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"I'm Fine." with Krista Allen show

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Lets face it - we're all the reason SOMEONE needs therapy. On "I'm Fine." with Krista Allen, Krista and her comedian/celebrity guests explore their own personal debaucheries while diving into the perplexing world of self-help. Join them as they sift through intimate chapters from their own lives, inspired by a different facet of self-help each week. It could be anything, books, articles or even instagram posts! It's time to "shift" or get off the pod! "I'm fine." with Krista Allen is a part of the Dragon Wagon Radio Podcast network. @ItsDragonWagon

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The DC Rainmaker Podcast show

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This is a 30 minute live-to-tape Q&A format show where listeners ask Ray Maker of questions about sports technology and other random topics. Ray offer his expert opinion, and co-host Ben Hobbs of offers smart-ass commentary. To leave a voice message for Ray or Ben, visit

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Mountain Wilderness Mastery show

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Mountain Wilderness Skills for Hiking, Backpacking, Mountain Climbing, and other outdoor activities. For the beginner or expert, we will help you take you to the next level.


Pilates Anytime TV show

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Pilates Anytime features hundreds of full length Pilates class exercise videos in HD quality from world class instructors. Each week on the Pilates Anytime podcast, we explore a topic of interest to Pilates enthusiasts.

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Blast Off Body Building show

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My name is matthew I am a muscle building nut, I have written alot of information on how to build muscle fast, so began truning that information into podcasts. My free information is for everyone whether your large or small I have the right information for you to build a big and strong body. If you are serious about building strong muscle then I suggest you listen to my podcasts carefully and watch out for more podcasts coming soon. I have a wealth of information waiting to be turned into audio files.

By Matthew J Hodgson

Triathlon Mind Training » Triathlon Mind Training show

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Triathlon Mind Training. If you are doing half ironman triathlon training, full ironman triathlon training, olympic distance triathlon training or sprint distance triathlon training TMT is a must. TMT is all about how successful athletes train their mind to go long. The show will have interviews with pros and age groupers alike. Along with audio and video from training and racing venues.

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Plant, Run, Family  show

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A (more or less) weekly podcast about eating plants, running triathlons, and doing it all with and while raising a family.

By Plant, Run, Family

RITTER Sports Performance show

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Our mission at RITTER Sports Performance is to “Empower You to Pursue and Exceed Your Goals.” This podcast is an extension of our vision. We want to help build confidence in you or your team’s training and competition. We facilitate that through unpacking the fundamentals of strength training, recovery techniques and mental training. Whether you’re interested in sport specific training for elite performance such as an Ironman or just personal training for yourself, be it your first triathlon or getting serious about fat loss or muscle gain, you’ll be sure to gain insight. We strive to provide concise and actionable information covering all topics of fitness, health, nutrition, diet, wellness lifestyle, injury prevention, rehabilitation, stretching, weight lifting and creating a workout with a focus on safety through proper periodization, how to prevent overtraining and burnout, long-term athletic development, comprehensive strength & conditioning programming including how to develop endurance, speed, agility, quickness and power for athletic results. Occasionally we interview guests to learn from their expertise, including those from fields such as: swimming, cycling, running, chiropractic, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, sports psychology, biomechanical and movement analysis, athlete assessment, kinesiology, exercise physiology and exercise science, even top-level team sports coaches for basketball, soccer, football, baseball and volleyball to share their coaching philosophies and technique tips. The training philosophy that we follow at RITTERSP is not based on the latest trends and fads but instead we discuss current topics like Paleo, Crossfit and others. We teach how to process "new" programs or training philosophies so you always know how to get the best results out of your training program for you or your team. We even discuss topics like what type of equipment is best for reaching your performance goals from dumbbells to kettlebells, bodyweight and functional training.

By Chris Ritter

Sip and Shine Podcast show

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History Channel meets Unsolved Mysteries: we talk Reality TV and hot mess struggles while nerding out over copious amounts of wine and candy. Locked Up Abroad stories, True Crime, Cults, History and everything in between is here for your listening pleasure. Are you the one to go down the rabbit hole when you read an article on a strange topic? Robert Stack's voice still causes you to get scared? Run up the basement stairs when you turn off the light? This show is for you. So come Sip with us about some interesting stories, Sparkle with guest co-hosts or Shine a light on interesting topics.


Selfie show

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Let’s talk self-care. Sarah James, a lifestyle blogger and self-help aficionado, is joined by bestie Kristen Howerton, a writer and psychotherapist, as they tackle the tricky and often elusive aspects of caring for ourselves. Their weekly conversations explore questions like: Why don’t I eat the way I should? How do I get enough sleep? What aspects of my personality make self-care tricky? And what’s the best way to deal with pubic hair? From the silly to the serious, Kristen and Sarah are taking a vulnerable and often humorous look at body, mind and spirit . . . and maybe a touch of the random, all while looking at the distractions and defenses that keep us from caring for ourselves like we should.

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