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The Wes Talbert Show show

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The Wes Talbert Show is a podcast delivering quality information on a variety of pertinent topics, seeking to expand the minds of our listeners, challenge the status quo, and present other perspectives. In each episode, the host, the purveyor of perspectives, Wes Talbert, will open your mind with a thoughtful approach to both guests and topics. Follow on Facebook at, subscribe to the YouTube channel at, and visit the website at for more information.

By Wes Talbert

Let's Get INformation show

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A podcast for seekers, yogis, powerhouses, manifest-ers, and straight up dope souls. Connection, sexuality, spirituality, body image, self improvement, health, business, and how to cultivating an epic life are a few touchstones that we will focus on. Digging deep, lifting up, and thriving, through personal stories, tips, how to’s, and most importantly, great, rich, truth.

By Alexa Silvaggio

What is Estrogen. show

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This Podcast gives you information about role of estrogen in female.

By IsraMeds

Humankind on Public Radio show

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In times of fast-paced change and challenge, how do we hold onto our humanity? Each week, public radio's award-winning Humankind presents the stories of doers and dreamers who strive to make our planet a more humane and livable place. Through David Freudberg's moving documentaries and dialogues, we hear the voices of forward thinkers, peacemakers, health and education leaders, practitioners of spirituality and simplicity, environmental champions, and many others. For more: **Podcast does not correspond to public radio schedule.

By David Freudberg

Welcome to Chopra Center Radio show

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Awaken your mind-body-spirit connection to attain health, balance, and harmony on Chopra Center Radio. We’ll discuss a broad range of topics including spirituality and money, higher consciousness, meditation, yoga, emotional freedom, holistic lifestyle, and the power of intention. Don’t miss our next inspiring conversation!

By The Chopra Center

The Mind Whisperer show

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Psychotherapist, Aikido teacher and writer/speaker Michael A. Gordon, MSc. brings 25 years experience in media and personal development. The Mindful Whisperer bridges neuroscience, spiritual psychology and mindfulness as they apply to a wide range of topics relating to daily life.

By Michael A Gordon

Design You Podcast show

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People from all walks of life share their personal journeys, life lessons and insights to inspire us to make the necessary changes to create the life we really want. Each show is packed with strategies designed to help you find the clarity and purpose needed for personal fulfilment, the tools to do things differently and the strategic skills to transform our life from living by default to living by design; oh, and there should be some laughs along the way!

By Tina Murray

Seizing Life show

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The Seizing Life podcast, by Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), hosted by Kelly Cervantes, aims to inspire empathy & give hope as we search for a cure for epilepsy. Together, we can find a cure. We can seize life.

By Seizing Life

The Mastermind Show show

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Conversations with leading experts in Mind, Body & Spiritual Transformation with your host Craig Meriwether.

By The Mastermind Show

Unconventional Thinkers show

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I read many books and wonder "Why am I just now finding out about this information?". I figure if it is useful for me, then other people will benefit. I will interview experts from chosen fields ranging from psychology, spirituality and creativity to provide users information that will enhance the qualities of their life.

By Kulwant Saluja