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By Amie Dockery

The PCOS Revolution show

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Living with PCOS doesn’t have to be a struggle! On The PCOS Revolution podcast we’ll discuss the tools that can transform your PCOS symptoms and change your life. You’ll learn the secrets of kicking PCOS to the curb as reproductive experts and fellow cysters share their wisdom so you can better understand how to break free of anxiety, depression, weight gain, fertility challenges and the dreaded hormonal ups and downs. Disclaimer: The information in this podcast is intended for general audience only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace professional medical advice.

By Farrar Duro, DOM

Radu Antoniu's Podcast - Conversations with the Audience show

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This podcast exists in order for my audience to interact directly with me and ask for personalized advice. The guests are chosen randomly from the comments on specific posts from my Instagram profile. The guests can ask me anything they want, but preferably questions from fields they know I have at least some experience in.

By Radu Antoniu

Beginner Runner Village show

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Sensible Training, Satisfying Results

By Debbie Voiles

Medicine Stories show

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Exploring the mythic journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, earth dreamers, and other wise folk. Story is medicine, magic is real, healing is open-ended & endless.

By Amber Magnolia Hill


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Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network® as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media. Because of its long history, staying power, and public trust, the Good News Network has remained #1 on Google. Anthony Samadani interviews incredibly inspiring people from all walks of life, that have dedicated their personal, professional and/or spiritual lives to creating and sharing GOOD NEWS.

By Good News Network

20 Minute Fitness show

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20 Minute Fitness dives into the science and technology of today's fitness world for you. Packing need-to-know info about the latest in fitness nutrition, tech, science, and methodology every Tuesday. Stay up to date with the current fitness news and trends without taking up all your time. Find out more at

By Shape

The Laundry Room Podcast show

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Ebony and Judy discuss everything from travel, food, health, relationships and beauty tips, mixed with a bit of gossip! We really hope to inspire all to live life to the fullest. Be or become your best, YOU. Have loads of laughs and fun doing so. Click the play button to listen and join the journey!

By Ebony & Judy

Podcasts – Heal your Hunger show

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People who struggle with food and weight tend to look for answers in all the wrong places. Diet and exercise programs, self-help books, therapy, pills and potions may work for a time, but 98% of the time people regain the weight (and then some). The reason is that they are emotional eaters and have not identified and healed the root cause of their emotional eating. The “Heal Your Hunger Show” is a podcast (in audio and video format) that will help you get to the heart of why you overeat and how to stop. The Heal Your Hunger Show will inform, support and inspire you to make real, life changes that will directly affect your eating habits. These changes—that have little to do with diet and exercise—will not only help you overcome emotional eating, but they will make daily living happier, healthier and 1000 times more fun. Join Tricia Nelson as she takes you on this journey of inspiration and healing. After years of struggle, it’s time to Heal Your Hunger. Are you an emotional eater or a food addict? Take the QUIZ and get your personal score at

By Tricia Nelson, Emotional Eating Expert

Intelligent Medicine show

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Audio presentations by Dr. Ronald Hoffman on the topics of preventive medicine and natural healing.

By Dr. Ronald Hoffman