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Becoming Better show

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Becoming Better is a podcast designed to making you a better human being. Hosted by Chris Bailey—the author of two productivity books, a curious nerd, and just a general weirdo—the show covers topics as diverse as productivity, procrastination, money, happiness, giving back, travel, gratitude, and disconnecting. Each episode ends with practical tips for becoming better.

By Chris Bailey

The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Podcast show

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My name is Zach Rocheleau. I am known as The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle on Instagram and YouTube! FDL is known for it's Flexible Dieting Educational Content, Craving Crushing Healthy Recipes and overall Good Vibes! In this podcast we are interviewing your favorite thought leaders in this new age! Whether in and out of fitness, the interview's goal is to provide so much value to you my friends! My goal with this Podcast is to tell a story that has not been told before and that goes deeper than surface level. FDL presents "The Zach Rocheleau Podcast."

By The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Podcast

UNNATURAL CAUSES: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? show

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Interviews with top scholars in public health, sociology, childhood development and more - created during production of the acclaimed documentary UNNATURAL CAUSES: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? - are now available as edited podcasts. UNNATURAL CAUSES is a series about health, but it's not about doctors or drugs. Instead, the film crisscrosses the country to find stories and evidence of the underlying social conditions that shape who gets sick in the first place. Produced by California Newsreel with Vital Pictures, this four-hour documentary series, broadcast nationally on PBS, explores what we can - and should - do about racial and socioeconomic inequities in health. New episodes will be available every other week.

By California Newsreel

Physique Formula Podcast show

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The Physique Formula podcast is about making gains, in life and the gym. This infotainment fitness and nutrition podcast will drop knowledge and humor and a little bit of science on everything from the paleo diet, to crossfit to anti-aging and longevity to nutrition.

By Jimmy Smith

Triple Play Performance Podcast show

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This podcast focuses on optimizing your mind, body and nutrition

By Dr. Mike Okouchi

Jeffrey Kerekes Psychotherapy Podcasts show

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Jeffrey Kerekes, is a pyschotherapist specializing in depression, anxiety and phase of life issues. With an emphasis on solution focused approaches, Jeffrey works with clients to help them identify and work towards personal goals and resolve conflicts. Learn more: or call 203.676.0880 (USA)

By Jeffrey Kerekes, MSSW, LCSW

The Practical Stoic Podcast with Simon Drew show

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Stoicism is the ultimate philosophy for a well-lived life. It is the unofficial philosophy of the U.S. Military, and it has been studied and practiced by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, John Steinbeck, and Theodore Roosevelt, just to name a few. In the Practical Stoic Podcast Simon Drew (Stoic Mindset Coach, Blogger, Personal Trainer, and Musician) draws inspiration from the great Stoics (like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Zeno of Citium) to give you ancient, yet extremely practical Stoic advice for modern times. This advice will help you in most, if not all areas of your life, including your relationships, health, happiness, career, and business. So if you're looking to improve your life, then why not use advice that has been working for over 2000 years? Sit back as Simon Drew helps you on your rise to the good life.

By Simon Drew

Motivation To Move: Weight Loss | Fitness | Motivation | Exercise | Personal Trainer | Crossfit show

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The Motivation To Move Show is THE kick in the butt you need to get moving in every area of your life! Lose Weight, Get In Shape, Feel Great - The Motivation To Move Show will help you get off the sofa, pump up your Will Power, and help you stay focused and on track until you reach your diet, exercise and life goals. The most entertaining and informative fitness and nutrition program on iTunes, The Motivation To Move Show is produced by the broadcast and daily motivation experts at with the purpose of making getting in shape easier than ever. Hosted by Scott Smith, “The Voice of Motivation” along with his wife and Ace Certified Personal Trainer Joi, The Motivation To Move Show is a highly entertaining mix that packs every weekly show with the weight Loss, fitness, nutrition and diet information you need to succeed. Stand Up! Take a Step! REPEAT! Listen to “The Motivation To Move Show” right now - we’ll get you moving! Need more motivation? Visit


Stay Happily Married show

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A marriage and relationship resource for couples seeking marriage counseling and growth.

By Stay Happily

Are You Being Real? | The One & Only Podcast show

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We interrupt the noisy &amp; superficial status quo to bring you refreshingly honest conversation, inspiring stories, and deep discussion about life's most important questions. <br> <br> Tune-in weekly for new episodes that will make you think, help you remain clear &amp; connected to what's most important (to you), and keep you motivated to do and be your best. Hosted by former Showtime Exec turned Tedx Speaker &amp; Winning Weeks founder, Mark Shapiro.<br> <br> With over 150 episodes, incredible guests such as Lewis Howes, Ricki Lake, the Real Jerry Maguire - Leigh Steinberg, and with over 200,000 people having tuned in globally, come join the conversation and help us co-create a new norm where honest dialogue about what really matters, courageous authentic living, &amp; working together to make a positive impact, becomes the new standard.

By Mark Shapiro | |