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Psychology Illustrated: Psych Sessions Podcast show

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Psych Sessions is the podcast covering topics related to psychiatry, psychology, and mental health. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional, there is something for you here. Hosted by Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Jimmie Morris. Jimmie is a National Certified Counselor, author, speaker, and psychotherapist with a private practice in the San Antonio, TX area.

By Jimmie Morris: Psychology & Psychotherapy Consultant

Indian Food that's Fast, Easy and Healthy Podcast! show

Indian Food that's Fast, Easy and Healthy Podcast!Join Now to Follow

Have you ever wanted to cook Indian food with that same great authentic Indian flavor for your family and friends? That's healthy yet delicious and can be prepared within minutes? Well, your going to love India Base. India Base makes it incredibly easy to cook Indian food like butter chicken, curry chicken, palak paneer, vindaloo, tandoori chicken, dal makhani, aloo gobi, chicken ticka masala, chole, chickpea masala, and the list goes on. Not to mention that India Base is 100% vegan, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and no preservatives. The ingredients that make-up India Base only include Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon Juice, and Spices. That's it! India Base is for everyone who loves the taste of Indian food. No matter what your level of cooking skills are, you can make delicious Indian food with India Base even if you've never cooked Indian food before by following our simple videos. And within minutes you'll be able to impress all your family, friends and especially yourself with your delicious Indian food recipes. Buy it today at

By Harjoyt Kang: Indian Food Guru

Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® show

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Welcome to radio’s popular power hour of positive, uplifting, life-changing talk, Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! with hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany. You were not created equal. You are something far better. You are unique! This educational and entertaining radio program prepares you to star in your own life while igniting the flame that is already inside you. In the T42 Health Matters segment, the Mother/Daughter Goddess Gals offer tips for healthy living spanning the generations. In other segments, Cynthia gabs with gurus, interviewing authors and success-perts that inform and amuse. She reads every book and asks the questions to get the answers you want to hear. Define your vision, discover your passion, and design your future in this power packed party hour. Explore your potential and embrace your possibilities. Smile, have fun, and celebrate YOU! Lend us your ears, turn up the volume and enjoy a FREE personal success coaching session compliments of Starstyle.

By Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany

Forgive To Win - Increase Self-Esteem. End Self-Sabotage. Create The Life You Want. show

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Cognitive Tools & Spiritual Techniques to achieve happiness, physical well-being and material success.

By Walter E. Jacobson, MD's Studio

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie show

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This show emphasizes discussions related to the lifestyles of socially active and progressive singles; dating and relationships; sex and seduction; and overall self-improvement

By Alan Roger Currie

Talking Admissions and Med Student Life show

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The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan, Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah's School of Medicine, 'Talking Admissions and Med Student Life' brings valuable information to anyone thinking about a career in medicine whether you're in high school, pre-med or already a medical student. The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the participants, and in no way reflects those of the UUSOM.

By The Scope Radio, University of Utah Health

Daily Adventure Tales show

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Retirement can be a shock to the identity! Do you wish you had a way to jumpstart “reinventing yourself” post retirement? Are you tired of feeling “blah” and want to break out and try something new? Daily Adventure Tales is here to inspire you to have fun and discover your identity through small adventures. Subscribe today and get some new adventure ideas. Adventure host, Laurie Weaver retired young from a corporate job in technology and dove headfirst into learning what retirement had to offer. Now, reinvented as “Adventure” Laurie, she’s eager to hear your adventures and encourages participation in the podcast through What’s your story? Weekly podcast schedule is every Thurs. with a show length of between 10-20 minutes. Great for that adventure walk after dinner! Tweet @AdventureLaurie

By Laurie Weaver

Healing the Roots of Food Addiction and Substance Abuse show

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Is there a cure for food addiction? Usually, when someone goes on diet after diet and still fails to lose weight and keep it off, they are addicted to food. They are an emotional eater or substance abuser. Is that you? That was me, too. This audio is about healing and transformation. Healing the root causes of food addiction and even substance abuse requires healing yourself on the deepest levels. Using ancient breathing techniques and awareness practices taught by the Buddha, this book helps you to gain control over food addiction and other compulsive behaviors. As you know, from experience, just deciding to change your behavior isn't enough. You have to change YOU! Working with the breathing practices outlined in these audios, you can alter your brain and nervous system to where you begin to have more choices available to you. Many addiction treatment methods focus on education. However, education is about using your mind to learn new information. But you already have enough information. You just wish you could control yourself better and don't understand why you keep repeating the same patterns that make you fat. Isn't that the nature of food addiction or addiction of any kind? So to treat food addiction or any addictive or compulsive behavior, you need to change the operating system, and that's easier said than done. Yogic Breathing techniques can help you to bypass the troubled mind, wherein the roots of the pain that causes the addictive behavior lie. Just utilizing the awareness practices will help you begin to have greater control over your emotional eating or substance abuse, as well as numerous mental and physical health benefits. The practice can even result in reduced blood pressure or anxiety.

By Robert Polsky

Survival Medicine show

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Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.

By NurseAmyandDrBones

The Period Party show

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The Period Party is what happens when you get two women’s health experts unscripted, uncensored, and on the air! Think of it as girl talk gone menstrual!

By The Period Party