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TMS MindBody Medicine Podcasts show

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In this series of interviews, you will learn about tension myositis syndrome (TMS), a very common, stress related cause of chronic back pain and other forms of chronic, musculo-skeletal pain. Drs. David Schechter, MD, a physician, and Arlen Ring, PhD, a psychologist, explain how this often painful, but ultimately benign condition that can affect muscles, ligaments, and nerves, is diagnosed and treated with a mind-body medicine approach. This podcast series is sponsored by the Seligman Medical Institute (SMI), a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to TMS research.

By David Schechter, MD, Arlen Ring, PhD, and Arthur Smith, PhD

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast: Simplify, Organize, and Be Money Wise show

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Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple taps into all his simplifying, organizing, personal finance, relationship, and curation strategies in an eclectic mix of interview and solo episodes. Discover how to use unconventional skills and mindsets to find freedom from “stuff,” live intentionally, and maybe even ignite a personal renaissance. Joel’s not an expert, but he’s also “been there, done that” when it comes to the unsexy – but rewarding – side of life. Need help with investing, clutter busting, minimalism, self-improvement, spreadsheets, or being vulnerable? Smart and Simple Matters is your podcast.

By Joel Zaslofsky: Simplifier, Curator, Entrepreneur, Connector, and Spreadsheet Dude

Coffee Time with Carlos Machado show

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Doing what you love is a blessing most never get to experience due to the circumstances they create or that they have been dealt. You can succumb to the adversity or you can stand up and rise above and beyond your capabilities in a way you never dreamed could be possible! Join me every Monday-Thursday at 9am CST to hear what my 50 years in the martial arts and over 30 years in business has helped me to achieve not just physically but mentally! If I can give you just one bit of advice from all my decades of experience that you can use to improve yours then this will have all been worth it! We are ALL ONE..or ALL NONE! Let's get together to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and share our life experiences and lift one another up! - Carlos Machado #coffeetimewithcarlos #bjjforeveryone

By Carlos Machado

Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs show

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Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers, whether you're wanting to quit your day job or have been your own boss for a while now. Authors and "business besties" Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon dig into the mindset, habits, routines, boundaries, branding, marketing tactics, business strategies, systems, and processes that help you make money doing what you love. Join us as we interview bosses such as Brené Brown, Brooke Castillo, Marie Forleo, Ramit Sethi, Danielle LaPorte, Chalene Johnson, Mike Michalowicz of Profit First, Melissa Hartwig of Whole30, and more! Subscribe, rate, and review wherever you listen to good podcasts.

By Being Boss

Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule show

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Hale Pule offers practical Ayurveda and Yoga information and tips for everyday life. During each session, Myra Lewin answers your questions received through Facebook and Twitter. Myra is an Ayurveda practitioner and Educator and an International teacher trainer. She is the founder of Hale Pule, a registered school of Ayurveda and Yoga located in Kauai, Hawaii. Myra and her team offer the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga in a manner accessible to all. Discussions include Ayurvedic recipes and remedies, Yoga meditations and many home practices. Submit your questions through Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #askhalepule.

By Myra Lewin

Sincerely Yours show

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Life, is indeed a highway, where there are no exit signs. Are you stuck in debt? A relationship that isn’t going anywhere? Maybe you’re wishing to change jobs, or career tracks. This podcast is designed to help you focus on your immediate goal, one goal at a time. Follow along as Cece, the host, challenges herself and others to change their lives one focus at a time. Welcome, to Sincerely Yours.

By Cece Denno pulling inspiration from Dear Sugar Radio and Millennial

SoulFcked show

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This is not your mama's podcast! We're getting REAL - and that means digging deep, staying open and welcoming discomfort because YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL! Filter not included. On this podcast, get ready to learn from top experts who have dedicated their lives to creating positive change in the world through massive self-love, confident sexuality, innate awareness and 'no shit' action. Your host, Sheree Trask, is a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, the Founder of Lemons and Laughter and the Content Media Director for and Organifi. With a passion for positively impacting lives, she is on a mission to inspire and empower you to challenge your thoughts and actions and consider the alternative - creating the life of your dreams with YOU in the drivers seat! Every week, she will be bringing you raw, vulnerable, authentic conversations to get you thinking and move you towards meaningful SOUL DEEP connections with yourself and others. After growing up with a single mom and lacking a consistent, loving male role model, she was unsure what a healthy relationship really looked like, although she was confident it existed. At 19 she was raped and her world was turned upside down. It was in that moment that she made the decision to use her voice to share her experiences openly as a way to FREE herself and others from "victim-mentality" and the common belief that we have to "deal with" the cards we're dealt (false!). She has dedicated her life to empowering others to RISE above their circumstances and truly LIVE a passion-driven, purposeful life - no exceptions. As an advocate and speaker for Women's Empowerment, she is committed to helping women love their body's, fall in-love with their femininity, explore their sensuality and shine as the beautiful, radiant, Goddess' that they are. In the same breath, she is passionate about creating space for men to embrace their masculinity in a way that is both vulnerable and strong to attract and keep the woman of their dreams. Popular topics include: emotional intelligence, empowerment, self-love, relationships, love, connection, vulnerability, transformation, manifestation, visualization, meditation, affirmations, health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, habits, change, inspiration, sex, sensuality.

By Sheree Trask - Founder, SoulFcked and Lemons & Laughter

Motivation | Positive | Inspiration | Success with Entrepreneur Jeremy Todd | Southwestern Consulting  show

Motivation | Positive | Inspiration | Success with Entrepreneur Jeremy Todd | Southwestern Consulting Join Now to Follow

Jeremy Todd, Sales and Leadership Coach with Southwestern Consulting Group, delivers million dollar motivation, inspiration, and success strategies for the entrepreneur, manager, business owner and sales person. Learn to over come fear, failure, and adversity by developing a new mindset.

By jeremy todd

The Hunt Harvest Health Podcast Ancestral Living and The Health Topics of the Modern Age show

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Follow Ryan Lampers @sthealthyhunter and his wife, Dr. Hillary Lampers, on the Hunt Harvest Health (HHH) podcast. With more than 20 years together, they share their life as a modern family living a simpler lifestyle through hunting, backcountry travel, natural medicine, gardening, exercise, and relationships. They also interview people in the hunting, gardening, food, health, and relationship realms. Ryan hunts, Hillary doesn't, but together they have worked to combine their love for healthy food, nature, and fitness.

By Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers

How's The Pressure? show

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This podcast is a collection of interviews and conversations from the field of massage therapy. Guests include successful bodyworkers, business owners, teachers. The goal is to create a forum to discuss best practices and share meaningful experiences. The subject matter ranges from table etiquette to the future of massage therapy. Its a place for bodyworkers to come together, ask questions, and participate in the progression of the industry.

By Haley Winter