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Swing Life show

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Let Paul and Kim take you on their journey through becoming swingers right from the start. This is intended for adults only, the sexual nature of this podcast may offend. If you are offended by swingers or swinging in general, this is not for you. For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the show. Paul & Kim XXX

By Paul & Kim

DungeonPlace - Home of the DungeonPlace FetishCast Podcast show

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The DungeonPlace podcast is an adult-oriented podcast exploring BDSM, kink, fetish, alternate sexuality and the relationships that exist in our real lives. This is not your "Dommy-dom" podcast. We discuss topics in a fun, panel format that is serious but light-hearted. What we choose to discuss does deal with deep issues and deep kink. Listen now! Have fun! We are consensual kink in your pocket!

By Tutivillus DungeonPlace Podcast

Porn to Purity » p2ppodcast show

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Jeff and Marsha have been in recovery from Jeff's addiction to pornography. They share their story, struggles, and victories as they continue on the road to recovery and health in their marriage. Jeff and Marsha offer a real, honest look at what it takes to work through pornography's grip on a marriage. The Porn to Purity Podcast can help: (1.) The person struggling with addiction to porn, fantasy, and/or lust, (2.) The spouse affected by the sexual addiction, and (2) Anyone trying to help a friend break out of sexual addiction. Please check out our block at and feel free to email us at

By Jeff and Marsha Fisher

Alcohol Mastery Podcast show

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Kevin O'Hara from Alcohol Mastery reveals all his strategies and techniques for helping you to quit drinking permanently. Alcohol Mastery is structured around the belief that Heavy drinking is just a habit that has simply gotten out of control. It’s a habit that 80% of the population has been brainwashed into believing is the norm. And, it’s a habit that is very simple to quit… you simply stop drinking. Alcohol Mastery focuses on the immense gains you get when you move away from alcohol, rather than dwelling on the loss of the precious poison. It’s about stepping away from the alcoholic label, perpetuating the AA type ‘alcoholic forever’ mentality, and blaming the alcohol instead of the drinker. Alcohol Mastery is about guiding you onwards, toward your new life of freedom, control, and self respect. Some of the topics covered include frequently asked questions about common problems you might encounter when you quit drinking, general quitting alcohol tips and advice, and regular updates about my stop drinking alcohol journey. There are new episodes being posted all the time, so make sure you come back regularly. Onwards and upwards!

By Kevin O'Hara: Quit Drinking Alcohol Training Expert



Live Your Best Life seeks to unite and mobilize believers by imparting and teaching the power of intercession and prophetic ministry.

By 47882

Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic with Charlotte Szivak show

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Listen to the show LIVE every Tuesday at 2:00pm Pacific Time and 5:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1! Join Charlotte Szivak as we step through an illuminated multi-dimensional doorway on a cosmic adventure ride through time and space bridging the merging time lines where the past, present and future collide. Experience your vastness, elevating your consciousness, synthesis all of your Souls dimensions in a moment to moment format that ignites your creativity to explore the many yet undiscovered horizons. Each broadcast is infuses with ascension Light body activations, transmissions, shadow wisdom transformations and meditative journeys assisting with awakening, anchoring, and actualization of the Language of Light as you embrace your divine essence. Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic also welcomes many Special Guests - all experts within their fields of personal and planetary transformation.

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.

Fitness Inspiration Podcast - Fitspo Family: Fitness Inspiration | Fitness Motivation | Workouts | Diet Help  show

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Fitness Inspiration Podcast Hosted by Sean Williams - The podcast dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. This podcast features Fitness Inspiration, Fitness Motivation, Sample Workouts, and Diet Help. We answer questions from our listeners and have special guests who are fitness, nutrition and diet experts to help you achieve your goals. Our guests come from a variety of fitness disciplines including bodybuilding, yoga, kickboxing, high intensity interval training, aerobics, jiu jitsu, crossfit and others. Visit our website for more information:

By Sean Williams: Diet and Fitness Blogger | Motivational Speaker

The Taylored Motivation Podcast: Business | Fitness | Travel | Lifestyle show

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Carlton Taylor from the Taylored Motivation Blog shares all of his motivational philosophies and inspirational stories, online business and fitness strategies, money saving lifestyle and travel hacking tips so you can get focused and stay motivated during your entire self-improvement journey. Through his personal real life experiences of running a business, getting back in shape, recovering from bankruptcy, learning new languages so he and his wife can travel the world; candid conversations with people that have successfully done what you’re trying to do; and inspirational stories shared by the audience there’s no question that you’ll have all of the tools you’ll need to defy the doubters, ignore the naysayers, minimize negativity, and succeed at anything you put your mind to.

By Carlton Taylor

The Download show

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"The Download" is a weekly variety talk radio show co-hosted by Chris May & Elli Tourjé which airs Mondays at 5:30 PM on 91.7 FM in Palm Springs, CA.

By Chris May & Elli Tourjé

Fit to the Finish show

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Diane Carbonell of Fit to the Finish shares about her 150 pound weight loss and 15 years of weight maintenance in these podcasts. Diane has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, the 700 Club, and been featured in Shape and Woman's World magazines. Diane is the author of the book 150 Pounds Gone Forever and the popular weight loss, fitness, and dieting blog, Fit to the Finish. In these weight loss podcasts, she shares weight loss tips, exercise strategies, true stories of how it felt to be obese, and gives insights on successful, real life weight loss and maintenance. A mom to seven children, Diane shares how important it is to feed your family healthy food and set a good example regarding exercise and healthy lifestyles. She also shares recipe ideas, meal planning strategies, and how to enjoy your social life while losing weight.

By Diane Carbonell: Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Expert