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Mom UP show

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Hosted by Avery Raley and a fun group of rotating guest-hosts, Mom UP was created to encourage moms in the earlier years of motherhood. With biblical truth and a healthy dose of not taking yourself too seriously, MomUP is for millennial moms who want comradery. We want you to know you’re already in the club. We have the same struggles as you do; the same worries, the same goals and the same questions about how to get where we want to go. We’re hardworking moms who want to be candid with our shortcomings and serious about growth. We want to reach high while keeping our feet on the ground. Or as we like to say, "Mom UP".

By Avery Raley

Thank You  show

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Thank You... A weekly podcast that attempts to answer the question: How can we learn to appreciate life? I am excited to host a series of guests ranging from my mother to complete strangers. Your only job is to sit back listen and Thank You. - Chris

By Chris Edwards

The Physical Therapy Quest show

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The Physical Therapy Quest Podcast is a physical therapy student that looks to provide value for physical therapists, physical therapy students and others involved or interested in our profession. Discover resources and hear from those who have gone through experiences that interest you! Hear about residency and fellowship programs, continuing education, resources for our profession for therapists and students, insight on physical therapy conferences, different clinical settings, finding your niche and potential for getting involved outside of the clinic. I continue to learn that there are so many things we can do within our profession and I’ll share my perspective right here!

By George Tate

Food Micro Minutes Podcast show

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We are a small group of students at the Department of Food Science at Cornell University who started the podcast dedicated to summarizing, connecting new literature in Food Microbiology with current and common knowledge. Each month, our team researches primary literature, speaking with colleagues and mentors, and delving deeply into the overall body of knowledge associated with these topics. The Food Micro Minutes team members are big proponents of continuous improvement, so if you have questions, concerns, constructive feedback, or comments on details we may have missed in the podcast – feel free to shoot us an email or leave a comment on our webpage. Interested in being a guest speaker on our podcast or having us post the extra details on a subject you would like us to share? Reach out to our podcast team at or submit a comment below.

By Food Micro Minutes

Ask Women Podcast: What Women Want show

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What do a female comic and a professional wing girl have in common? The realistically raw and hilarious perspectives on what women ACTUALLY want in a man. Prepare to be offended and awed as Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney take you through the uncensored and often ridiculous mind of a woman to help you better understand, appreciate, and avoid getting punched by the next girl you come across. Wanna Ask The Girls A Question? Send your questions to Keep this program free, support us through by using this link Your Amazon purchases through this link helps support the show, thank you! here. Or supporting The Wing Girl Method

By Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney

The Unbreakable You Podcast show

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Welcome to The Unbreakable You Podcast! Here is where holistic nutritionist, self love coach, and eating disorder survivor, Meg Doll, interviews guests on how being Unbreakable shows up within their lives. With every episode, you'll gain golden nuggets, insider secrets, and tools to empower you in becoming even more Unbreakable than you already are! So, what does it mean to be Unbreakable? It's that high-vibe feeling of empowerment, inner confidence, mental strength, personal freedom, and so much more that you'll learn about with each and every show!

By Meg Doll

an apParent Connection show

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Here, we go from negative to positive. You will be presented with parenting topics that start out negative until we arrive at positive solutions for parenting children outside of marriage.

By Jenayalynn

Easy Money Podcast with Don Anders show

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Easy Money Podcast: Investment Advisor Representative, Don Anders, explains financial concepts in easy to understand ways using real life stories, examples, and experiences. Our goal is to be the antidote to national talking heads that give blanket advice to the masses.

By Don Anders / Donovan Stull

Stumbling Podcast with Regan Kirk show

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Regan Kirk is the founder of a software company, nutritionist, BJJ enthusiast and average philosopher. In his show he explores strategies for overcoming self-doubt, getting unstuck, questioning the stories we tell ourselves, taking the first steps to achieving your goals and living an awesome life. Visit:

By Regan Kirk



Host Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, Certified Inner Kindness Coach + Mentor for Girls, is determined to change the way the world views girls and girls view the world. Girl Kind is a podcast dedicated to inner kindness, self-acceptance, and all things meaningful living. Weekly episodes bring you fresh ideas, helpful, practical and empowering tips/tools, tons of storytelling and ever-inspiring interviews. Creating community and impacting massive change.

By Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth