training, science and nutrition world. Don't miss it!

By MusclePharm

The Good Doctors with Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse show

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Let’s seek health rather than fight disease. The greatest gift in life is your health and as health professionals we want you to receive the information you need to achieve sustainable health and wellness, as well as find the answers to give you the best chance to fight chronic disease. On The Good Doctors healthcare is “unplugged” - free from any industry or vested interests, which can often provide conflicting or confusing health messages. Instead, we give you information to empower you to take control of your future health and the health of your family and friends. There has never been a better time to challenge the paradigms of medicine and look at the underlying biochemistry of health and disease. We look at the full spectrum from mind-body medicine, to the environment, where we source our food to nutrition. Join holistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich and holistic medical practitioner Dr Michelle Woolhouse as they take you on a journey to inspire and empower you to better health and wellbeing, converting confusion to clarity and information into knowledge that you can apply. This is not alternative medicine, this is just good medicine- we hope you enjoy it!

By Dr Ron Ehrlich & Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Vitamin Junkeys show

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Join Jennifer Lyall and Naturopath, Dr. JJ Dugoua as they have fun exploring alternative therapies and healthy living. This entertaining video podcast is released weekly. For different file formats and more resources (like a vitamin dictionary, alternative therapies defined, or to find a practitioner in your community), visit

By Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques Dugoua

Inner Strength Podcast show

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Podcast om hälsa, träning, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, bra mat och livsglädje.

By Petra Axlund Stegman

Dan French Healthy Comedian show

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Each week, comedian Dr. Dan French and co-host Lawrence Thomas, interview a guest and discusses health issues, all in an effort to "Re-healthing America, for real. This is cutting edge nutritional info meets super whack comedy. A funny way to get healthy. Hosted by Dr. Dan French. This show is brought to you by The Network Studios. A Mike Casentini production.

By Dan French, Lawrence Thomas, Mike Casentini

Emagrecer De Vez – A Verdade Sobre Emagrecimento E Boa Forma / Queimar Gordura, Reeducação Alimentar, Dietas, Motivação, Perder Barriga, Musculação show

Emagrecer De Vez – A Verdade Sobre Emagrecimento E Boa Forma / Queimar Gordura, Reeducação Alimentar, Dietas, Motivação, Perder Barriga, MusculaçãoJoin Now to Follow

Este é o podcast OFICIAL do com Rodrigo Polesso, onde mostramos de forma clara e direta como você pode EMAGRECER de forma definitiva, atingir seu PESO IDEAL e manter a sua BOA FORMA, naturalmente e sem esforço e SEM BALELAS! Assuntos: Motivação, Queimar Gordura, Emagrecimento, Dietas, Regimes, Reeducação Alimentar, Perder Peso, Perder Barriga, Exercícios, Alimentação Saudável, Ganho De Massa Muscular, Musculação O Emagrecer De Vez é o maior e mais honesto site sobre emagrecimento e boa forma disponível em Português. O site é apoiado e seguido também por milhares de profissionais da saúde que vão desde médicos, psicólogos, até nutricionistas, fisioterapeutas, etc. Seja bem vindo(a) e descubra você também já as verdades sobre emagrecimento e boa forma!

By Emagrecer de Vez Com Rodrigo Polesso: Emagrecimento e Boa Forma, Sem Balelas

The Rebooted Body Podcast: Reprogram Your Body and Mind for Sustainable Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, and Peak Performance show

The Rebooted Body Podcast: Reprogram Your Body and Mind for Sustainable Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, and Peak PerformanceJoin Now to Follow

Kevin Geary of The Rebooted Body Blog shares his insights about reprogramming your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance by crushing myths, changing paradigms, and shunning conventional wisdom. Discover the ancestral science and modern psychology that combine to create effective strategies for reaching your goals along with tricks and hacks to make you a fat burning furnace, motivational interviews, in depth discussions with nutrition and health experts, and much more. This refreshing and empowering content is exactly what you need to escape the world of SAD eating and create a new, permanently sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your family.

By Kevin Geary: Nutrition and Fitness Strategist and Blogger

The Funky Buddha Yoga Hot House show

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These fun, fast, soul-provoking power vinyasa classes are for students who already know basic yoga alignment and just want to flow. Join the teaching staff from one of America's fastest growing hot yoga studios, The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse in Grand Rapids, MI, for a power vinyasa yoga journey that just might change your life, one yoga pose and one breath at a time.

By Funky Buddha Yoga Hot House