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The Relentless Life show

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Relentless Roger invites you into his world as a physical transformation coach to to learn about exercise and nutrition through real client interviews. Together we’ll challenge conventional wisdom, break the “diet” cycle, smash your scale, and take pride in your health. The Relentless Life is about taking action, so let’s go!

By Relentless Roger

The Fat Loss Solution show

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Coach Ryan Faehnle travels the world educating the top trainers around the world. He has helped thousands of athletes and regular folks reach their peak physique in his roles as NCAA strength and conditioning head coach and Air Force PT leader. Now he wants to help YOU reach your fat loss goals.

By Adam Steer and Ryan Faehnle

5 Healthy Minutes Podcast with Nick Marrs  show

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5 Healthy Minutes Podcast is based on the premise that getting healthy is simple in theory, but in reality it isn't easy at all. Join host and Certified Personal Trainer, Nick Marrs as he dives into the real barriers we all face when trying to lose weight, increase strength, tone our bodies, and maintain those results through everyday life. By taking a specific approach to overall health with a progressive theme, Nick shares his proven strategies from goal setting to reaching and sustaining your results to a healthier and balanced lifestyle, 5 minutes at a time.

By Nick Marrs

My Sports Dietitian Connect show

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no show description found

By Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN

The Road to Ripped: Your Ultimate Fitness Resource | Fitness: Psychology : Dieting : Hacks show

The Road to Ripped: Your Ultimate Fitness Resource | Fitness: Psychology : Dieting : HacksJoin Now to Follow

Greg O'Gallagher of and Christopher Walker of bring you a hard-hitting, straight-shooting show about the most effective - and many times unconventional - psychology, training, and nutrition tips, tricks, and habit patterns to use to create a lasting fitness journey that will give you the body of your dreams - for the rest of your life. Bodyweight and weight training tactics, nutrition vs dieting, and mental hacking brings you closer to achieving your goals - one step at a time.

By Greg O'Gallagher & Christopher Walker | Fitness Bloggers

The Long Run Podcast show

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A podcast of running long... Be it 1 mile or 100 miles, any distance can be long. We are a duo of trail and ultramarathon runners who train in the UK and USA and compete in races of any distance from 1 mile limits. The podcast is hosted by Israel Archuletta and Emily Millington a pair of unique ultra-endurance athletes who are just ordinary people with normal jobs, families, and life's challenges, that try to fit in long runs sometimes 1-5 miles, other times competing in 30 or 100+ mile races. We talk experiences in training, what we learn, nutrition, weight loss, preparing for races, life on the trail, running gear, equipment, and race reviews. We interview other athletes or people connected to outdoor sports, and learn from them. We inspire people to get out and get some exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy the outdoors, and try to have a few laughs along the way.

By Israel the Runner & Emily Millington

Hitch Fit! Weight Loss and Fitness Show show

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, diet tips, health, fitness, exercise and nutrition information, education and motivation from top personal trainers and fitness models Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux of Hitch Fit. Online weight loss program providers, visit for details.

By Hitch Fit - Online Weight Loss Programs and Motivation

Dogs Naturally On Air show

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The magazine that has dog owners buzzing with excitement is now on the air! Join cohorts Rodney Habib and Dana Scott as Dogs Naturally On Air discusses critical and timely pet health questions in a honest manner. We'll talk about pet food and nutrition, vaccines, heartworm and parasites, and the natural ways you can protect your dog and give him the gift of good health.

By Dogs Naturally On Air

I Love Myself Podcast  show

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The I Love Myself Podcast is about helping you fall back in love with who you truly are. It's a discussion about life, passion, love, truth, health, happiness, joy, peace, spirituality, relationships, getting through life's daily challenges, and breaking down the barriers, limitations and illusions that keep us away from being who we truly want to be. Shaun will offer his humor filled thoughts, insights, and stories to help you get through your daily life and gain a more clear perspective and understanding of your choices, habits, patterns, excuses, and intentions. He'll also answer your questions. Listeners can submit questions or comments via email to shaun[at], or Voicemail at- - and they'll be answered on the show.

By Shaun Austin

Open Eyes show

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We focus on the truth in this show. We seek out the truth, no matter where it may be found, and no matter the subject. No subject is taboo here. We cover everything that you can think of. Whether it is paranormal in nature or more mundane, aliens and cryptozoology, governmental conspiracies and their lies, as well as the lies that the dark masters that seek to rule us all tell us. Ghosts, alternative health, conspiracies in religion, hidden history, symbols and symbolism, karma and the universal consciousness, new age and psychics, no subject is too strange for us. Through it all, we keep our eyes open and our minds open, but not so much that our brains fall out. There will be guests often, as well as your own input guiding the show. This show is, after all, for YOU. Most of all, it is all done with no fear in mind. Fear is how we are ruled. Truth is how we are set free. The fact is, humans have been lied to about who we are and about our history all along, and we aim to shine a light on it all. You're invited along for the ride!

By Open Eyes Network